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  1. Hey all.. We are looking for a real guy in the SWFL area who is easy going and not pushy. She wants a boy toy she can hook up with on the regular who isn't a pain in the ass. I (Hubby) like to watch we aren't into humiliation or anything like that we just enjoy the sex. She is a sexy 5ft 100 pound spinner with huge tits and a tight little body. We have word not permitted so we can't just run out the door to meet up. We are looking for a "Good Friend" with benefits. If you can be patient an chill maybe we can make something more out of our relationships together.
  2. In the spirit of the "Cuckold Stories" section, this story is fiction but is based on a fantasy involving real life people. I have written the first chapter from my perspective, then will write the second from hers... Thanks for reading.... Chapter 1 My wife Louise is 31 and I am 33, we have a very average middle class lifestyle and she is generally un-adventurous when it comes to sex. I have always fantasised about sharing her with other guys but she isn't interested in even discussing the idea, the closest I have ever come is getting her to talk during sex about flirting with other guys and making their cocks hard. I loved this but I don't think she was keen. She has a curvy but very sexy body with amazing tits (some pics on my profile and other threads if interested). She had an old work colleague called Andy who she worked with about 7 years ago at a previous company, he still works there but she left however they have kept in touch fairly regularly over text although have only met once and that was about 4 years ago. I personally never warmed to him and always found him odd but she seemed to get on well with him. Andy is 48 now and married, nothing much to look at to be honest, short and slim basically, but always seems to have a way with the ladies. His wife is very attractive and Louise always said he seemed to somehow manage to befriend all the girls at work, especially those 15 years his junior. He was just one of those blokes who seemed to have something about him that the ladies like but its hard to say what. As he lives in the North East and we are in the Midlands he has a flat in a nearby town where he stays during the week, he seems to earn good money so its a bit of a flash bachelor pad. I had noticed recently that his texts to Louise had got more frequent but I am pretty laid back about who she chats with so wasn't bothered, but one day she told me that he had started becoming a bit more flirty. She did say he had always been like that when they worked together and she was only 24 back then so probably a bit more influencable by an older man. One night she was texting him when she was in the bath and she started to show me some of the texts, Andy was basically saying that he was picturing her in the bath and wishing he was there to help her scrub!, I was pretty suprised by this but she seemed ok with it and just laughed it off. He was also asking her to send a selfie, claiming he was lonely in his flat and needed cheering up!, she wasn't comfortable with this but as my cock was already starting to twitch I tried to encourage her saying that the poor bloke clearly needed some wank material! She still wasn't for doing it but after her bath we did have amazing sex and she was soaking wet. Skip forward a couple of days and she hadn't mentioned him again so I asked if he was still messaging her, she said yes and he was now suggesting they should meet up for a drink as they hadn't seen each other for so long, I turned to her and asked if she wanted to and with a slightly nervous look she said yes she was thinking about it. She justified it by saying its only a drink and a catch up. Again my cock was already getting hard so I encouraged her saying "yes you should do it darling". That night we had a couple of glasses of wine and she messaged him back saying she would be up for going for a drink. They continued messaged all night and I saw the whole thing. Again he was becoming increasingly flirty and referring to it as their "hot date", he then said that he had plenty of wine in at his flat so why didn't she just go there one night. This had me going wild!, the thought of her visiting him at his posh flat where he was most likely going to try and seduce her. I said to her "you do realise he is probably going to try and get in your knickers", but she laughed it off and said "oh I know he will try, he always did but its just a drink". So after much chatting they set a date about a week later. Deep down I was pretty sure nothing would happen as she is too straight laced but I knew for sure he would be trying hard and that was enough of a turn on for me. I wanted her to have a few glasses of wine to make her relax and hopefully flirt back with him so I offered to drive her and pick her up later. Skip forward to the day, she started to get ready an hour or so before. I noticed when she came out of the shower she looked stunning with her usual trimmed pussy hair and beautiful curves. She chose some everyday but sexy matching bra and pants, and a nice dress, low enough to show off her sexy tits but still classy. It was mid thigh length so plenty of her bare legs on show. I complemented her saying how hot she looked and that he was a lucky guy, she blushed slightly and kissed me deeply. When she pulled away she said "don't worry, like I said its only a drink". I held her hand, looked her in the eye and said "darling you know I trust you and I have always fantasised about you flirting with other guys, you have my permission to do whatever you want on one condition.." she replied asking what the condition was "just tell me everything, message me while you are there and keep me up to date" I replied. She responded only by kissing me deeply and passionately again. I drove her to his flat which was about 15 mins away, and dropped her as close as I could get which meant about a 100 metre walk for her, I watched her walk down the street towards the entrance to his block. My cock twitched again as my mind wandered to what could happen........
  3. Kay_96

    cuckold wannabe pussy worshipper

    want to eat you so badly
  4. Addicted Stag

    cuckold wannabe In search of guidance

    I am looking for experienced hotwifes or bulls to guide me and my wife towards a healthy cuckold relationship
  5. We’ve been a cuck couple in the past and are looking to start again
  6. Wanna be cuckold here....looking for guidance and a bull to tun my wife into a veryyyyy hot wife
  7. Hello friends .. I am very happy to be here with you in this forum, and I hope we enjoy each other and share our experiences and ideas.At first, I apologize to you for my poor English, because it is not my madar tongue, I am a very simple Arabic person, and I would like to share my story with you.In our Arab society, "the hypocritical and backward society", a girl must be a virgin before marriage, and if the husband finds out that she is not virgin, a big problem will start and may even amount to killing "I'm not joking."Generally we start with my story....My wife and I are 27, got to know each other about five years ago, and we got married six months ago.I was a cuckold before, but I didn't think I would tell her about it, and because at first we didn't expect our relationship to be serious we talked about our past and our past relationships.Mostly, any Arab girl refuses to tell her past to her lover because this may cause the beloved marriage to be canceled.My wife told me about two relationships .. but of course she did not tell me that she had sex with one of them, so when I was asking her at our start she would answer that she had not even kissed a man.I was disappointed, but I believed her.She was talking to her ex-boyfriend as a friend, but I remember well when I snapped at her "Snapchat" account when her phone was in my hands .. I was amazed by her conversation with her ex!She was sending him her naked pictures, telling him how much she misses his big penis, and he was also talking about his longing and talking a lot about her warm ass and how much he loves to lick it and insert his tongue into it!Their conversations were filthy and she was talking like a real word not permitted, and he only called her "my word not permitted, my servant, my bitch, my immoral" and she was very happy with this!I could not stand it .. I continued for days with an erect penis on what I read between them .. My happiness was indescribable .. I was happy .. and I loved her more .. I wish she had told me about it.One night she told me that he called her and asked her to meet her in a public place to talk about some of the outstanding issues between them.I told her that I have no objection provided the meeting is in a public place and that she does not sit with him for long.She told me that she would go with him to a café in a beach hotel the next afternoon.My girlfriend used to wear the "HIJAB", which is the headscarf, and although I repeatedly asked her to remove it when we were in a public place, she refused.But on the day of her appointment with her ex-boyfriend ... I preceded them to the only cafe in the hotel and I was waiting for their arrival "trying to hide" ..But they did not come!And when I asked her through a message ... she told me she was with him!I went out to the beach trying to imagine what is happening between them now and my penis like a rockThe shock was when I saw her wearing a bikini with him on the beach!Bikini! Bikini!She refused to remove the "headscarf" with me!I could never bear it ... I felt I was going to wet myself!I went to the nearest toilet and put everything inside.On the evening of the same day, I told her I told her everything she had seen ..She cried .. She apologized, and she was begging me not to leave her.She did not know that I got more attached to her and loved her more!I told her that I am not angry .. I want her to take off the chastity dress in front of me, I want her for what she is ..She moved away from her ex-boyfriend before our marriage .. But after our marriage, I asked her to come back to call him .. She was amazed and asked whyI told her I had no reason, and I'd like to return their "friendship" After several times she refused, she finally accepted and actually called him in front of me .. The second word she said, "miss you too."Their relationship continued ... and I asked her that the three of us went to the beach together .. and she deliberately wore a shameless bikini while he was with us .. she turned into a bitch when he was with us .. with her dirty words ... with her lightning touches and his touches with her ..And she used to say ... that her ex-boyfriend and I are the only who has the right to see her in Bikini ... and more ..I know that these things may be normal in your community .. but in our society? No way!We are still in the beginning ... but I think she is ready to take more adventures with her ex.Do you think things will get dirtier between them?* HER FAT ASS
  8. Hello ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for addeng me and showing content!
  9. smallcockwannabecuck

    cuckold wannabe Wannabe cuckold looking for guidance

    Hi, Wannabe cuck looking for advice and guidance regarding the lifestyle.
  10. I will confess, when I discovered cuckolding and learned what it was. I got turned on and excited at the thought of licking cum from a pussy that was just fuck by a superior cock. Now not only does the thought of eating a cum filled pussy turn me on, I now completely desire it and want to actually experience it. And this desire has led me to wanting to experience what it's like to have my mouth stretch around a nice big cock that I'm mouth fucking till it explodes, pumping the entire load down my throat
  11. New 2 this

    cuckold wannabe Advice for the next step

    Hey everyone so looking for advice or some steps to take my cuck relationship to the next step. my partner and myself have more than discussed the fantasy and she finds it as much of a turn on as I do. we discuss prior and during sex and it has certainly spiced up our sex love already. but... actually taking the next step and my partner going out and being with someone seems to be a bit of a block. She’s still unsure how I would feel after she takes that step even though I have re assured her many many times. also she lacks a bit of confidence in her body right now. Even though I think personally she is sexy as hell. lastly we have been together for 13 years so she says her pulling game and chatting to others is so far out of practice she’s not sure where to begin. any help or advice would be much appreciated thanks. D
  12. new to the site my husband is want to be cuckold want to start off slowly as it is something we've never done before we have swung as a couple but normal threesome stuff but we would like to push some new boundaries
  13. I'm a desperate wannabe cuck and I've been reading and looking at cuckolding sites and I see the different degrees of humiliation, at this moment in time I'm at this sort of level, how about other cucks ? The thought of being in a distant hotel bar with her, having a drink,then her bull/Lover/stranger coming in and being attentive to her,in front of everyone else in the bar, then taking her upstairs to fuck her ,with me waiting in the bar, then they both come back down,with everyone knowing that she'd been fucked by her lover/bull,turns me on immensely
  14. Newbiecuckcpl

    cuckold wannabe New to cuckoldry

    looking for well endowed bull for cuckold fun new to this so bare with us can accommodate wanting regular guy
  15. Spice115

    cuckold wannabe Our Progress

    Hey guys! I thought I’d update you all so you know where me & my wife are, & maybe give me any tips or advice. So on the cuckolding front it’s very slow, but I think it is progressing. My wife is very conservative so getting her into this will take a while. But anyway, since I raised the topic with her, it went from her saying no way ever, to her telling me when guys flirt with her at work & joking about getting a lover! She often jokes about my medium cock & I don’t hide the fact I would love to see her take another guy! I have also downloaded various kindle books about cuckolding & chastity which she tells me she does enjoy! So there is progress, just slow! Where we have moved a lot quicker than I thought we would is her embracing me being caged! I must admit, I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would & have got to the point where it now feels weird if I’m not caged! For me it just feels natural! I’m not caged permanently but when I’m off work I will wear it all the time, the only time my wife doesn’t like it on is when we’re in bed. She likes to grope me during the night! That suits me fine as waking up with morning wood in a cage, god damn the ache!! Love wearing it when we’re out with friends or her parents & we’ve got that kinky secret between us! I recently asked my wife if she can take care of the key for me, so she suggested that I put it on a chain for her. She’s worn it out every time I’m wearing my cage, albeit under her top but hey, it’s a start! She’s even suggested that she wears it to work which I wholeheartedly support, it’d be a huge step though as her work dress has a low neck line & it would be very apparent! She works in a hotel, so I’d love to think a colleague or a guest would understand the significance of a key on a necklace, all those empty bedrooms.......!! I don’t have sex with her as much as I’d like but she always seems satisfied, sometimes she’ll wake me before she goes to work, make me go down on her for two maybe three orgasms then push’s me away laughing at how I like being used! I do prefer using my tongue on her rather than my cock, since using a cage I seem to have got a lot more sensitive & in a constant state of arousal. So when I am fucking my wife, with her telling me to fuck her hard & fill her up, I usually last only a few minutes! Hopefully one day she’ll tire of the weak quick fuck I can give her & look for a lover!! I find the idea of eating her creampie so appealing, however the minute I have cum all desire to eat her messy pussy disappears, with this in mind i am trying to train myself to eat my own cum! I usually use a vibrating cock ring & hold it against my cage, sometimes it takes a while to find that sweet spot but once I have I can give myself a ruined orgasm which I will collect in a shot glass! At this point my desire to do anything is low, so I usually go outside for a smoke, sometimes still with the vibrator wedged into my pants & look at porn. After about 20 minutes or so I can go back upstairs continue playing & swallow all my cum from the shot glass! It’s weird, I’m not repulsed when I do this, I don’t mind it really! So why the hell cant I lick my wife’s sloppy pussy as soon as I’ve emptied into her! With this in mind, if she ever does cuck me, I will make sure I wear my cage & haven't cum before I lap her freshly fucked pussy! Anyway, I’ve rambled first long enough! Tell me what you think!
  16. wantstowatch19

    cuckold wannabe Interracial

    This has probably been posted before but here's my thoughts, :- I totally can see how watching/knowing your wife is fucking another man/men is such a turn on, what variation on that theme excites you most? My particular "excitable Topics" are ,in no particular order, 1< seeing a huge black cock entering and fucking her deeply 2< Her being a word not permitted (something deeply exciting about a wife doing this} 3< Another man making her do things she wouldn't normally do ,eg. telling her to fuck someone else / allowing other people to see her being fucked 4< Other men fingering her cunt in a public space,bar etc with me there Anyone else care to add?
  17. Jimmyhenderson01

    cuckold wannabe Jimmyhenderson01

    Hi I'm new to this but always had a really strong desire to be a cuckold. I'm straight but love the idea of being a cuckold for some reason. Anything goes and look forward to meeting some amazing people.
  18. Hi, I am 25 years old cuckold male and my fiancee is also 25. We are from İstanbul. We are inexperienced but I would love to see someone else's juice and scent on my lovely girl I hope our marriage will be full of kinky stuff and bulls
  19. I've had the cuckold fantasy for ages and I'm the closest I've ever been to sharing the girlfriend. We've found a new openness and she wants the usual 3way, watch me with a guy etc but I was wondering if anyone gets really turned on by the thought of another guy knocking her up? Is it wrong I get horny over the thought of another man getting her pregnant?
  20. xlove19

    cuckold wannabe Hii from Pakistan

    Hii I want my wife to be a hot wife but she is reluctant.
  21. Hello looking for a couple senior who like to be watch and pleased me nice looking and love to please
  22. Hungbloke67

    cuckold wannabe Curious guy

    Anyone from the isle of man on here ?
  23. Wannabe cuckold/panty bitch