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Hi, My wife visits the house next to our house where her friend lives alone where her friend’s bf comes to visit her usually and he has another friend who comes along to have sex with my wife. He is a hunk and i believe he wud be pleasing her. The problem is that my wife has not disclosed this to me but I want her to. She cleans herself before she comes back home. How I know this is because one day while i was returning back from work early she was kissing her in his car and i didnt want to disturb since it turned me on. I dont mind even if he comes at my home but i just want to see them. I am not enuf for her I know it so I give her the best tongue ever. I also tried to signal her by licking her feet tasting her urine and eating her spit and also telling her if there is a way i could please you but still she doesnt speakup on this and says ur doing good already

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