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    My wife holly and her gorgeous bull. It turns us on to share pics and we wondered if people liked it. This is her longer term bull and they see each other most weekends. He stays over and their sex is amazing from what I hear!
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    This is my wife holly and her amazing boyfriend. He lets me watch plenty of time, let’s me get her ready and allows me to plan dates for them and encourage her to be adventurous in bed with him! I’m feel im a lucky man! he is strictly the man that sees her naked and gets spoilt in bed- and he lets me get off on watching and taking pics!
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    Thanks so much for the comments. I love that she is so fond of this one guy, and also that she seems to love the sex so much. If there is any type of pics people like do request and I can see if we have tried it! They make a very sexy couple and me a very proud cuckold!
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    Writing this post again as I seemed to have lost or deleted the last one somehow. I need some help getting my wife’s, wifeys confidence back. She wont come on the site no longer and post so I’ve taken over her page for now. She was let down by a bull a few times and has now lost all confidence. I’ve attached the last picture she sent her bull of what she brought for him! We’ve talked about maybe visiting a club. Shes full of fuckery, loves sex, cock, being naughty and being a slut. She is a LOT of fun!! Can anyone help me get her confidence back and let my wife know how hot she is... H
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    Comments seem to be dwindling, so here are some pics to hopefully stimulate some responses:
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    Thanks for all the comments 😃😃 I’ll show and pass all too wifey!! Hopefully one day she’ll feel ready again, fingers crossed 🤞 Few more of my hot wifey H
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    Hi, shy wife, slowly getting there but will take some persuasion before she will maybe show more... let’s hope so...
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    Heres a few pics from us hope you all like , havnt posted in a while, still new to this and still not got courage up yet to try for real, but we are getting more confident with it . Would love to hear comments from encouraging bulls an and cuck couples please. X
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    Taking a sneak shot while my wife is sleeping, let’s take a look.
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    May be interested in a second dick for some fun
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    Shaven smooth and encased in black nylon ready for her boyfriend.
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    and ...something like this?
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    Will post more v soon, here’s a taster... hope she will be down to bra soon... then...
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    We are a couple in our mid thirties. Holly prefers to “date” one bull at a time and she is currently seeing Mike. He’s a great guy and genuinely has introduced holly to certain orgasms and lots of kinky play! We hope you agree that as Hotwife and bull they look fantastic together! love to share our photos, stories and meet friends and bulls alike. Holly is sensual and submissive with her bulls
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    Next few pics, thanks for the comments and keep them coming
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    Couple more... need to convince her to take more clothes off...! Nightdress later...?...
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    He fucked her very hard.
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    And another...
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    I like them all but I prefered the black halterneck in pic3. I have been called 'extreme' many times but I do enjoy taking my out in public wearing as little as possible. I have had her walk naked in many secluded public area's. One of the charms that attracted me to her in the first place was that she is such an exibitionist, Walking a woman into clubs or bars showing her off has always been a kink of mine.
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    Oh my, strange man's naked penis is entering your wife's unprotected vagina...
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    My wife is upstairs getting ready for her lover. I'll go up in a minute and help.
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    Thanks for all your comments and we are glad you want to see more Here you go:
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