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      Now while we aren't looking exactly at getting into the cuckold side of things, there are definitely certain parts of it that we are interested in. For example, I do want to sit back and watch some of the action, see her playing with another guys cock and hopefully get a great view of her fucking the guy. This is also something that she wants, however, she has stated that it is only to be briefly as she wants me physically involved too. It's been a while, a very long while, since we explored the

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      Hi all, my husband and I are an Asian couple in our early 30s based in China. We're completely new to this and didn't even know we both had this desire until after marriage. It started off with dirty talk and light fantasies of me being fucked by someone else (always a white or black man) during or before sex, and just by body reactions I knew he was really turned on and that kind of encouraged me to do more. This kind of roleplay and fantasies have been going on for two years now so he encourag

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      Hi, First post to this group... have also posted an advert guys (hint hint) for a weekend of naughtiness this weekend (his treat)  Short intro. Been married years. He’s always been into this and I’ve got into it. I started of slow when I once wanked a bloke off with hubby lying next to us (and getting none)  Then after that nothing for years. Just fantasy. Then we started to talk about a mutual friend.  Long story short after a couple of false starts I fucked him a few t

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