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cuckold How I got to be interested in cuckolding

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I was just 18 and where in heawen because I had got my long time love into my car.
We where on our way down to a beachparty and I got my tent for two people.

I parked the car and put up the tent just infront of my car.

We borth drank lots of beer and soon we got little merry and I managed to get on top of her in that small tent, soon she was naked and I should just take off my trousers when I felt someone take a grip in my feets and just dragged me out of her and the tent.

Oh thats seems to be a good nice girl I heard a man say and he just moved in and on top of her and with one thrust he ripped her up.

It sounded like that, My lovely girl moaned first of pain but soon of pleasure.

They both came really soon and that guy sounded like a bull when he emptying his big balls with his semen right into her cunt, and she grabbed him with both arms and legs and refused to let him out.

I came in my trousers and soaked them really good.

That guy stayed with her allmost all night and they fuck several times, I heard he called her his cumdumpster.

I slept in my car all night and saw them in sillouette from the light on the other side, saw his ass moved up and down all night.

When I waked up next morning I crawled in beside her ( he had left) and slept hugging her.

She did not remember anything just some fragments and she thought it was only a dream.

But I found out that when she got merry she really lost averything and got to be a real slut, and I loved that.

That is so sexy to know that she i cheating and she does not know that I know.

But anyway tha was how I got caught into this ( more like peeping and jerking mode).

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