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  1. Enjoying But Quiet......
    The community seems to be very quiet compared to that a few years ago from what I have read. I enjoy the stories and have the fantasy of of being cuckolded by my Hotwife however she doesn't as of yet. There are a few active members here and they are nice to chat too.
    Submitted 22-03-2018 by CuckAndJade in Testimonials
  2. sexx
    ı love you . you have very sexi. ı want to fuck you
    Submitted 04-07-2017 by darkloves in Testimonials
  3. Finally feel like a cuckold
    My wife has no interest in being a hotwife but I have also so wanted to be a cuckold and feel the humiliation. Janey has helped me achieve this with our online chats. She loves to make me do things and I always do I have never felt this horny in years - Thank you Janey for being my virtual hotwife.
    Submitted 02-05-2017 by wannabecuckold in Testimonials
  4. Great Site
    We love the site and Janey does a great job.Admin are always quick and helpful when we have a problem .It is great to chat to like minded people and we find that the site attracts sensible real people Thank You Janey
    Submitted 03-03-2017 by Captainginge in Testimonials
  5. We Enjoy It and Thank you!
    Just joined back up as Gold members and very glad we did. We have found this site to be so much more genuine than others around! We have met 3 lovely bulls from here, thank you, you know who you are. It is a shame we could not continue our fun, why does work get in the way! We are now hoping to find bull number 4 from here! Please keep in touch! And thank you Admin for all your hard work keeping this running! Nicola and Richard x
    Submitted 08-02-2017 by southcoast74 in Testimonials
  6. Cuckold
    Just wanted to say what a great site this is. I first had real cuckold feelings 10 years ago and as time has moved on those feelings have got stronger and stronger. This site is brilliant for wannabes struggling to come to terms with their needs. It has been a real educational journey as well learning from others. Love it!!
    Submitted 13-01-2017 by jas30301 in Testimonials
  7. This is the first site that I look at when I go to my computer. It is a genuine site that caters for genuine people and I just wish that I didn't live so far away ( Australia ) so that I could meet all these lovely people in person. Janey is the most beautiful face of the site and I admire her for the work that she does.
    Submitted 12-01-2017 by scott25660 in Testimonials
  8. Top Site
    This is a top site for cuckold couples. My wife has met more than 1 guy from here and another sissy who she had great fun making us do things to each other. I guess I should ask admin to remove the word bicurious from my name now I would also like to thank admin for listening to all of the members requests and doing her best to make this site as best as it can be for as many members as possible
    Submitted 11-01-2017 by sissy in Testimonials
  9. still here, still hot, still the best.
    First site i click on when i come online and has been for the best part of a decade. when you think about how the web has changed in the last few years, thats some achievement, to keep people coming back in spite of the vast amount of choice. this isnt really just a sex site. its a community, ok its a bloody sexy community, but a community all the same. get to know folk and you wont want to leave either.
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by j+s in Testimonials
  10. Thumbs up
    Admin I think you are doing a great job with Cuckolds. The site is now easier to navigate and view. Yes improvements can still be made but I have every confidence in your ability and willingness to do so. Keep up the good work.
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by zappagolf in Testimonials
  11. great site
    Just adding my support for the site. Especially good for chatting to all sorts of people and helping me learn.
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by thunderbird54321 in Testimonials
  12. Great site and great comunity
    This forum is without a doubt one of the best around. The website itself is very well maintained and it is taken care of by one of by a great caring Admin! Janey is wonderful (hot and sexy too!) and she is always willing to listen for suggestions for this site. She keeps the cogs turning and invests a lot of love and tears into it. Not to speak that she also posts a lot for the benefit of the site too. This forums community is also a great, warm and tight family. And we try to keep posts going with fairly regular updates. Joining is free but if you truly want to take advantage of the forum, you really must try the VIP memberships. You get so much more; access to galleries, vip chat rooms, etc. Well worth every penny. Plus you do see the money of the membership being well invested back into the website! Janey you are the best! Please keep it up for the sake of all of us!
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by fivemin in Testimonials
  13. A valid & credible service
    Although we have not yet taken advantage of the many services offered by this site I can wholeheartedly say that the mere fact this site exists, with all its information, contacts & general friendliness it should be said that the admin team make the site what it is...The best forum for those interested or considering or active in cuckoldery in the UK. Well done ladies.
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by Guest in Testimonials
  14. Site is unrivalled in the UK
    Personally I think the site is excellent for anyone seriously into the cuckold lifestyle, I think Admin do an amazing job (thank you Janey), they listen and amend the site to recommendations and Janet's contributions as a member are absolutely awesome and I'm so envious of her cuck. Is the site perfect ? Of course not but it's reall life and real life isn't perfect either. It's obvious to me the hours that are put in to maintain and promote such a specialised subject, I've been fortunate that my late wife and I met three genuine guys off here two of whom she cuckolded me with and with my new lady friend it's looking odds on that this is to happen shortly again thanks to being a member here. I would encourage all members to verify and to make the most of the site by contributing.
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by Button1 in Testimonials
  15. Cuck
    Great site hotwife met her b/f on here
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by Stirlingmoss in Testimonials
  16. awesome site
    had a lot of fun here, Janey is the absolute best,
    Submitted 10-01-2017 by ken in Testimonials
  17. wannabe
    just to add to the praise of the beautiful sexy janey awesome in all ways
    Submitted 09-01-2017 by lister27 in Testimonials
  18. Excellent Site
    Janey does an excellent job as Admin and this THE Site for those that want the Cuckold experience i.e. A Cuckold watching his willing Wife being taken by a Bull (or Bulls)
    Submitted 09-01-2017 by TheServiceMan in Testimonials
  19. Best site for Cuckoldry in the UK
    If you are a hotwife or looking for a hotwife for actual cuckold sex in the UK, then this is thee site you need to be on. Guys who I have met on tinder just want to fuck - but on here the bulls know what a cuckold couple wants. I give this 5 out of 5
    Submitted 09-01-2017 by slutwife in Testimonials
  20. Big thumbs up
    We would love to say to Janey , "keep up the great work as admin. Not an easy job and you are fantastic at it." All your hard work on the site and off it, is very much appreciated by us. Sarah and Phil x
    Submitted 09-01-2017 by 2004smith2004 in Testimonials

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