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  1. gandl

    cuckold couple Wife with blak lover

    My wife has found another lover this time its a black guy with a huge cock. It was very humiliating watching them together particular when he stretched her pussy so much. She has since told me that she cant feel me inside her anymore.
  2. maverick1

    cuckold couple My Hotwife also models

    Hi, all its been ages - years in fact - since we last posted in the forms. I wonder if any of you remember the long running thread I had (well over 100,000 views) relating my wife and mine adventures in a cuckolding? If you do say hello. A lot has happened since I brought that thread to a close (which maybe was as far back as 2015). After a break of about a 6 months we both got the itch to "play" again and this lead to my wife having had a whole string of adventures - most, but not all, I was lucky enough to see or hear at first hand. Two years ago another development was that my wife decided that she wanted to do some modelling too. This lead to a whole new avenue of adventures - which will continue once lock down is over - including her working with various photographers and male performers shooting from arty nude right through to her first ever interracial scene just before lockdown. I've added a few photos from various shoots / adventures of hers. Enjoy.
  3. aligator1983

    cuckold couple Looking for cockold couple

    Hi My name is Michael in 37 from Ipswich I'm looking for cockold couple I'm a simple guy how's just horny to fuck queen in front of hubby
  4. coppiacuckct

    cuckold couple new cuckhold couple

    young couple with her bsx i straight we have been playing in this cuck world for 2 years now she's 25 and I'm 27 we write from Italy and we are open to new knowledge
  5. JadesCuckold

    cuckold couple A cuckolds Q&A's

    Ok so I’ve been asked a number of questions over quite a long period of time, here, at club meets and also on Tumblr. Rather than answer each individually I thought I’d answer them all in one go and make it public. Some are very similar questions so I’ve rewritten some of them to incorporate questions from several people. If I haven’t answered your question exactly feel free to ask for more detail. 1. What made you give your girlfriend permission to sleep with other men? It’s not really how it works. I believe that I have no right to try to prevent her. As a cuckold I’m fully aware that she needs other men because I’m not up to the job so could never be enough for her. As far as I’m concerned it’s her absolute right to fuck real men whenever she wants and wherever she wants without asking me. 2. So do you fuck other women? Absolutely Not! This would be grossly unfair to my girlfriend. She has the right to expect me to be devoted to her and to remain absolutely faithful. In any event I don’t get hard for other women, Jade is my world and luckily for me, even though I’m inadequate in bed she still loves me. I would never ever jeopardise our relationship or do anything to hurt her. What’s good for the goose is NOT good for the gander! Each to their own but for me it’s just wrong. 3. Do you watch her have sex with other men? Yes, sometimes. I’m not always allowed to, for example sometimes she will meet men in hotels. When she does this I will usually choose her underwear or go buy her something special for her to wear for her bull before I get to see her in it for me, help her get ready for her ‘date', drive her there and pick her up when she texts me to tell me she’s finished. 4. How does it make you feel when another man is fucking her? It’s hard to describe but it is the best feeling in the world when I can see how much more she’s enjoying him fucking her than when I’m inside her. I feel completely at ease, comfortable and like everything is right in the world. It’s how it should be. If I’m having problems elsewhere in my life they all just melt away when I can see her being fucked properly, how she deserves to be fucked. 5. How do you feel when she’s gone off to fuck someone else, do you worry? I don’t worry at all. I trust her completely. I feel similar to the answer I gave in no 4 above except obviously I can’t see. For ME the most important thing is that she’s enjoying herself and another man is giving her the pleasure I’m not capable of of. It’s very rare that she will cum when I’m inside her so I’m always hoping that her bull is making her cum from fucking her. 6. Does your girlfriend cage you? Yes. When she goes out to fuck another guy and I’m not allowed to watch, she knows I can’t be trusted not to play with myself and she’s obviously not prepared to take that risk. She wants me to cum inside her when she returns. 7. You mentioned that you’re inadequate, how So? I cum very quickly. Particularly if she’s just been fucked by someone else, it’s not unusual for me to cum in 10 to 30 seconds and occasionally I have cum more or less as soon as I’ve got inside her. 8. Is that why you think it’s right for her to fuck other men. Yes, partly. Clearly no man that cums as quickly as I do could ever hope to satisfy a woman in bed apart from with my tongue. I am good at going down on her. 9. Have you ever eaten another man’s cum from her pussy. Yes. She had a long term lover who fucked her very regularly and would often stay over and spend the night in her bed. He always fucked her bareback and came inside her and I went down on her afterwards quite a few times. There was also another older guy that she slept with regularly but I was never allowed to watch. She did bring me creampies home to eat though. 10. Do you enjoy cleaning her pussy up after someone else has cum in her? Yes, very much so. I do see it as one of my duties as her cuck, it’s something that no loving cuck should ever refuse to do for his cuckoldress but the feelings both of us get for each other as we stare in to each others eyes as I lap away at her pussy, cleaning every drop of her lovers cum up is indescribable. I have never felt as close or as loved and cared for as when I have been allowed between her legs to clean her up after she’s just fucked another guy and let him cum in her. You have to think about this, the trust and depth of feeling she has to have to allow me permission to lick her lovers cum from her pussy is huge. No other woman has ever been so sweet towards me or shown me such love and kindness and I can’t imagine any other woman ever loving me as much to do this It is the ultimate way to reclaim the woman I love, adore and truly worship. 11. How long is it since she last fed you a creampie? About a year. 12. Do you miss it? Yes, very much. 13. Does she always ask permission before she fucks someone. As I said above she doesn’t need my permission and I would be so disappointed and quite hurt if she did ask for permission. It would seem to me that she was unsure of my love for her. So far she has always told me before or I’ve been there but there’s really no need for her to tell me either before or at all, unless there is a safety issue, then I need to know. I am hoping that she will cheat on me. I would find it a huge turn on if she lied to me and told me that she was going out with the girls when really she was going out to fuck someone. It would be such a pleasure to receive a text from her sucking someone’s cock or shoving his cock in her pussy then ignoring all my texts to make me wait until she got home to find out all the details or maybe keep it a secret for a few days or weeks. 14. Does anyone else know that your girlfriend has made you a cuckold? Yes, her cousin knows absolutely everything about us and our lifestyle. Her best friend also knows that she was also seeing her long term lover as well as myself last year. She could obviously hear them in bed and of course she told her how good he was. I would often arrive moments after they’d finished and again she could hear us immediately afterwards. She did try and explain about me being a cuckold but it was obvious she wasn’t getting it so she changed the subject. 15. Would you be happy for other people to know you’re a cuck? Yes! I would like her best friend to know as it would be easier for them to go out together on the pull. I could then be used to pick them up when they have found a couple of guys to fuck and either take them to her friends house or bring them all back to our home so that they could play, or just let them play without any involvement from me. If they told me to take them to our home i would know i was going to be allowed to watch my girlfriend fuck but if they told me to take them to her friends i would have the cuckold angst knowing about the fun they were going to have but also knowing I wasn’t going to be allowed to watch. I would also like for them to be able to compare notes about their conquests in front of me. They’re going on holiday later this year together and I so desperately want jade to be free to play and have fun if she meets someone she wants to take to bed but she doesn’t want her best friend to think she’s a cheat. This is so unfair on Jade to have to have a holiday where she can’t fuck guys she wants. I think if explained to her friend carefully, worded along the lines of that she loves me and the kind, soft and gentle lovemaking is great but she occasionally just wants someone to fuck her hard and pound her pussy and explain that I just can’t do it how she needs. Then maybe go on and explain how when she split up with her lover last year how I ‘forgave’ her and told her how much I loved her and that regardless I would always forgive her any indescretion no matter what because I need her in my life. Maybe ‘joke’ that saying that was pretty much giving her permission, I think her friend would be encouraging. She also has a sister who has a similar great dress sense to my girlfriend and likes black guys so I think it would be great if she knew so they could go out together freely without her sister thinking she was cheating. They get along great and would have so much fun out together. I’m not sure she could keep it to herself though. Having said that if Jade decided to tell her it’s nothing to do with me. It’s all about Jade and what she wants. My only purpose is to love and support her. 16. Do you get off on being humiliated? Ok, so here’s something I never thought I’d say but yes, I do. I suppose that's part of the reason I would like her friend and sister to know that Jade cuckolds me. I would enjoy them teasing me and humiliating me about being unable to satisfy Jade, my size, having to wear a penis extension so that Jade can even feel me. For myself, I would like Jade to tell them everything so there are no secrets and they have enough information to really demean me whilst laughing at me. If they were there when a bull arrived and Jade went upstairs to fuck her bull whilst we waited downstairs, hearing everything and they were to keep asking me questions like, “She sounds like she’s having an amazing time. Do you think he’s fucking her better than you ever have?” or “She told me she’s gonna shout you up to go down on her and clean her up after he’s cum in her. You looking forward to that cuck boy?” This is probably highly unlikely to happen but it’s a huge fantasy and I know I would enjoy it. It would be super humiliating giving them lifts to go out and get laid or even more so if their ‘dates’ were also in the car and I was being used as their taxi. Particularly if the girls were verbally teasing me about not being able to satisfy Jade and having to take her to real men so she can get fucked properly. It’s kinda having her completely destroy any ego I might have. I need to be fully devoted to her and only her, to feel lucky that she is with me and that no other woman would ever put up with how inadequate I am. The more cruel she is to me the better, there are no limits as to how far she can push me or how hurtful she may be. If she thinks saying something to me will really hurt my feelings then I want her to say this x 10. Incidentally I do feel so immensely lucky that she’s with me. 17. Given your answer above about being humiliated, if your girlfriend wanted to show her friend/s your caged cock would you let her? Again it wouldn’t be my decision, Jade is always in charge so if she made me stand up and pulled my shorts down to expose me in my cage I would find this super humiliating. I guess that means I would be ok with it. 18. Any other humiliation turn you on? The usual cuckold stuff I guess about being teased about my performance in bed in front of other women, such as sales assistants in lingerie shops when I’m treating her to new underwear for her to wear for another man etc. 19. Favourite things you’ve experienced as a cuck that’s not already been mentioned? When I’m inside her, making love to her after someone else has just fucked her when she’s really enjoyed it so much more than she does with me and she tells me things like “hurry up and cum, you’re cock is doing nothing for me” or “he was so much bigger than you, I can hardly feel you, are you sure you’re in?” or “He fucked me so much better than you ever do” and after we've made love when she whispers in my ear how pathetic and useless I was as a lover. I love it when she tells me that she doesn’t want me to fuck her but just wants me to cum as quickly as I possibly can so we can get it over with and move on to the cuddling and giving her the love she needs from me. So so good. One other thing is when I watch her with a guy and the physical act of her spreading her legs to allow a man to fuck her and her smiling at me whilst someone else is fucking her. Exhilarating! 20. Does she allow you to make love to her when it’s just you? Yes! We both enjoy this very much and it’s so important to both of us. We are very much in love with each other. If she tells me afterwards that I wasn’t very good then that does add to the excitement for me but sometimes it does need to be just us. 21. Are you allowed to masturbate? No, never. This would be the same in Jade’s eyes as me cheating on her. I only ever cum with her permission and never if she isn’t with me. 22. So if you’re having sex and she doesn’t want you to cum what happens? This is actually not that unusual. Often she will tell me that I’m not going to cum and that I’m to tell her when I’m close so she can push me off. 23. Isn’t that frustrating? Yes very but it adds to her pleasure and that’s so much more important to me. You can’t imagine just how much pleasure I draw from her pleasure, even if my pleasure isn’t sexual. 24. So if you’re incapable of fucking her properly how does she get her pleasure if it’s just you two? On these times I will always go down on her first and make her cum with my mouth. I love eating her pussy, she tastes amazing and when she cums for me and squirts in my mouth or over my face I know it’s a job well done. One of the best feelings in the world for me. 25. Would you ever want her to stop cuckolding you? Are you kidding??? No! Never!! She made me a cuckold and I’ve never been happier. It’s so important to me that I know she is getting great sex elsewhere and then shares her experiences with me. Regardless of what I want though I know I could never be enough for her and she will always need real men to fuck her properly. I just can’t give her what she needs and to be honest I would be miserable knowing that she could be having so much more fun and was missing out. As her cuckold I know her needs and wants are so much more important than mine anyway. I don’t just need her to be happy I need her to be as happy as is humanly possible. Any pleasure she gets just makes me incredibly happy and content. As Jade says, I’m her number one but I’ll never be her only one! 26. Some people might question your love for her, encouraging her to fuck other men. Are you really in love with her? God yes, I’ve never felt such a depth of love with anyone else as I do for her. I would counter that some people have never truly loved anyone if they can’t see that this is the one true way life should be. To be in a relationship where your girlfriend is free to and does have sex with whoever she wants there has to be not only a deep bond between you but also incredible trust. Equally how many men can say they have a partner that knows she is truly loved so much that she can be honest enough to tell them that they are unable to please them sexually without any risk to the relationship? How many men have wives and girlfriends that they have made so insecure that they need to cheat? Jade knows how perfect she is, she knows how madly in love with her I am that she has no insecurities about our relationship, she can be honest and open with me, she can talk to me about how great some guy was in bed and that I will be super pleased for her or tell me how useless I am as a lover, how inadequate I am as a man or how pathetic sex is with me and that she needs real men to fuck her properly. I would never cheat on her I am totally devoted and in love with her. If you haven’t experienced being a willing cuckold you haven’t experienced the perfect life, and trust me it is perfect, it’s the right, proper and only way to live.
  6. What sort of pics do bulls like to see before agreeing to meet a wife or couple?
  7. I have recently agreed to my husband's request and long time encouragement of becoming a Hotwife and making him my loyal cuckold. He is very knowledgeable in the ways of Cuckoldry where I am very inexperienced. As this is will be our very first experience, I am looking for a one time meet with my cuck husband present and want to meet the right guy for my first time sleeping with another man. I was raised conservatively and am a bit shy and submissive by nature so am looking for a patient and experienced Bull for this meet. I am specifically looking for a w.e or v.w.e Black man at the moment guys.
  8. NewAsianHotwife

    cuckold couple Hubby caged

    My cuck hubby's small, pathetic tiny cock locked down.
  9. My wife is with her lover today and has told me to post these photos so that everyone on here knows why she has other men. I wish I could satisfy her.
  10. Mkdk411

    cuckold couple Caged cuck

    Caged, and loving every minute. I love holding the keys!
  11. Hi guys I’m new to this im 30 single male who looking to find a experienced cuck couple or groups who can help with sexual fantasies very fun, nice and adventurous open to be cuck bull or even to be taken advantage off 🤣
  12. Dave199

    cuckold couple Newbie looking to slowly introduce fiance

    New to all this, fiance just flirting with the idea, based in the NW. Looking to get her blindfolded and dressed up at a dogging site near us
  13. Hi we are a young couple near the Solihull area of Birmingham looking for a guy (or a few of you) to come and fuck my slutty girlfriend on my birthday
  14. Cuck2YoungWife

    cuckold couple Couple Seeks Hung Bulls in Cali

    Looking for great bulls and interesting offers.
  15. Newbiecuckcpl

    cuckold couple Bull Required long term

    we are a couple in lancashire looking for a long term Bull (time wasters need not apply) we are photo verified and are paid members of the site we know what we are looking for and the type of person were looking for: 25-55 years old confident in a positive way, without being boastful or egotistical A sense of humor i.e knows how to make a woman laugh Someone who knows how to treat a woman sexually Respectful - doesn't break any boundaries smoker or non smoker(no Illegal substances) Charismatic a guy who is confident in a positive way, without being boastful or egotistical Makes an effort when out on a date height 5,7 plus A nice big thick cock a guy who is well-spoken We want to get to know each other. This is something that we would want to be long term and regular. Kay would be alone with you after few initial meets at our place and then overnight at Hotel or at your place Kay is a Curvy size 24/26 with Breasts to die for . Whenever we go out anywhere in town she always draws a lot of attention with her breasts by dressing provocative . She loves to always dress in sexy outfits for having naughty meets in
  16. SandG76

    cuckold couple Couple require local vwe bull

    Local vwe bull wanted for cuckold couple. We are located in the UK near Brighton
  17. SandG76

    cuckold couple Couple require local vwe bull

    Local vwe bull wanted for cuckold couple.
  18. Sarah and john

    cuckold couple Sarah and john looking for bull and fun

    Hi we are a couple looking for a suitable bull in the uk. Sarah loves tall men with Tatoo’s, maybe also with a sense of humour and would not say no to a large black bull. She lives being picked up by strong men and dominated look forward from hearing from you all sarah and John
  19. SouthernAce

    cuckold couple Experienced Couple

    Needing a long term bull
  20. Tinycockkevin

    cuckold couple Small penis humiliation

    I have a tiny little dicklet and love the humiliation.my wife cucks me and makes fun of my tiny dicklet all the time. She takes vids and pics and says she shows all her friends, it’s very humiliating. I don’t get to fuck her at all, she does let me eat her pussy, tongue her ass and lick her feet, witch I love. She has several lovers including one of my friends who is very well endowed.
  21. JadesCuckold

    cuckold couple Jade blacked

    Hi, I saw Maverick was back so thought I'd post a few pics of Jade and her adverntures. She's pretty much black only now and I love to watch her being fucked. Enjoy
  22. Couple seeks bull to sperm wife
  23. JSPJFunplace

    cuckold couple Hi Cuck’s, Hotwives and bulls from South Africa

    Hi guys, new here and looking to chat with fellow South Africans.. come say hi.