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cuckold wannabe How many of you have paid ($ or not) just to lick?

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The first time I was so desperate to lick my partners pussy, was when I was around 17. It was my first full on GF. Many nights I would beg her for sex and she would refuse. I ended up begging just to be able to lick her ass while I jerked off and she lay on her side ignoring me. Sometimes she would let me but most times she didn't. After some time I realised that offering her something would help. 

I begin offering her music albums that I had and I knew she liked, then I would offer to take her somewhere later that week or buy her a little something here or there. It got to a point where before I asked for anything I had to think of what I could offer. I loved this so much, I also loved that she didn't pretend to enjoy it, she just lay in silence and I would feel so pathetic. 

She was drop dead gorgeous, tall, brunette, tiny tits with a kind of gruff/sexy voice. 

When she came to her senses and ditched me (after about 3 years) I was heartbroken. We still spoke as friends for a long time and she always knew that I was desperate for her. 

I once came into a bit of money, not much but a lot for a young man who was used to having nothing. I took her out for dinner one day, flashing my cash. After some time she gave me a little sob story about needing money for something, maybe £70, I forget the reason. Part of me wanted to give it her but then part of me knew my money would soon run out if I didn't care for it. 

It could have taken my mind long to think up a good reason to give it her. I told that I would give it her if I got to have fun with her. She was reluctant at first until I said that I didn't want sex. All I asked for is that she allows me to eat her pussy and ass, suck on her tits and for her to play with my nipples as I jerk myself to orgasm. She agreed. 

We went back to my parents and before I knew it she was stood in my room naked, me kneeling behind her eating the asshole that I had missed so much. I kept telling her how much I missed her and I loved every second of it. I then ate her out and we finished with me making myself come on my belly. I gave her he money afterwards. She didn't pretend to enjoy any of it which I was greatful for. She didn't try and get off herself, I guess I just didn't turn her on one little bit anymore.


After this happened, it became a regular thing between us. Whenever I was horny I would make her an offer and we would negociate until we hit an agreement. As we both lived with our parents and privacy was an issue, many a time I would find myself with her in a disbled supermarket toilet eating her asshole while she played with her phone and I jerked myself off. Or in some busses in the middle of the day. I

Since we split nearly fifteen years ago, I have paid multiple women for the pleasure of eating theirs ass and pussy. I would love to reach out to her and make her an offer but I know she's in a relationship and I think she would have too much pride now :-(. I have many other stories if anyone can releate or is interested.

Anyway, this is my very first post so I apologise if I did it in the wrong place. 

Please, Please, please tell me your story if you can relate with the pure desperation to simply eat pussy or ass and what lengths (money, work, anything) you have been through to achieve it, whether it's it's with a word not permitted, wife, ex anything.

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