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Found 101 results

  1. Not sure where to start, but i will try and explain a bit out me in some short bite size chunks. What am i: I am a single guy living in Brighton, UK. I live alone in a rented flat. I am a full time software developer. My normal name is Simon. My pet name is Bubbles.😊 I have been working on bettering my self emotionally and physically over the past 4 years and continue to. I am a virgin and if you like the idea of me staying that way, keep reading.😋 What i am looking for: Friendship with others so i can learn and socialise and maybe have some fun.😁 A girl to have a long term relationship with.💕 A relationship filled with support, strength, understanding and compassion at it's heart. I would always be her best friend, at her side, watching her back and would appreciate similar in return too. She would be free to have fun and cuckold me with anyone (guy or girl) at any time while i remained devoted to her. I like to think of my self as her pet. I have a different place in her life, just like a pet dog does. I would pamper her and actively help prepare her for romantic encounters while also giving her after care and cum cleanup. I would be locked safely and securely in permanent chastity to symbolise our female orgasms only relationship where she has the pleasure for both of us while i remain her little virgin. She would wear the key at all times symbolising the connection we have. I would learn how to pleasure her as best i can with my mouth and any toys when she wishes. My past experience has told me i am good at it. Ours would not be a life of shame and anger, it would be one of happiness, fun and joy to the best of our abilities. We would be who we want to be and support each other in that. None of the stuff above is a punishment to me, I see is as special and unique and fun and while others may see it differently, they have no idea how special it is. I can't wait to share that journey with someone. I feel like what i am looking for will be very difficult to find, but i have confidence i will find it and am being patient. If any of the above interests you, please let me know.🙂👍 I welcome anyone to get in touch and find out more about me or if they'd like to share about them selves, i would love to heard about it too. There is certainly more to me than what i have written here.
  2. Hello all, I’m Kirsty hot wife from Hampshire. I have finally after some work got my hubby To let me spread my wings a little away from him as long as I feed him when I get home. I am a bull only Hot wife but I chose with my hubby who I meet it’s as much about me as it is about him hearing seeing smelling tasting my pleasure. I’m looking for a few new bulls to add to my old faithful bull. Few things: 1. I’m a bit of a size queen but I’m not up for anything over 9” long. I’m happy for a wife as you can be. 2. I like to dress up and do role play. 3. Hubby is in a chastity cage so you know my pussy is only for my bulls. But your cum is my hubby’s. 4. I will only meet up once I’m satisfied you will be a good Addition. I don’t bite but I do whip, cum chat with me I’m hungry. xx Kirsty k xx
  3. Early 30's chastity cuckold. From Wakefield, west Yorkshire. I am seeking cuckoldress/hotwife/CUCKQUEEEN wannabe for long term FLR/Cuckolding/open relationship. I love to serve older dominant ladies as an obedient chastised clean up cuck. Humiliation, and degradation gets me up on a morning
  4. Locked cuck happy wife

    hotwife Couple looking to explore further

    Hi, First post to this group... have also posted an advert guys (hint hint) for a weekend of naughtiness this weekend (his treat) Short intro. Been married years. He’s always been into this and I’ve got into it. I started of slow when I once wanked a bloke off with hubby lying next to us (and getting none) Then after that nothing for years. Just fantasy. Then we started to talk about a mutual friend. Long story short after a couple of false starts I fucked him a few times all with hubbies knowledge. Once a night away in an hotel, once at his house and the final time at ours. Fucking him whilst hubby had to drive round the village after work waiting for me to finish. We have experimented with chastity a lot, sissification a bit and general sub Dom stuff a bit. never advertised or anything before but let’s see where this goes. ive advertised on here whilst hubby is locked in the garage, locked in chastity and locked in six inch heels practising for this weekend away... wish him luck or get in touch. Happy to chat and as you’ll see we’re hoping to meet someone for this weekend... if they’re perfect of course.
  5. Uksmallcuck

    cuckold Acceptance

    I’m here as I’m a fairly new cuck and wanted to find friends and support from others
  6. Don’t you just love date preparation 😍 let’s see all you cucks and hot wife pics of pre and post date lingerie. Cuckolds getting wives ready in lingerie is a massive turn on and humiliating if your left at home😉.
  7. KarenMiddleton

    sissy Transvestite Cuckold in Aberdeen

    Hi, we are new to cuckolding, although as a long time crossdresser I had fantasised for years about my wife being used by lovely big strong men.
  8. Chastitysissy92

    cuckold wannabe Hi all

    Hi all, new to the site but been interested in cuckolding for a while now. Hoping to find my dream dominant woman for a FLR, cuckold, chastity relationship.
  9. Would you like your wife to get pregnant by her lover ? And would you accept to raise the w as yours ? In cuckolding , there is always risk of your wife getting pregnant by her lover . What do you think about that ?
  10. Hello, Herts couple, in our 50's. Both sub looking for cuckold relationship to server as a couple. l & d
  11. Cdkatie74

    sissy Cdkatie

    Hi cd sissy cuckold wanna be lke to have fun
  12. Tincky

    cuckold tiny cuck

    A newby; I welcome anything new
  13. swedishlovebirds

    cuckold couple Greetings!

    Hi there! We are a Dominant/Alpha Couple that enjoy dominating and humiliating cucks together! We haven't seen many people doing the cuckold lifestyle in the way that We do it, but maybe you all would be interested in hearing & seeing what We do? We have plenty of photos and videos to share if anyone is interested
  14. Blueskyk

    cuckold Newbie

    Hi I’m 60 from Lancs, wife is 53 and has been seeing this guy for several months. I’d met him socially once but this last long weekend he was invited to ours. My wife wanted me to wear a cage. I agreed and bought an Attica size S/M with 50mm ring from Saints & Sinners in Blackpool. friday evening she fitted it and I helped her get ready. When he arrived she was as nervous as I was but I went down to let him in and handed him the key. He took charge and made it all easy and comfortable. She was soon sucking him and he then fucked her bareback. i had no chance of an erection and was glad I was in chastity. I’ve not been released yet but still comfortable
  15. chastity hub

    cuckold chastity hub

    Couple looking for Dominant , inventive guy as hubby now impotent. hubby has gradually become more sub. we have played with toys, handcuffs etc but now need to involve others in our play. would love to experiment more with bondage, humiliation, chastity etc.
  16. I wonder if for most cuckolds their cuckold fetish was maily driven by sexual dysfunction of the cuckold , small penis , or inability to please his wife sexually . In my case , I think it played a major role . I've always been bad in sex , I have a small dick 3.5 inches . I was always shy in dealing with girls and women . I wasn't good in bed either , I lacked stamnia and couldn't keep erection for long . In my first sexual experience when I was a teenager , it was with an older woman , I was 18 and she was in her 30 s . I couldn't perform well , and got limb , she made fun of my small dick and inability to perform well , and she told me to leave . I went back home and masturbated . Years later , I had another sexual experience and it was the same failure . The lady was more nice to me , she didn't humiliate me , but again I couldn't perform well or cum , and I masturbated after she left . Later , I had a girlfriend , we went out and dated , we were both into BDSM , she liked to dominate me , but when I tried to initiate sex with her she got angry and broke up with me . Strangely , this experience excited me and after she left I jerked off thinking of my sex denial by her . I met another Femdom who became like my girlfriend , but when I initiated sex with her again she rejected me and she told me she wouldn't have sex with a slave like me . Finally , I married my current wife When I was 30 years old . I didn't tell her about my cuckold fantasies . She married me mostly because she was into Femdom . We had sex but she wasn't satisfied , she cheated on me for months behind my back , and when I knew , instead of hurting me it excited me . When I asked her why she cheated on me , she told me it was because I was bad in sex , she liked big dicks , more macho guys , etc . We agreed that she could cuckold me . But after 2 years and 4 lovers things turned nasty when she fell in love with her bull and left me . Later she came back to me and I accepted her back . She decided not to continue with cuckolding since she wanted to keep our marriage and she was afraid of falling in love with a lover again . But now , she's thinking again about cuckolding , and most of the time when we have sex I have to lick her and use a big dildo on her , and she imagines herself fucking a black dick . My question to you is : Did your sexual dysfunction , small dick , inability to please your wife sexually play a role in turning you into a cuckold ?
  17. I’m a switch male that is looking for a girl to lock me in chastity and fuck other men in front of me while she humiliated me.
  18. Humbleswede

    I told her

    Yesterday I told her I want to be chastised. I'm a wannabe cuck since many years ago. I'm divorced since a few years and my exwife didn't want anything to do with my fantasies.. I do have a new girlfriend and she is smoking hot! We have been a couple for 2+ years now and a month ago we moved in together. Our sex-life has been awesome, She the "fifty shades" kind of girl. So she like to be tied up, teased and she likes when I use toys on her. I can use her body however, and whenever I want! Sounds all great, doesn't it? Problem is I don't want i to be tooooo easy. I want her to have pleasure, but she to denying/teasing me I have mentioned that I sometimes fantasizes that she's seeing other guys, but without any response from her. Well yesterday I took the courage to tell her I have a chastity belt and sometimes use it on myself. I also showed her my CB-6000 and she was understanding and thankful that i trusted her to tell her. But she was also in chock. Said she needed time think about all this. Not sure what that means? Will she leave me? probably not, but maybe I have lost my status as THE man, the powerful Mr fifty shades? Late yesterday evening she did however mention that she had been doing some research online. She was surprised how common my wish is. But still thinks its weird! Where do you think this is all going? I'm worried and need your support
  19. We are a young, attractive Alpha Couple from the States and We visit UK often (London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Belfast) We are looking for loser cuckold slaves to use, abuse, and humiliate whilst We visit. Foot rubs and pampering are expected. Chaste slaves preferred.
  20. I'm a cuckold husband . My wife's main fantasy was to see me having sex with a guy - I'm bisexual so this doesn't bother me - but something I noticed in the past : When I had sex with a guy in front of her - I'm a bottom - she was very excited , but then she became reluctant to have sex with me and at the end she found a guy who is masculine to fuck her , then she fell in love with him and she left me , but later she came back to me after he left her . Now , she's asking me to have sex with a man in front of her . But I'm afraid the same would happen again . I mean , she might refuse me sexually again . So , my question is : do you see a connection between her seeing me getting fucked by a man , and her lack of interest in me sexually later ?? And do you advise me to accept what she wants to bring a guy to fuck me while she watches again ? Please vote and advise me .
  21. Button1

    cuckold couple Two Rings

    Having been together just over a year and lived together For exactly a year it’s been an amazing journey so far and it continues... saturday in my chastity device, I proposed to the woman dreams are made of.. she sai yes! 😊 Sunday afternoon wearing Daisy duke style shorts top button undone My cuckoldress walked into our lounge & handed me the remote control for the wireless egg she had inside her, she writhed in pleasure as I changed the settings & we kissed passionately, my fingers found the way to her clit, she was so horny, “Bedroom, Now” she assertively told me, as soon as we were in we both stripped down, she grabbed her dildo, “take the egg out & fuck me with this” as I did she switched her little bullet vibrator on and got it working on her clit meanwhile I feasted on her tits 😈 she started to cum, slowly she reduced the power of her bullet then told me to take out the dildo, as I did she nonchalantly said “go wash my toys” I asked “but what about me?” The response was harsh “getting engaged has changed nothing, this remains as being about me, you’re here to pleasure me not the other way around!” We moved back to the lounge where we cuddled as she admired her ring & told me how much she loved me & me her.. Monday night on the couch again just chatting and she drops this out; oh Simon (her much absent of late fuck buddy) called me earlier, he just said “be at mine at noon on Thursday you’re getting fucked”, I looked at her and asked are you going? “Of course” came the reply and she just continued chatting about our days....
  22. Belial1965

    cuckold Hello everybody

    Mature guy from Italy unable to satisfy wife. She like to look around for better men not necessarily young, also same age but still powerful and hung. Sometime she let me know about her affairs, sometime she is denying everything and tease me.
  23. Donna and I met in June, I soon felt comfortable enough to confide in her my submissive and cuckold desires, little did o realise as to how receptive she would be to it all. Like everything we all have our preconceived of what works or how it should work. I’m extremely pathetically endowed and chastity has formed a major part of my desires real and fantasy, I’ve been cuckolded twice before in permanent relationships some of which is documented on here.. Donna, a) needing sexual satisfaction more than I could ever give her and her since confession that she’d find fidelity difficult and c) she is by her own confession a slut (when it suits). Soon announced that she was given information to start sleeping with a former lover, the down side for me though was that there would be no direct involvement from me, yes she would wind me up and tease me as she dressed to go stay with him but I still don’t know his name and he has no idea that I exist or that we are in a relationship. So it’s been good but from my perspective could be better.. last week whilst on holiday Donna dropped it on me that she had been chatting to a former lover (who possesses an 11 inch cock) and he was up for the full cuckold experience as in fucking Donna in front of me and her/them both pills no on the humiliation (a big part of it for me). She also told me that she intended putting me in long term chastity. It’s all been quite a turnaround, she’s even told her one sister of our relationship to which she responded that she was a jammy cow! Donna’s concerns have been that she finds it difficult to verbally abuse me because of the love we feel for each other so I shared with her some video clips I have on how my late wife would treat me when we played, she loved me dearly and to the outside world we were the perfect couple and yes we loved each other dearly but god she could be an absolute mentally and physically cruel Bitch to me but we loved the dynamic, I wanted to allay Donna’s fears and it seems they certainly did that. Last night on her way home she called me to a) give me instructions for her arrival home that included informing me I was going into the chastity device and that was because today she is meeting her fuck buddy with the eleven inch dick. She loves what she/we are doing and part of that is making me realise/accept its my fault she is having to get her satisfaction elsewhere. She also told me last night that I won’t be fucking her again, basically too small and too much trouble as she can’t feel it and it could never satisfy her. She’s told me tonight I’ll be getting text message pictures of her sucking and fucking her fuxk buddy and it’s tough that I’ll be in chastity until she deems differently, tomorrow night she is seeing her lover too 😳😳😳 On getting home she took great delight in humiliating me and in punishing me cruelly with nettles, the end result was that it was only this morning that she could put me in the chastity device. Here are a series of pictures and I’ll add the ones I receive later when she is with her fuck buddy
  24. fpg4196

    sissy Couple wanted

    New to this site. I'm looking for a couple to join in with. Good body and filthy mind. I'm caged so can't fuck, but would love to suck and be fucked.