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cuckold Cuckold before our wedding

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I'd always dreamed of being a cuckold. I didn't know how to make it happen. Then I found out I had been cuckolded without knowing. That's when it began to become real.


Six years ago my wife Liz told me that she'd had sex with her ex, Adam since we got together.

It started just before our wedding.

She explained that she'd decided that before we got married she should have one last night with him: “just to get him out of my system', once and for all”.

She went to him on the Friday, a week before our wedding. Turned up at the shared house where he lived with mutual friends of ours; guys I worked with and hung out with.

She only meant to stay a couple of hours but she was there from the Friday to the Monday. They just fucked. And fucked. There was nothing emotional about it. She said. Just sex. Lots of sex.

She let him do all the things she hadn't let him do when they were together. She felt it was only fair on him. It would stop him from pestering her. And it would stop her from wondering about it. They were all things she would never do with me or which I couldn't do because I'm not big enough.


On the Tuesday she came home to our flat, limping, weird, smelly and she kissed me with a sigh as though she had something to tell me. She wouldn't let me touch her, said she wasn't feeling well and went to bed. I tried to cheer her up by creeping under the duvet and gently bringing her to orgasm with my tongue. It seemed to work.


The next day she went to stay at her mum and dad's, as planned, to observe the tradition of prenuptial virginity.

When we decided to get married she was insistent that I wasn't allowed to see her in the wedding dress until she was standing next to me in the church on the Saturday. It would be so sexy she said. And it was a very sexy wedding dress, plunging neckline, corset waist and a skirt that accentuated her wide hipped hourglass figure, her large breasts and her prominent bum. Underneath the dress she would be wearing stockings, suspenders, a corset and push up bra. She said I could fuck her brains out on our wedding night. I was nervous. I've got a small penis and I tend to come quickly. I've never fucked anyone's brains out. She knew that. But this was her wedding day and nothing was going to spoil her dream.


She found it really weird being back in her childhood home, her fussy parents, her annoying little sisters, sleeping in her teenage bedroom, still full of her school stuff, her records, diaries, toys, pyjamas.

She had a row with her mum, screamed and shouted and thought she would explode so she phoned Adam to come over for one quick hard meaningless fuck and he came over and fucked her which really helped and it made her feel relaxed so he stayed the night, in her bedroom and fucked her in her little bed which creaked and rocked. He stayed the next day and night, in fact he ended up staying till our wedding day, the Saturday. They had sex in every room of her childhood home and she said it was very therapeutic. Her mum and dad didn't agree with it. But what could they do. They turned the radio up, they told the neighbours there was a new au pair, they went out. Her dad was very embarrassed. She was very very loud when he fucked her.


She tried on her wedding dress for him. He fucked her in her wedding dress. A few times.

Her friends, her sisters, my sisters and my aunt came over on the Thursday with a professional wedding makeover girl and a cocktail waiter and partied and did their hair for the wedding, painted her nails, did her make up, shaved her vagina. They got merry and giggly. She asked Adam to come in and tell her what he thought and she did a coquettish twirl for him and lifted her skirt to show him the stockings and little white silk knickers. She said he just picked her up and carried her out into the garden while the girls were all whooping and whistling. He pushed her down onto her hands and knees flipped the big white skirt and petticoats over her back ripped off her wedding knickers and fucked her from behind on the lawn. She admitted it was the sexiest thing she had ever done. And yes she had come loudly so the neighbours could hear.


She had holes in the knees of the stockings, ripped knickers and bra. Stiletto heels broken. They all had to be replaced. Her friends and family spent Friday desperately shopping for replacements. The make up lady had to cover up bruises on her shoulders, her arms, thighs, bum and breasts, cuts and grazes on her knees and elbows. Her mum repaired and concealed the tears and rips and grass stains on her white wedding dress as best she could. Then she let him fuck her in the wedding dress again on the Saturday morning while her dad was in the hired car, engine running, to take her to the church. Where I was waiting. Very late she limped up the aisle, wincing with pain and with the cum dripping down her thighs and looking guilty; grinning, giggling, sheepish and sexy as fuck. She was too sore to have sex on our wedding night. But I didn't know I was too merry and too limp and too small anyway so I licked her and tried to bring her to orgasm with my tongue until I heard her snoring.


I didn't know about any of this at the time. Pretty much everyone else seems to have done; her mum and dad, our sisters, my aunt, all of her friends, the friends who shared the house with Adam, most of the people at my work.


She told me a year later when she was angry with me. We were in bed. We'd had sex. I'd cum in her after a minute and rolled off, tired. She told me to go down on her. I said I wouldn't do that not after I'd cum in her as I don't want to taste cum, never have done, never will. She got cross and told me I'd tasted bigger loads of cum in her cunt before and it wasn't even my own and I hadn't minded then.

No I haven't I said. Unsure.

She sneered and laughed. You must have guessed. No? I went away for the weekend before our wedding. Remember? When I came back to the flat and I could hardly walk? You went down on me and said I smelled and tasted different. Oh come on. I was full of cum. It was coming out of my fanny and my bum. It was in my hair and on my pants. I was sore. How did you not know?

She was cross and frustrated and she told me everything in great detail and with enthusiasm. She wanted to hurt me. She told me about him fucking her in wedding dress and how he had made her cum whenever he fucked her which I couldn't because I'm not big enough

And as she told me my dick became hard and my breathing changed. I looked up at her and realised how beautiful she was. She noticed the change in me. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face down.

So just lick my cunt when I tell you to. And do it properly. And be grateful it's only your own semen, not someone else's.


I licked her and I thought of her on his big dick filling her, cumming in her, in her wedding dress, everyone knowing about it and giggling at me. I thought how I'd tasted his cum. I licked my dribble of cum from her and wished it was his. I wanted him to fuck her all the time. She came on my tongue and then fell asleep. I was still licking her when I heard her snoring.


I climbed up between her thighs, clambered onto her and parted her thighs as she snored. I shuffled forward so the end of my dick poked through her hairs and outer lips. I slipped an inch or so into her warm wet cunt, felt my smallness in her vast loose wetness, her bristly pubic hair moist from my licking. She snored as I grunted little jerking shunts, quick, short and shallow, careful and controlled so my little 2 inch dick wouldn't slip out of her. My little wet penis head poking in and out in and out and my flabby white belly wheezing back and forth on top of her, her breasts wobbling. She couldn't feel my little dick, barely inside her. My penis felt tiny, lost, meaningless. I thought of Adam filling her and making her shudder, whimper and cry with joy. I wasn't fucking her. This isn't fucking

He fucked her. He was her lover. My wife and Adam were lovers, are lovers, she will always want him and he will always command her. I was not her lover. I am not her lover. I have a baby dick. I can only be her cuckold. I want to be her cuckold. I want to drink his cum from her and beg him for more.


At the thought of my humiliation and submission my dick began to squirt, with a gasp I jerked back and slipped out of her as I came, dribbling into her pubic hair. She snored and muttered in her sleep.

What pathetic excuse for man can fuck his woman and she doesn't wake up? I rolled off and lay there clutching my wet tender shrinking dick between my finger and thumb.

Now I'd cum I didn't feel so aroused. Just small, pathetic and angry. It isn't fair. Why should the size of my dick make me such a fool? How could she do this to me? My sisters knew about it. Have they been laughing at me? Everyone knew about it. I'm going to run away and hide and become a priest or find a tiny woman with a really small vagina who thinks I'm too big and I'll fuck her all the time and make her scream her orgasms so loud that everyone can hear. Who am I kidding? It doesn't work like that. Even little woman like big dicks. Maybe I can have an operation to make it bigger. I wish I had a big dick. I wish women would cum when I fucked them. I fell asleep clutching my dick. When I woke I knew that all I wanted was to let Adam fuck her again, to have the chance of seeing and hearing her orgasm. It took time but it happened. 


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Fantastic read.

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The next morning I told her I was upset about what she'd done.

Now she wasn't angry and horny and frustrated she felt guilty.

She said she was really sorry. She shouldn't have told me and she shouldn't have done it in the first place. She's really naughty. She likes my little dick.

She began to play with me and then she went down and put my willy in her mouth. I was still soft, barely an inch long. She said, mmm, yum yum, nice. Actually big ones are a problem because you can't get your lips around them.

She was speaking with my dick in the side of her mouth like it was a toffee or a pencil.

And you have to really open very wide. And let it go right in without choking. It's not easy

The thought of her lips struggling to get round the huge bulbous head of Adam's dick, of my wife's mouth stretching to accommodate him made me hard. 

How big is it actually? I asked.

She felt me harden and looked at me with a frown. She spat my dick out of her mouth and moved up to look me in the face. She giggled, scornfully;

I don't know, she said, I don't measure it.

Twice as big as me?

Do you really want to know?


Okay. More than twice. as big as you.

How much more than twice?

I was now erect. She was cross.

I was trying to be nice about your dick but you seem to prefer it when I tell you the truth.

I nodded.


Okay. He's about 5 times longer and much much thicker. Happy?

I moved her hand to my little dick and she rubbed it backwards and forwards with her forefinger and thumb.

Go on, I said.

Well, I can't get my fingers round his dick and with you I just use my finger and thumb so that's a massive difference and yes I do cum when he fucks me whereas with you darling I don't even know when you're inside me. Oh and I let him fuck me up the bum and it really hurt and I won't ever let you do that.

But I promise I'm not going to fuck him again and I'm going to get used to your little cute willy.

And I came I in her hand. She said I was a good little boy and wiped her cummy hand on my lips.


After that we saw him from time to time and whenever we met I thought of him fucking her. I don't know if it's my imagination but he seemed to know what I was thinking, he gave me these long dirty superior looks and wink at me. I always found myself blushing and I looked away. When I did look back at him I'd feel as though I was somehow batting my eyelids, inviting him to fuck me. I'd find myself touching my cheek and neck. I'd imagine kissing him, for some reason. He has thick wet lips and really bad teeth that are hard not to look at. I didn't want to kiss him but I felt as though I had to fight an urge. I had to make a real effort not to look at his crotch. I imagined undoing his trousers and kneeling in front of him. I worried I might do it. When he was looking the other way I'd look to see the bulge in his trousers. He caught me looking. So did Liz. They'd giggle.

Then two years ago I went away with work for a week and he somehow ended up staying at our house. They spent the whole time having sex. Everywhere in the house. They went to our local pub and pretended they'd met there by chance but ended up kissing and fucked in the ladies toilet, not very discretely. They went to her parents for a meal and he fucked her in the kitchen while the family were having dinner. After dinner they went to her old bedroom, locked the door and she dressed up in some of her old school clothes and let him spank her. When her parents had gone to bed they fucked in the lounge. Her dad banged on the floor to tell them to keep the noise down.

When I came home she was asleep upstairs in our bed. It was 5pm. The house was a mess. Clothes, underwear, dirty plates, glasses, mess everywhere. I knew straight away. I'd spent the week wanking myself raw fantasising about her fucking Adam. Now it was real. I undressed and got into bed with her. The bed was warm, messy, smelly, damp with sweat and stiff and still sticky with cum. For a moment I thought of being angry with her. She was lying there, dirty, wet, dribbling, snoring. She didn't know or care that I was there, hadn't tried to hide what she'd done. Instead I just crawled down between her legs and started lapping at her cunt; sticky, leaking unwashed. She woke up told me to be gentle and murmured with pleasure then stopped me and pulled me up to her face and gave me a little cummy kiss.


Hello Dave, welcome back. Guess what? Adam came round while you were away and I'm really sorry. I've been really naughty. I don't know what happened. It's because you went away. I'm going to be honest. He stayed the whole week. He's only just left. I'm sorry.


She told me everything while I licked her gently. She let me clamber on top of her and I jiggled my erection around her cunt and came without knowing whether I was inside her or not. She giggled and went and had a bath then went to see her sister and mum and dad..

For a week she was very apologetic and very happy. Then she became irritable and bad tempered and snappy.


This confirmed what I'd suspected. Getting a proper fuck is essential for her mood and mental health. She agreed.


She kept saying she was bad and guilty and naughty and unfaithful. Then she admitted that she thinks about having sex with him a lot. But that she would seek help and never have sex with him again.

She kept saying that size and sex isn't everything as though it was a mantra and if she said it often enough it would become true.

She kept telling me that actually his dick could hurt and that he was able to control her through sex and make her want to do things that I don't even want to know about. It just felt like a sort of back handed humiliation.


Of course I could think of nothing else now that it had happened again. He came around our house a lot and was apparently very insistent that he wanted to sleep with her again - 'won't take no for an answer, bastard!'. She discussed it with her mum and sisters, my sisters and some of her friends. She was obviously enjoying the idea and getting off on talking about it, and making it fairly public. My fantasies were real. I was a cuckold. I just needed her to make the final decision


She admitted that she's told him that I fantasise about him fucking her. She said he thought it was funny. He said he's seen me checking out his dick and thinks I want to be fucked by him. She had told him that was ridiculous but had to find out. She asked me if it was true. I laughed and said “What?” and looked away, blushing. She grabbed my dick and saw it was hard. She sneered at me with contempt

It's true isn't it. God. You are even more of a little sissy than I thought. Pathetic. Perhaps I should let Adam fuck me regularly since you clearly can't or won't.

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The next night I had a few drinks and I finally phoned Adam.

Since I'd decided that sex with him made her happy, healthy and confident and dominant I'd thought about talking to Adam and telling him that I wanted him to fuck my wife. I thought that between the two of us we could convince her to cuckold me without any reservations.

I read about nineteenth century Harley Street physicians who cured female neuroses; hysterical psychosomatic illnesses caused by sexual frustration, by bringing their wealthy wives to orgasm with their skilled medical fingers, cocks or mechanical dildos.

I'd begun to fantasise about asking him to fuck her.

So I phoned him.

He answered and asked me what I wanted. I waffled and stuttered while he waited in silence. He seemed to know what I wanted to ask but to be enjoying my discomfort.

I started off with the bullshit about being grown up about sex. I tried to lie by telling him that we were having an 'open marriage' and might both take other lovers; at which he smirked.

I said that I wanted him to know that it was fine that he'd spent the week with her 'looking after' her while I was away; at which he just laughed.

I told him how she'd been so much happier in herself after sex with him and since her happiness was important to me I wanted her to have sex with him more regularly.. I told him that it was to make her sexually satisfied and happy and I spoke about my concerns about her mood. He played along, for a bit. Pretending we were just two men looking out for a woman's health and happiness.

Then he laughed.

Actually Dave, he said. I just want to fuck her. She is a proper dirty little slag and the best fuck I ever had. I want to destroy that pussy as often as I can. Shame, you wouldn't know mate. Your missus is a proper dirty little slag and you can't do nothing with it. 

I felt my dick go hard and fumbled with my flies so I could rub it.  

At least her cunt's tight as fuck still and her arse, I've only managed to let me fuck her arse a few times and she fucking loved it, dirty bitch. Wasted on you isn't it.

I grunted and let out a whimper in agreement

That's turning you on isn't it? Fucking hell mate. I bet you've got your little pecker in your hand right now, haven't you? Haven't you?

I went silent and his voice took on a more aggressive, assertive tone;

When I ask you a question you answer me. Right?

Yes. I squeaked.

Yes what Dave?

Yes Adam I have got it out. Thank you, sorry. 

That's better, Dave. You can drop the man to man bullshit now. I know what you want, I know you want to watch me fucking her, don't you, let's be honest, that's why you phoned me tonight isn't it. I've seen the way you look at me, it's like you're begging me to fuck the both of you. That's it isn't it. Isn't it Dave? Isn't it? You want me to fuck you as well, don't you.

Yes. I choked.


Yes Adam I would like you to fuck me as well. Please

I fucking knew it. I told her. I told her you was a sissy perv. She wasn't having it.

He laughed

I'm not doing it. I'll fuck your missus, I won't fuck you. But I have got a mate, Jordan. He'll fuck anything; men, women, animals. And he's proper big; hung like a horse. He can be a nasty word not permitted bastard as well. But he won't do it for nothing, he'll need paying and so will I. You don't expect me to fuck your missus for nothing do you?

I told him I would pay what he wanted.

He wanted more than I expected. At that point I didn't care. It was all I wanted in the world and I would do anything. Paying Adam to make me a cuckold just made me feel more used, more submissive, more humiliated

I was more worried about how we were going to get Liz to agree. I told him that. He just laughed.

Not a problem mate. She's up for it. Desperate for it. She just needs to stop being the suffering frustrated loyal wife. Most wives get pushed into fucking other men when their husband gets off with some other bird. They lose the guilty and let their lust take over Obviously that ain't going to happen with you, you haven't got it in you. But when she sees you getting a pounding from my mate Jordan she'll do whatever I want.

He had it all planned.

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Fab story 😊

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