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Found 2,102 results

  1. DCbuttersckotcheBull

    bull DC black bull for couple

    Hey, I am a black bull from the DC area in search of my sub couple to take care of daddies needed. In the bed room i am a passionate and dominate. So I need a lady with a healthy sexual appetite to go a few rounds at a time and a cuck that know how to follow directions and ready to clean up on demand. Prefer consistent open to long term Let’s kik it CONTACT INFORMATION REMOVED - PLEASE READ FORUM RULES
  2. Hi we are a couple looking for a suitable bull in the uk. Sarah loves tall men with Tatoo’s, maybe also with a sense of humour and would not say no to a large black bull. She lives being picked up by strong men and dominated look forward from hearing from you all sarah and John
  3. Hey all.. We are looking for a real guy in the SWFL area who is easy going and not pushy. She wants a boy toy she can hook up with on the regular who isn't a pain in the ass. I (Hubby) like to watch we aren't into humiliation or anything like that we just enjoy the sex. She is a sexy 5ft 100 pound spinner with huge tits and a tight little body. We have word not permitted so we can't just run out the door to meet up. We are looking for a "Good Friend" with benefits. If you can be patient an chill maybe we can make something more out of our relationships together.
  4. cissyboy1uk

    sissy Post lockdown meet

    Ever since the UK went in to lockdown, my Fiancée has missed her regular dose of her lover's and bull's cocks. I've been fortunate that whilst Catherine has used one or more of her many toys on herself, I've been lucky to have my tongue lapping up her juices, ,although I've stayed caged all the way through as my 2" sissy cock would never of satisfied her. When the restrictions we eased on pubs & restaurants opening, she was quickly making plans to meet for a good fuck. I had to help Catherine shave her legs & pussy, bathe, dry her and dress. Then I drove her to the pub she was meeting. I was sent home, list of house work to do whilst she enjoyed herself and waiting for the drunken text or phone call to say to pick her up. Midnight came, then 1am, then 2am then by then I had fallen asleep and woke just before 7am and Catherine still hadn't contacted me. I set about showering and shaving before dressing. Later on I prepped the lunch, still no word from her. Just before mid-day, I got a text from her with an address I didn't know saying to get there asap. I got there within 30 minutes, waited with the engine running thinking she'd come out. Sheepishly I went and knocked. As I was walking back to the car, the door opened and I was motioned in by a guy. He was wrapped in a dressing gown and told me Catherine was upstairs. I followed him up and when we went in to his bedroom, Catherine was still naked in his bed. She ordered me to strip and he sniggered when he saw my cage. She moved the covers to show her red and well fucked pussy and told me to clean her. As I dropped between her legs, I could hear them kissing. Soon she was pushing me away as he was moving between her legs for seed her more. I was there maybe 2 hours before she said she had to go as her friend had her "word not permitted" and she would be getting dropped of near 5pm. Catherine then asked did I know who's house i was in? I obviously didn't and Catherine told me it was the father of her " word not permitted!" I hadn't a clue she had got back with him, never mind opening her legs again for him. He's now going to be one of her regular lovers.
  5. Tinycockkevin

    cuckold I love cock

    I am a cuck, and never get to fuck my wife. I have a tiny little dicklet and every girl who has seen it dyed laughing. So over time I have become quite submissive. Now I’m at the point we’re Ive become a dirty little cum slut for dom males. They use me like a little whore and I can’t get enough. I have become addicted to eating huge loads of cum and love it. My purpose is to spread my ass and mouth for dom males to use me as they please.
  6. It is for use with your wife She is on her knees, face down, her ankles are cuffed, legs spread apart, her wrists are cuffed between her legs, then she is there for the taking, you can watch closely as i use my tongue, fingers, then cock on her, good boys get to clean up afterwards, licking my cum out of her and licking her arse
  7. Tinycockkevin

    cuckold Tiny cage, fits perfect

    My wife bought an x-small chastity cage and said it should fit just fine, and giggled. Well she was right. It’s a perfect fit for an x-small dicklet. She does let the little fella out now and then though, as long as I get all my chores done.
  8. littlewily

    cuckold Penis below 4 inches?

    So come on fellow chucks how many of you have a fully hard penis below 4 inches? mine is 3 and a half fully erect, that’s on a good day.😊
  9. About Me I am happily married to an amazing wife. I am not looking for commitment or anything serious. We are only here for a goodtime 😉 we have reached a point where things are good but there is a burning desire for something very very bad. It involves big men with large cocks and the beautiful wife. Who are we. She is laid back & easy going although acts little shy on first meeting she seeks a dominant male who can take charge of her. She’s reluctant to commit to the act, being an amazing full time mother and super busy. But when she feels attracted to someone she soon warms up. She is a loving and committed WIFE of 15+ years. I worship the ground she walks on. We are not here for anything but sexy good times. He is Transgender mostly She is the real thing. We keep this separate from our family lives. Together We are looking for confident, experienced guys to help us live out our fantasy Hopefully we can also fulfill your fantasies too WE ARE SEEKING AN EXPERIENCED BULL we are both 40 but very young acting. We have been told we are not unattractive but that’s a matter of opinion so we'll let u judge. We can come as 2 girls ( he doesn’t have to participate if your straight we can just make him watch and humiliate him.) We love to dress up so hope you’re into pigtails and cheeky uniforms WE SAY NO TO SUBMISSIVE MALES He is transgender and I seek a dominant Bull for much needed passionate sex. We're looking for an experienced guy to help us live out our sissy cuckold fantasy Our Ideal Person BLACK MALES ARE HER ULTIMATE IDEAL DOMINANT BIG COCK GENIUNE BULLS WITH EXPERIENCE SOMEONE WHO WILL TAKE CONTROL MOST OF ALL SOMEONE WE CAN HAVE FUN WITH WE SAY NO TO SUBMISSIVE MALES SORRY
  10. We're looking for an older guy to help us live out our sissy cuckold fetish. WE ARE SEEKING A LOCAL EXPERIENCED BULL. ((BBC)) She is' laid back & easy going although acts little shy on first meeting... We come as 2 girls obviously but he doesn’t have to participate and its so fun when we tie him up and make him watch as you fuck me... he's helpless and we laugh ha ha We love to dress up so hope your into pigtails and cheeky uniforms ,let us know what your into we'll dress to impress you we are into role-play teacher student, prisoner guard...u know where this is heading I’m sure... we'd love to dress up for you There are many other scenarios we would like to explore with the right person or persons of course. …
  11. pathetic cuckold looking for new mistress
  12. How many men has your wife/girlfriend fucked.My wife has fucked eight ,seven before we met and none since.I do encourage her to try a different cock but with no sucess yet.All her previous men went bareback.
  13. Any sissy cuckolds fancy meeting up for chastity fun?
  14. hey hey London and Amsterdam are welcomed to me
  15. Potentious

    cuckold Will you flirt with my wife

    I am looking for a young hot man to flirt with my wife and go with however far she wants, with our without me. Location: Manchester. Max age 38. Must be fit, kind, funny and respectful.
  16. lucaslebois

    cuckold Any one in dubai ?

    Any one in dubai want to meet guys?
  17. we are a couple in lancashire looking for a long term Bull (time wasters need not apply) we are photo verified and are paid members of the site we know what we are looking for and the type of person were looking for: 25-55 years old confident in a positive way, without being boastful or egotistical A sense of humor i.e knows how to make a woman laugh Someone who knows how to treat a woman sexually Respectful - doesn't break any boundaries smoker or non smoker(no Illegal substances) Charismatic a guy who is confident in a positive way, without being boastful or egotistical Makes an effort when out on a date height 5,7 plus A nice big thick cock a guy who is well-spoken We want to get to know each other. This is something that we would want to be long term and regular. Kay would be alone with you after few initial meets at our place and then overnight at Hotel or at your place Kay is a Curvy size 24/26 with Breasts to die for . Whenever we go out anywhere in town she always draws a lot of attention with her breasts by dressing provocative . She loves to always dress in sexy outfits for having naughty meets in
  18. Dan398

    cuckold Hi

  19. Orestis

    cuckold Hello All

    Hello everybody. Single cuc here
  20. smallwillie67

    cuckold Pregnancy

    I'm relatively new here so apologies if this topic hs been done to death before. A bull getting the wife preganant seems fairly popular in ucuckold literature and there are some homemade videos knocking around during which the cuck or wife or both can be heard asking the bull to make the wife pregnant. Has anyone actually had it happen whether meant or accidentally? I'll be open. the photo is of my wife expecting her first which was put there by my brother because I wasn't capable.
  21. Michel Pereira

    cuckold new cuckold friend

    My name is Michel, I am cuckold bi, I love all forms of sex and I really want to make great friends.
  22. Hi everyone x we are both mew to this, he has wanted to be a cuckold for many years now and after lots of discussions and me trying to work this out in my head I actually now want this as much as him if not more x i have found a bull In Scotland who I would have met before this but due to COVID I couldn’t !! Now the only worry I have is after I spend the weekend with him and also the first time fucking him my only worry is how will my partner be ? He assures me he will be fine and knows the difference between reality and fantasy I was just wondering if anyone here could let me know how their NEW cuck was after you did it xxxx I can wait to go and let him take me and this has been all we fantasise about fucking each other lately as we have waited so long to do it now I’m definitely ready and so is he and my partner I just wanted to read a few peoples story’s about how their partners where after the first time as I’m away from Friday to Sunday in Scotland xx hopefully mainly being fucked xx , I am going to send him a pic of my pussy just after the first time to tease him seeing another mans cum in me and me and him being a new hotwife and cuckold .. Thank you Claire xxx
  23. Wife is sleeping with few construction workers
  24. Rob777

    cuckold Wife playing

    Wife loves to play wearing her wedding dress