bull I think I’m a natural Bull.

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I’ve recently been to a few social events where other men’s wives have either, discreetly or not so discreetly, come onto me. I’m talking about just stuff happening away from any scene. Just in everyday life. 

The first was a Birthday dinner where one of the guests started playing footsie with me. This is while her very big hard looking ex soldier husband is in the room. 

later she invited me to go for a drink with her and put her number in my pocket. Then she told my friend she thought I was a snack. 

I didn’t as I like keeping my teeth. 

But then over Xmas. I bumped into a mates wife and we went for coffee. She confessed that she’s always fancied me and that she’d told her husband. I’ve known these people 20 years. We had a snog and a tryst in a doorway where I brought her off roughly with my fingers. 

But after a mutual chat we then decided against going further. But I was shocked how open she was about wanting to fuck me. It was very flattering.

I was never that successful with women when I was younger. But had my first Bull experience at 25. But now I’m older. I’m just wondering if I’m emitting some sort of pheromone? 

I’m not Brad Pitt, I don’t have the biggest cock. Although I always seem one of the larger ones in a sex party. But recently I seem to find myself in these situations. 

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