bull Should cuck hubby have to wear a condom?

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A Cuckold should only be allowed to penetrate his partner for a few minutes with a condom just to remind him how it feels for a bull with a big cock inside her pussy and how much her bull has stretched her pussy after sex. 

My GF would only let me have 1-2 mins a week and told me I had to cum on her pussy as I didn't deserve to cum in her like her bulls. 

I also had to watch my GFs birgin ass fucked by her first bbc and then again by his friend before being made clean their cum from her ass if I wanted the chance to fuck her ass. She never let me though and it was a constant reminder that she was in control and that she would only let other men with much bigger cocks than me fuck her ass and cum inside her. 

Making  a rule to use condoms when meeting a bull and then breaking the rule all the time was a constant turn on and humiliation I had to endure but accepted with time. Or having a bull refuse to wear a condom and promise not to cum inside your partner and then filling her up to degrade and shame the cuck while the partner moans out with pleasure as her cuck watches his loved one being pumped full of sperm for him to clean up after 

Another tip is to cage the cuck and make him wear a strap on to fuck his partner. It's satisfying for the woman and sexually frustrating for the cuck who will realise quickly that this will become a regular event 

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No penetrative sex for Cucky full stop whilst hotwify has a bull! 

At best creampie......... K 

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