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    Private For Now, United Kingdom
    Private For Now United Kingdom

So to introduce ourselves, we're very happy with our sex life - but lately we've both been getting turned on at the thought of me (wife) being fucked by a thick, massive cock (9 inches minimum, hubby's is average size).

To make it clear we're not looking for humiliation etc - my very generous hubby just wants to watch his very attractive wife (his words) and enjoy seeing me pleasured.

We would like to meet socially first, to ensure everyone's comfortable and gets on (we don't appreciate over arrogance). 

Sorry this is long winded and perhaps picky, but we're trying to be as clear as possible: we would like a bull, age 28-45, large cock as described above, willing to be patient with newbies. 

Attached are a few photos just so you can see what's on offer.

Thanks for looking. 

H and W

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