cuckold couple Hi everyone new couple about to try

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Hi everyone x 

we are both mew to this, he has wanted to be a cuckold for many years now and after lots of discussions and me trying to work this out in my head I actually now want this as much as him if not more x


i have found a bull In Scotland who I would have met before this but due to COVID I couldn’t !! Now the only worry I have is after I spend the weekend with him and also the first time fucking him my only worry is how will my partner be ?  He assures me he will be fine and knows the difference between reality and fantasy I was just wondering if anyone here could let me know how their NEW cuck was after you did it xxxx  I can wait to go and let him take me and this has been all we fantasise about fucking each other lately as we have waited so long to do it now  I’m definitely ready and so is he and my partner I just wanted to read a few peoples story’s about how their partners where after the first time as I’m away from Friday to Sunday in Scotland  xx hopefully mainly being fucked xx , I am going to send him a pic of my pussy just after the first time to tease him seeing another mans cum in me and me and him being a new hotwife and cuckold .. 


Thank you Claire xxx

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