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cuckold couple Welsh borders looking to share wife with couple

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Apologies if this seems long but it’s easier to say what we would like straight out 


We are Looking to hopefully start gently fulfilling wifes (M) fantasies but know it will be baby steps initially 

 we are both 48 and looking to spend nights away, initially around welsh coastal areas  nice. Country areas(or others if near enough from our welsh border area )and hopefully meet easy going,non pushy couples who can gently introduce her/us into pleasure with others 

 ideally we will want to be with another couple and perhaps watch and soft swing as she (M)has never done anything like this before (I (S) have but quite a while ago )and she is now becoming very open to the idea,then hopefully move forward from there.

She likes to watch threesome porn when we get chance and gets nicely relaxed doing so she loves to suck on things like my fingers/thumb imagining it’s a hard cock while being penetrated and loves it when I tell her how sexy it would be to watch her sucking another man while his wife pleasures her orally,this makes her Cum really hard a lot of the time,she also likes to use some toys while fucking 

she gives fantastic,skilful blowjobs and has a beautifully tight pussy,she has had offers off female work colleagues to partake in lesbian activities and this also turns her on a lot and she is curious to try her 1st female experience 

 she is very intelligent and pretty curvy with nice 36D boobs and a lovely curvy bottom (some older pics are on here and she is about 2st lighter since those)but she is overly body conscious 

M will need some gentle persuasion as nerves will obviously abound but once relaxed she will not disappoint! safe sex with us males initially but she does swallow at times and likes cum on her boobs and curvy bum 

Hoping we can actually achieve the above with the right couple(s) and then we may possibly move onto singles joining us once she has more confidence 

we are also not looking for any contact off “Dominant “Males telling us “this is what’s gonna happen” as we (I) have received before sorry if that sounds picky but when it’s us sharing her curvy body I think we can be 

 As stated above I’d like...no love to watch her getting teased and pleasured before joining in the experience I’d particularly like to watch the two ladies bending over and  sharing a cock orally and then afterwards tasting each other’s juices off it as this is a major turn on for me !!

Fingers crossed that in time this actually happens 

thanks for reading this 






Male Body Type : Well Built
Female Body Type : Other
Experience As A Cuckold : Novice Cuckold
Experience As A Hotwife : Novice Hotwife
Sexual Orientation As A Hotwife : Bicurious
Sexual Orientation As A Cuckold : Bicurious
Are You Interested In Creampie Play : Yes
Forced Bi Play : When in the right mood
Penis Size (In Inches) When Fully Erect : 8
Caged : Never
Sexual Preference : Consider bareback with long term arrangement
Crossdressing : No
Travel Or Accomodate : Travel Only,Hotel Meets,Other
Male Age : 48
Female Age : 48
Age Range You Are Interested In Meeting : 40-50,50-60
Male Smoker : No
Female Smoker : No
Male Drinker : Yes
Female Drinker : Yes
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