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cuckold What have i done


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What have i done

The front door opened and my wife entered the hallway. She walked straight past me into the lounge.
I followed in silence my heart racing.
She sat on the settee. She looked exhausted. Lifting her bottom slighlty she reached up under her skirt and slid off her knickers from one leg, leaving them half down her other leg. She asked me to get my phone out which I did. I was all fingers and thumbs as I tried to navigate to video.
Ok I said. 
Hithching up her skirt revealing hold up stockings she then spread her legs.
I looked on  in shock as her pussy glistened, swollen and red, with cum still visible at the entrance . 
“There ! so now, how do you feel”? as her fingers moved around her pussy showing me the cum that she had collected from another man.
I felt sick…but my cock was so hard and it took all my strength not to pull my pants down and add to the cum that now was oozing out of her. She continued to pull her lips apart and point to where the cum was and where her pussy was sore from being pounded and licked. Looking me in the eye she told me that it was the hold ups that she was wearing that had gotten the men in the offices attention. 
I didn’t want to ask but I could not stop myself “who was it” I asked, as I knew most of the people she worked with.
She said she would rather not say, but I pressed her. “come on who got to fuck you”
She turned her head away in shame….”it was a few of them”

2 months earlier…..

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Congratulations, sounds like she had a great time :)

I take it you had been encouraging her?

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My wife has had many affairs with Co-workers, or with guys she mat at work, over the years.  None of them has been a problem, one time she became water cooler talk amongst the other gals in the office but only because they were jealous of her!!  Turned out the guy was flaming GAY and just hitting on every female there to hide the real him!! LOL


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C Coltrane

What a nice read... 

and what a great view to go along

I hope she liked it to be posted here

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