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    I'd like to start a thread of wives taking large cocks, or just larger than hubby's. Feel free to post your pics, bulls included of sexy wives playing with big cocks. Here's one of my wife really enjoying herself.
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    His cock was very thick but she couldn't stop herself.
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    Mrs Slim is a show off. Mr Odd loves that she is. We are now seeking a photographer to take raunchy pictures of Mrs Slim, and perhaps some of both of us together. We don't expect a pro photographer - we can supply the camera equipment, and shoot location.(our place in Gloucestershire).Age and looks unimportant, just a respectful and polite man who can take pictures.Interested? Drop us a note telling us something about you.
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    Finally we are making our first post on this site, and wanted to say hi. This is Mr posting now (MrInspired), and soon I hope we will either be posting together, or hopefully MrsInspired will post herself from time to time. We are hotwife couple who are also active swingers with some experience. I absolutely love watching MrsInspired having fun with others, and am lucky to have seen and experience quite a lot of amazing things already, especially recently. For me...I know it is a cliche.. but she is my favourite porn star! We are both very cautious about what we get up to and what we share, and always will be. That has not stopped some amazing times though! Mrsinspired knows about this site and I am hoping in the future she will embrace it, interact with some of its members, and so on. I will be showing her this post soon, and I am quite sure that she would like to hear what you folks think of her amazing pics! - so please tell us xxx
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    So I posted a while back. But I have made no progress and want some real hands on advice on how to slowly introduce the idea of sharing her with someone else. Let me introduce her so you understand what I'm working with here. We have been together over 10 years. She's beautiful (see photos below) but I'm the only guy she has ever been with. I took her virginity and I am the only cock she has seen (in person) and touched. We have a great sex life, she loves fucking me and we both make each other cum very hard, having said this we never have watched porn together so even introducing this is a big step at the moment. I know I'm asking for a lot, but help me out guys how do I approach this?
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    Hello. We are beginner cuckold couple from Latvia. Now live in London. Would like to have trainer or owner
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    We are based in Manchester, my girlfriend is only 24 years old and I am trying to make her fantasy come true. She doesn't care about age but the older the better, we will pay for all travel costs if a meetup is possible
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    We still have my wife’s wedding dress, it’s beautiful. She tried to sell it some time back, but despite it looking so lovely there were no takers, so we still have it, stuck in a cupboard here.... Mark x
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    And here is the photo that I was taking about, so can you see why I thought you'd posted a photo of my own wife and her bull (or another bull)..? Mark x
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    This is a photo I was told to take, of my wife and her lover, during a previous meeting at our house. He is much wider and longer than me and you can see from the glistening juices, how aroused my wife is.
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    some of mty wife outside hope u enjoy and she makes u hard more on skype j CONTACT INFORMATION REMOVED - PLEASE READ SITE RULES
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    HW said this beauty was a monster . Here she's about to throat it
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    Fuckmeat for strangers.
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    Hot deep fucking. Movie 82.mp4
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    Written by Lee Had my first experience last weekend of watching my beautiful wife suck another guys cock. We are taking things slow and decided this would be our first avenue to explore. We found an understanding guy online and he was very genuine even going as far to say after a few drinks at ours "it's cool if neither of you are up for this, I can go no hard feelings" we had talked about it for so long I knew harmony was no longer apprehensive and wanted to do this for me. As they got together for a little kiss and a cuddle I felt a little stab of jealousy but it passed as my excitement grew he stood as harm undid his jeans and before I even knew it he was in her mouth. I pulled my own dick out and began to masturbate as I watched her head slowly bob back and fourth. She shot me a look and i nodded excitedly as my pace quickened on myself. I'm not ashamed to say my climax came before his the excitement of watching her for the first time too much to hold. But once I was done it became more about them, he stroked her hair and groaned as she quickened her pace "I'm gonna cum" he exclaimed and looked over at me "You cool ? He asked. "Yeah anywhere you want" I replied answering both her silent question and his next one in one answer. Seconds felt like hours as I watched intently my excitement 're ignited by what was about to happen. "Oh fuck" he moaned softly as harmony gripped the base of his cock again urging him on as she'd done for me so many times and it was all he could take. With a second groan he unloaded and harmony held his spasming member in her right had with her lips locked round his tip until he was spent. She drew away and without looking at me ..swallowed
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    So I recently became a Hot Wife, with my Bull (Rob), but as my husband Mark wasn’t present at the time we both didn’t really feel fully-fledged. Saturday the 5th of January 2019 was our chosen day to put things right... Firstly - As in saying we are by no means experts, so please don’t judge us if we seem to have missed some element that other consider vital for a hot wife, Bull, or cuck afternoon session... We are learning as we go... The Venue After the semi-car crash of my first meeting with my Bull Rob, where we started at his flat (for a disaster) and then reconvened later that day at our house - both Mark and I wanted to meet in neutral ground this time. Therefore Mark kindly arranged and paid for the hire of a lovely two bedroom apartment for us all to use for the day. Hence, crisp white sheets and a lovely Queen Sized bed.... The Build up After a mid-morning shower, once I’d blow dried my hair, Mark came into the main bedroom to help to get me ready. He really deserved to, especially as he had put such thought and detail into my outfit which consisted of a sheer Black bodice, hold-ups and beautiful black suede heels. I wasn’t wearing knickers, which was a deliberate decision, but I was given a black satin kimono robe to wear, so that it wouldn’t be obvious to our Bull that I was knickerless - until I chose the moment to show him. As for hair and make-up, I kept it simple, no fake eyelashes, or caked foundation, I didn’t even straighten by long blonde hair, as I wanted the flow for the afternoon to feel as natural as possible. But here as some of the more obvious details that may wish to know - we opted for perfume (after checking with our Bull) and thought that the subtly but sexual tones of Jean Paul Gaultier - Classic, would be perfect. Yes, I wore my wedding ring, and yes I was completely shaven, as I am most of the time. If I run through the afternoon moment by moment there are a few risks, one that I bore the socks off you, and secondly that I forget something as some elements are still in a bit of a haze for me, so I’m going to talk through a few highlights - Arrival & Catching up Firstly, on answering the door to my Bull, I couldn’t help but to show my delight that he had really made an effort with his attire. Back suit, crisp white shirt, unbutton but with a dickie bow in his pocket in-case I wanted him to wear it, as he knows that I’m a massive Bond fan. Secondly he arrived with flowers, and not just any flowers but an amazing bouquet that must have cost him a fortune. After some polite chit chat between the three of us, Mark tended to the flowers as Bull and I headed off to the main bedroom to catch up properly. I must say that it felt kind of weird taking Rob by the hand to lead him away, and saying “You’ll be ok here for a bit whilst we catch up won’t you..?” To Mark as he glanced down at my hand-holding antics, but we had pre-discussed this. Once alone together in the room, me sat on the bed cross-legged, and Bull sat on the single chair next to the bed (not being at all presumptuous), he complimented me on my satin kimono and then my nylon-clad thighs and lovely shoes. He had just said something about my hair when he stopped himself to present me with another gift, a gift wrapped charm for my bracket. It was a silver letter 'R', which was just perfect, which instantly led me to hold my arms out and say, “Get over here, to let me say thank you properly...” We were soon French kissing passionately, his hand cupping my face, stroking my hair and gently rubbing my back through the kimono. It was lucky that he wasn’t at all pushy, as I really felt that we had all afternoon to kiss like this, we both seemed to be enjoying so much. Looking back, I reckon that just one single French kiss must have lasted nearly ten minutes. It was so good to be alone with him once more, despite my chin beginning to feel like it was going to fall off from jaw ache and the irritation caused by his minor stubble. Going with the Flow Now a lot happened, it what must have been a good twenty to thirty minutes from that first kiss, basically a lot of mutual groping and reacquainting. But where I’d like to drop back in to was where I did something that I didn’t initiate last time and that was to take him in my mouth (I hate the term blow job by the way). Anyway, I had him stripped from the waist down, with his shorty unbuttoned and my kimono opened so he had a good view of my body as I began to luck as around his bell-end, psyching myself up to take him in my mouth properly. Now at this point I must add that I was faintly aware that Mark had now actually entered the room (as loosely planned), but I really had no idea what he could see from my own positioning. Nevertheless I finally boldly engulfed Bulls throbbing penis, wrapping him, licking him, lubricating him... And then, quite by surprise I felt my long hair being held back, from an angle that mean that it couldn’t have been from my Bull. Clearly it was Mark, somehow positioned near us, holding my hair back in a makeshift ponytail so that my Bull could really appreciate the oral skills of his hot wife. Although I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t been the greatest fan of giving oral over the last decade, to be fair - maybe only when we are both merry and on holiday, I have to say that having Rob’s penis filling my mouth was a massive turn on for me. Was it the size, as in length, the girth (which felt really thick compared to Mark), or maybe it was just the throbbing solid keenness that (to be honest) I’ve never felt in Mark’s..? God knows, all of the above probably.. And then... I heard my Bull speak, commanding Mark for the very first time, clearly having had enough of Mark holding my hair back he said, “That’s enough now mate, can you get back to your chair?” I kept my eyes closed, hoping this wasn’t going to lead to a passion-killing argument, but Mark simply let go of my hair and said something like, “Yeah, yeah, sure mate, sorry...” With Bulls hands now either side of my head, and controlling the pace, whilst also daring me to take on more depth, it wasn’t long at all before his breathing had spun out of control and his hands suddenly held my head in a vice-like grip. I waited, paused - but knowing... Moments seemed to pass - I do feel quite ashamed to admit this but I have never actually let Mark cum inside my mouth, I used to give him oral a lot when I was 18 or so, but never to that point. In fact, I’d only ever experienced a guy cunning in my mouth once before and that was after a nightclub on a family holiday in Tenerife when I was 17, but that’s another story. I’m not even sure whether I thought these thoughts as my Bull finally began to erupt but as his first spurt hit my tonsils I can remember thinking, ‘Christ, that felt powerful!’ I did however manage to contain his load, despite having asking him to stop wanking or having sex three days ago... I felt proud of that, but then I think that I messed up a bit, as I dutifully swallowed his warm salty paste, without it being viewed by either my satisfied Bull, or my now wanking husband, who was still stood facing us in the corner of the large room. Undettered, having just seen Mark wanking over the sight of his wife blasted in the face with a younger mans seed, I made sure that I lovingly licked Rob’s gorgeous penis clean. I knew not to kiss him immediately, excusing myself to the bathroom for a quick drink of water, but what I later thought that I should have done was to have offered Mark a sloppy French kiss after climbing up from Rob. Again, I’m learning.... The Main Event I’m not going to go through all the details of the chat that the three of us had as we recuperated, or the various steps Bull and I took to ease ourselves towards penetrative sex, but what I will say is that what that man can do with his tongue is nothing short of incredible. I can recall how Rob’s tongue was working it’s magic against my clit, as I held onto Mark’s hand tightly, whilst he sat aside from my face at the top end of the bed, whilst Rob worked wonders. I occasionally opened my eyes to look at my husbands face, as he offered me words of encouragement whilst he stroked my hair from my brow. It wasn’t at all long before I found myself experiencing a body shattering orgasm at their hands. And it was the nearest I’ve been to a fully-fledged threesome in my entire life. That was a special moment. And so, finally - on the the main event, the penetrative sex, although I have to admit that I’ve often found the journey towards this stage more enjoyable than the actual sex itself. By my own admission I am a bit of a lazy lover, as I’m not at all great at trying out new or even different positions. I just love to lay on my back as I find that the best way to surrender myself in order to guarantee an orgasm. If I’m trying too hard, I often don’t cum. So what did the scene here look like? Well, Rob, my Bull, penetrated me missionary shortly after a semi-awkward conversation where Mark had offered him a selection of condoms which brought out Rob’s muted response of, “Thanks, but we won’t be using those mate...” and then looking over to me for confirmation and me looking to my own husband and saying, “I’d rather feel him inside me properly Mark....” For the sex itself, Mark managed to stay close through the early stages of my Bull easing himself deeply inside of me, with my thighs held widely apart. Again I was able to occasionally look at Mark, and he’d stroke my hair etc; but after a short while I just wanted to concentrate on Rob. Thankfully Rob soon sensed this, as when he maneuvered me so that my thighs were scissored back under me and over my head, Mark tried to assist by holding my right ankle back and in place. It was at that point that Rob said, “Look mate, do you want to give us some space and go and sit back over there again...?” I can’t recall Mark’s reply, as with my legs bent back so far that I was literally bent in half, Rob began to fuck me really deeply, and I mean really deeply - smashing into my clit with each thrust. It was the kind of fucking that I literally never get at home - and it was bliss. Sorry... Mark was well out of my sight, somewhere at the back of the room, and must have been shocked by the loudness if not just my rhythmic panting as Rob kept ramping up both the pace and the depth, but then the wailing cries of “Just fuck be Rob, just fucking do it, just fuck me.... Give it to me Rob, yes harder, harder yes Rob, just do it Rob...!” I know it sound really cheesy, but I was just completely lost in the moment of it all, so much so that I wasn’t even aware that he was about to cum inside me. But when his gorgeous penis began to spurt inside me, I suddenly felt it - In fact I felt like I’d been plugged into the mains electricity supply as his body seemed to have some kind of seizure whilst pumping my willing pussy full of his semen. I could pretend that it wasn’t awkward between the three of us after both Rob and I had cum, but it definitely was. I think Mark was struggling to be honest, seeing the state of my face post-sex, watching me French kiss Rob as he tried to ask whether I was physically ok, I just felt very distant from Mark ( hence why we’ve not really logged in to the cuckold forum since, as we felt that we really needed a couple of days to reconnect as a couple). The After-party In all honesty, Rob was dressed and gone within 20 minutes of cuming inside me, and there were no hard feelings that he was leaving so soon after the event. We had chatted, we had kissed, we had had some great sex, and again kissed - there reason was quite literally no reason for him to stay any longer, and risk creating any tension within him own homelife. Now, I'm sure that you've already spotted that I've made no reference to Mark willingly going down on me, as Rob's freshly whipped cream oozed from me? Would he really 'do that' in front of our bull, well even I don't think that he is ready for that kind of humiliation yet - but bear with us, as we are working on these things... However, he wasn't going to get away from me, scot-free, so to speak, because just as soon as I'd French kissed Rob goodbye at the front door of the apartment, I walked purposely back to the scene of the crime, to find Mark. I grabbed him, kissed him, and said something like, "Come on then, lets see if you can cope with it..." "Cope with what..?", he replied, kissing me back but probably sensing that every part of me was now bathed in the scent of Rob's rich Mediterranean smelling aftershave. "Fucking me, with my pussy full of another man's fresh spunk..." I purred. He didn't need asking twice, and he lasted a bloody long time too, although he later admitted that he'd already cum when he was stood near the back on the room, whilst wanking over the sight of me looking like I was gagging as Rob's first load had been word not permitted into my throat, which I had to laugh at. But... I will save Mark's detailed run through of The After-party for another day, as it is only fair that he should conclude her 'Version of Events' with what happened at the end of the afternoon, if he has the inclination to follow on and also post a blog entry. So, that's it... Here I am, sat in the kitchen on my laptop late on a Sunday night, recounting it all whilst it's still fresh, just for you - so I hope that you enjoyed me sharing this with you? If you did, and you wouldn't mind, would you please leave a comment below, as I read them all - and just like the Forum posts, they do tend to inspire me to do more, and go further... K x
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    I like women of any and all shapes and sizes - but it's a fact that the skinnier the babe, the bigger the cock ploughing them looks ! This is Barbie - a German babe. I was bigger than her boy friend but, skinny she may have been, her cunt was not tight round my cock as I rammed her !
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    Love to see a pic of K in that dress Mark
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    Hubby needs to wear a condom, end of discussion - I just can’t stand the mess anymore
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    Wife's birthday bday present want a nice mature BBC to fulfill her every whim
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    Kat in some poses, just showing off in different situations, we quite often do a photoshoot before her bull turns up and fucks her senseless. Sometimes if she has a new outfit or feels horny will take some snaps. Enjoy her
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    My wife has a date tomorrow night with her boyfriend. He's booked a hotel and told her what to wear. He's told me he's going to take her to the bar first.
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