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bull Sensual erotic massage by fit fuy for wife or gf

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POLITE NOTICE: I dont offer any payable services on here!! Yes, I'm PARTTIME PRO Massage therapist, but I do that as my profession and not for using for make extra money and meet other platforms.

K-i-k eroticmassagebywguy


Pls dont bother if you will waste mine and your time. Only for people who are motivated and willing to real meeting after our communication CHEMISTRY. 


I am a 100% genuine, verified, well dressed, athletic guy with a non pushy and gently attitude. I am not here to sleep my way through the site but have something special meetings that I am looking for.
I have a RICH FANTASY mind and they are available to explain for only special people and NOT FOR TIME WASTERS.
My specifications:
1. Genuine, reliable, discreet, non-pushy, educated, friendly, respectful and articulate.
2. I use warm oils to perform the following types of massage: Swedish, Naturist, Sensual Tantric Yoni , B2B erotic.
3. Experienced Dom, extensive hotwife use, MMF, bull and cuckold play.
4. Very hygienic and safe with regular check ups / tests which are all clear. I would never compromise my own safety or yours.
5. Fully appreciate that we respect each other's privacy, discretion and boundaries at all times.
6. Confident and assertive. Happy to meet for a social to talk and get to know each other, or if we all prefer, meet directly for the fun side of fab.
7. Happy to meet at hotel or your place or my place.
8. Circumcised / Cut, trimmed and tidy.
9. A generous and sensitive lover, but dominant too with those who enjoy more passionate play.
10. A modern day gentleman who believes in decent manners and etiquette.

My name NICKNAME is Sergio mix race guy ( Brazilian dad, half turkish, half netherlander mom ) and I'm a excelent skilled massage therapist with over large years experience. I offer different types of massage treatments to improve body and mind health. I can tailor the treatment according to your needs, from a soft and relaxing touch for a pampering experience to a strong touch able to free your muscles and body from the discomfort and pain caused by built tight muscles due to bad posture, long working hours and stress. I'm based in South ( SW2 AREA ) London, traveling inside and to outside London not a problem. I dedicated to providing massage and enjoying very much see other people adore my skills.

When experiencing something so intimate with someone, the surroundings and atmosphere are crucial. I will assure you enjoy every single moment. I will talk you through several massage option that can agree to your need. Massage treatment experience could be very intimate and sensual hence most ladies reach to their climax several times. 
A sensual massage, like a erotic massage, is given with a genuine sense of care and intimacy and involves intentional arousal of the body. They are both a physical and emotional experience. However, whereas the erotic massage can include certain ceremony and ritual, such as chanting and deep breathing exercises and also is often given as a spiritual healing, the sensual massage concentrates more on giving the actual massage with arousal of the whole body, and erotic often lead to orgasm.
I completely understand and respect the meaning of "DISCRETION" and would like the expect same.
I could be gentle, loving and passionate. I can very easy switch from gentle to dom mood and dom to gentle mood. The way I see in sexual RITUEEL, it is that the lady must get enough attention from a guy,so she can explode her desires what you build up in her with right tricks.
For people who wanna chat by faster social communications tools, I'm often on my phone , whatsapp and CONTACT INFORMATION REMOVED - PLEASE READ SITE RULES ( availbe by request for right people )
Can exchange numbers also and chat over the phone to prove I'm genuine and genuinely interested and not wasting your time.

Massage with a Slow Sensual Seduction

My massage therapy treatments can be very arousing, sensually soothing and sexually stimulating with erotic ecstasy taking you on a journey towards a very happy-ending with full sexual arousal culminating in an intense climax and powerful orgasm.

My erotic sensual massage will push your button and take you there to that sacred spot and sensual sexy space on a journey of unadulterated pure passionate pleasure making you feel Oh so deliciously decadent, sexy, special and feminine.

You crave the delicious desires that I can offer and provide with erotic sensual massage leaving you sexually aroused and turned on.

You will revel in the magical moment as your entire mind, body and spirit are consumed in the thrill and sexual excitement of being touched, stroked and massaged by a man and professional, sexually skilled, talented, male massage therapist masseur.

Surrender your senses to a slow sensual seduction as my expert hands explore your body with erotic tender touch.

You will be seduced by a powerful potent pleasure as I massage your body.

Vaginal massage can be given with the lady lying on her front or back depending on comfort or personal preference.

When enjoying and receiving your slow, sensual, seductive massage, you may wish to remain in a passive role during your massage treatment without engaging in any conversation and just allowing me to perform the massage to your total sexual satisfaction. 

Remaining in a passive role during your massage treatment means that you would not wish to have any reciprocal physical contact with myself aside from me massaging you.

This is your moment in space and time to enjoy sexy secrets and private pleasures where I will bring you under my magical spell of secretive sexual seduction with sexy spills and tender therapeutic thrills with entwined with erotic element.

Why not place your trust in me letting your hair down allowing me to take control to be your intimate sexy secret and guilty pleasure enabling you to relax, be pampered to enjoy erotic. exhilarating, euphoric rapture and sexual fantasy with massage in wanton abandon.

Imagine my hands running up and down your body which responds in turn to each caring caress as you turn to liquid in my hands leaving you feel so turned on and completely aroused in wanton abandonment as I focus on your erogenous zones. I will massage your most intimate areas then concentrate caressing your bare breasts and between your legs with massage of your intimate areas, erogenous zones and female genitalia.

K-i-k eroticmassagebywguy

Please Only for people who are motivated and willing to real meeting. DONT WASTE YOUR AND MINE TIME if you are not SERIOUS PERSON who willing to meet if we found COMMUNICATION CHEMISTRY.

I would say lastly : LIFE IS SHORT AND ENJOY IT BEFORE TOO LATE IS              

Male Body Type : Athletic
Experience As A Bull : Experienced
Sexual Orientation As A Bull : Bicurious
Are You Interested In Creampie Play : Yes
Forced Bi Play : When in the right mood
Penis Size (In Inches) When Fully Erect : 8
Performance Level - Number Of Cumshots : 5
Sexual Preference : Consider bareback with long term arrangement
Relationship Status : Single
Crossdressing : No
Travel Or Accomodate : Travel Only,Accomodate Only,Travel Or Accomodate,Hotel Meets
Male Age : 35
Age Range You Are Interested In Meeting : 21-30,30-40,40-50
Male Smoker : No
Male Drinker : No
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