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cuckold wannabe After six months of marriage.. it's CRAZY! (pic)

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Hello friends .. I am very happy to be here with you in this forum, and I hope we enjoy each other and share our experiences and ideas.
At first, I apologize to you for my poor English, because it is not my madar tongue, I am a very simple Arabic person, and I would like to share my story with you.
In our Arab society, "the hypocritical and backward society", a girl must be a virgin before marriage, and if the husband finds out that she is not virgin, a big problem will start and may even amount to killing "I'm not joking."
Generally we start with my story....
My wife and I are 27, got to know each other about five years ago, and we got married six months ago.
I was a cuckold before, but I didn't think I would tell her about it, and because at first we didn't expect our relationship to be serious we talked about our past and our past relationships.
Mostly, any Arab girl refuses to tell her past to her lover because this may cause the beloved marriage to be canceled.
My wife told me about two relationships .. but of course she did not tell me that she had sex with one of them, so when I was asking her at our start she would answer that she had not even kissed a man.
I was disappointed, but I believed her.
She was talking to her ex-boyfriend as a friend, but I remember well when I snapped at her "Snapchat" account when her phone was in my hands .. I was amazed by her conversation with her ex!
She was sending him her naked pictures, telling him how much she misses his big penis, and he was also talking about his longing and talking a lot about her warm ass and how much he loves to lick it and insert his tongue into it!
Their conversations were filthy and she was talking like a real word not permitted, and he only called her "my word not permitted, my servant, my bitch, my immoral" and she was very happy with this!
I could not stand it .. I continued for days with an erect penis on what I read between them .. My happiness was indescribable .. I was happy .. and I loved her more .. I wish she had told me about it.
One night she told me that he called her and asked her to meet her in a public place to talk about some of the outstanding issues between them.
I told her that I have no objection provided the meeting is in a public place and that she does not sit with him for long.
She told me that she would go with him to a café in a beach hotel the next afternoon.
My girlfriend used to wear the "HIJAB", which is the headscarf, and although I repeatedly asked her to remove it when we were in a public place, she refused.
But on the day of her appointment with her ex-boyfriend ... I preceded them to the only cafe in the hotel and I was waiting for their arrival "trying to hide" ..
But they did not come!
And when I asked her through a message ... she told me she was with him!
I went out to the beach trying to imagine what is happening between them now and my penis like a rock
The shock was when I saw her wearing a bikini with him on the beach!
Bikini! Bikini!
She refused to remove the "headscarf" with me!
I could never bear it ... I felt I was going to wet myself!
I went to the nearest toilet and put everything inside.
On the evening of the same day, I told her I told her everything she had seen ..
She cried .. She apologized, and she was begging me not to leave her.
She did not know that I got more attached to her and loved her more!
I told her that I am not angry .. I want her to take off the chastity dress in front of me, I want her for what she is ..
She moved away from her ex-boyfriend before our marriage .. But after our marriage, I asked her to come back to call him .. She was amazed and asked why
I told her I had no reason, and I'd like to return their "friendship" 

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After several times she refused, she finally accepted and actually called him in front of me .. The second word she said, "miss you too."
Their relationship continued ... and I asked her that the three of us went to the beach together .. and she deliberately wore a shameless bikini while he was with us .. she turned into a bitch when he was with us .. with her dirty words ... with her lightning touches and his touches with her ..
And she used to say ... that her ex-boyfriend and I are the only who has the right to see her in Bikini ... and more ..
I know that these things may be normal in your community .. but in our society? No way!
We are still in the beginning ... but I think she is ready to take more adventures with her ex.
Do you think things will get dirtier between them?


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