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For Cuckold Couples to post dating adverts. Add as much information & wife pics as possible to let your prospective Bull or Wifelover know what you want from your cuckdate. Write your own cuckold stories - have a sex date & meet a wife lover in real life.

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  1. m.timms

    cuckold couple Hotwife4Bull515

    • 5 replies
  2. Honeylovers

    cuckold couple Come taste the honey

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  3. EssexSecretCuck

    cuckold Dominant man wanted to secretly seduce wife

    • 3 replies
  4. ckldcple

    cuckold couple Hey looking for a bull

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  5. OlderCouple

    cuckold couple OlderCouple West London

    • 1 reply
  6. Robandem7477

    cuckold couple Looking for bull for first time experience

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  7. FantaCrush99

    cuckold couple Looking for college bull

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  8. Meandshe1234

    cuckold couple Me and she1234 new to this

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  9. Sharehappycuckold

    cuckold couple Cuckold couple trying to expand our boundaries.

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  10. asianpussy4use

    hotwife Horny Filipino looking for Guys to use my pussy

    • 6 replies
  11. Drjim893

    cuckold couple new couple seeking master

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  12. readyfor

    cuckold couple Looking for rough

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  13. Jaylar

    cuckold couple Settled, married couple seeks spark!

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  14. Mleyder

    cuckold couple Couple is looking to start Cuckold experience

    • 2 replies
  15. Alka

    cuckold couple Russian couple is looking for friends :)

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  16. Lenai

    cuckold couple Couple from Holland

    • 1 reply
  17. Bbc4her11

    cuckold couple Black men for hotwife

    • 3 replies
  18. NorwegianPrincess

    cuckold couple Søker Mann/Dame!

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  19. dick.hunter

    hotwife Looking for girl/wife/trans-girl in Berlin

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  20. masonlamg

    cuckold couple Finding cocks for LittleVixen at last

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  21. giveherup2u

    cuckold couple sub couple needs dom bull

    • 3 replies
  22. cplgrvolos

    cuckold couple Greek couple in search of a bull

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  23. illumina15

    cuckold couple Looking For Another

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  24. Pst291

    cuckold couple Ayrshire couple looking to get back into the scene

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  25. HantsUKCouple

    cuckold couple Hampshire UK, Bull needed

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    • justvibing
      add us on insta for chats and we will see how it goes from there  @aviesm15 Hidden Content
    • C Coltrane
      He dude, cuckoldry can only be elevating and special in a relationship when there are no lies or hiding involved. This ain't what it should or could be. It is meant to make a relation stronger not to break it down trough lies. So if you do have cuckold fantasies (as I guess you do) then please don't confuse them with what is happening right now. You are too young to start a relation with this girl on an unstable base as this; if it's going like this at 22 then things will end up even worse.  Fin
    • C Coltrane
      Whoo... this reads like some movie-script ! What a story Tim ! You know.... leaves you both one final thing to do....  one day you HAVE to tell them...  one of those nights when everyone's delighted.... drinking.... then you do have to tell them.... confession at last...    it will take a few minutes for them to get over this surprise but I think maybe....yes maybe they will ask something in return....☺️
    • Timmytims2295
      About 5 years ago, my best friend and I took a trip to Vegas with our then girlfriends - current wives. We had both been with our girls for less than a year, and it was the first time we all did a trip together.    We had a fun night of drinking and dancing. At some point we were very merry, and we took turns grinding on each other’s girlfriends - pretty damn dirty! The girls were way into it, and Brian and I had are hands wrapped around their waists. I can’t speak for Brian, but I was m
    • C Coltrane
      I'm impressed with the way -smooth- things are going between the two of you. It looks like you seem to say all the right things to evolve in a mature way of experience the cuckoldry.  Something I may not have understood well : did you say you both still didn't had sex before this ???? Is this a new relation; how long are you a pair? And one last thing... you say you're not easy jealous...........  can't place that.... for every cuck I met it was a major ingredient of their experience in bei
    • hmmmaaron
      So far all had taken place in the living room doors open and still the risk of the lodger coming out of his room to discover Raven on her knees with Toms cock in her mouth.   So as he had to leave soon we moved to the bedroom, I jumped in the bed and watched as Tom rolled on the condom I’d given him and slid into Raven from behind. I had plans for her for the rest of the afternoon so was in no rush however who could resist the sight before me. I unzipped and Tom pushed her forward bend ov
    • hmmmaaron
      Such an obedient girl Hidden Content
    • hmmmaaron
      Taking her by the hand from the hall, Raven was lead into the living room to be greeted by a smiling Tom, she wasn’t overly surprised, she knew this could happen at any time when she visited, but to find herself naked and exposed in-front of a new stranger certainly made her heart beat a little faster.    Tom hadn’t intended to visit long and certainly hadn’t expected such a surprise visitor but wasted no time, Sliding his hands down her delicious body and between her legs, Raven dutifull
    • C Coltrane
      They don't even need the metal stuff to be quoted as real jewels... ...godver..... you really turn me on ...
    • C Coltrane
      It was so beautiful and exciting to witness such thing. And it worked over and over as if there is a direct electric wire straight from the nipples to the pussy. Knowing that it was me who started that little spark excited me very much back then. Since then I always gave every nipple that extra attention but not everybody has such an invisible electric wire that connects to the lower parts. Anyway Gina you're quite fortuned you have. I hope your husband or lovers make great and plentiful use of
    • Hot Gina
      I can have a huge orgasm by having my big nipples sucked and played with. Hidden Content Hidden Content  
    • C Coltrane
      Holy hell .......!!!!  Wish it really was for me....!  I would take quite a lot of time to caress these twinkling beauties.  I once was with a girl who actually got an orgasm only (!) by touching her nipples. It took me only about ten minutes to send her high in the sky. Why do I have the impression your nipples are as sensitive as hers Gina....?  I don't know but they do look as inviting for sure.....  Nice bra as well Gina. Perfect for a night out or a day in the office..........
    • Hot Gina
      Look what I've got for you Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content
    • C Coltrane
      Well cuck, I really hope you succeed and will have the show of your life. Over and over again.  It's good for us over here to discover that even people like your wife, who are really devoted to religion can have the freedom of fantasizing about sexual desires as well. You're right; it's all about HOW to bring it on....  A little advice as well.... don't rush it ! take your time to let her get used to the idea. Good luck !
    • C Coltrane
      It's been a while since we have heard about Mrs Z's exciting adventure(s).  I hope you both are still on the lookout for the right guy to send her to heaven so now and then....
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