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  2. vincentdarkgreen

    bull Hey there

    Hey there an open minded bull looking for some company to have fun with. Cheers A
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  4. luger666

    cuckold couple Alison's Latest Adventure

    Keep posting your thoughts, we do like reading them. Here are some more pics:
  5. Motorcycle

    hotwife hi

    I love sharing and coming on her tits
  6. Motorcycle

    hotwife hi

    She loves cock
  7. Motorcycle

    hotwife hi

    Not yet but my wife is ready for some bbc
  8. bigmouth2121

    hotwife hi

  9. Harry.Brown

    cuckold wannabe Sub

    Dear Djuck, sounds like good news for you. Happy for me to listen to your desires and to provide my guidance. Feel free to pm me. Harry
  10. Andyben2012

    cuckold cucked by escort

    Sorry wrote this to quickly and it wont allow me to edit it
  11. Andyben2012

    cuckold cucked by escort

    True story I've got a really high sex drive as did my wife but shes dosen't seem as interested in sex or at least not with me and the sheer lack of sex made me go to an escort early 30s around abouts size 14/16 I told all abouts my cuckold fantasy and she suggested one day I have a session with her and her boyfriend but he was never available during the when usually had my appointment. I had my regular appointment day and time this one particular appointment when arriving she would slightly open the door and open it as I got to it she would greet with a kiss on lips her make-up would be perfect and be wearing a robe with sexy underwear beneath but this I had knock on the door but I didn't want knock hard and alert the people nextdoor so I texted her to let her know I was outside a minute later she opened the her make-up all over her face cheeks glowing red and all she was wearing was her hold up stockings she apologised as she lead me up the stairs to the bedroom as she helped me undress she explained how her boyfriend had arrived home early from work and when he seen her dressed as she was couldn't resist trying to bang her before I arrived for my appointment she told me how he was in the bedroom arcoss the hall and she would finish him off when I had gone so I said why don't you go finish off now and come back covered in cum her face lite up and she quickly went to him i couldn't see them but i could her everything after around ten minutes she returned with her pussy pumped full of cum she lay on the bed legs wide open and very politely asked to clean her up but not to swallow the cum as I licked her pussy I could taste both her juices and his mixed together when I had what seemed a mouth full she told me to spit it out onto her large tits and lick it of again and then kiss her as we swapped the juice between our mouths we did this until all the cum was cleaned up she then put a condom on me and rode me until I came which wasn't long and that was the best sexual experience I've ever had.
  12. littlewily

    cuckold Penis below 4 inches?

    So come on fellow chucks how many of you have a fully hard penis below 4 inches? mine is 3 and a half fully erect, that’s on a good day.😊
  13. Hottyandcuck

    cuckold couple hotwife needs real cock

    Any other willing cocks. We can accommodate .
  14. Hottyandcuck

    cuckold couple hotwife needs real cock

    Please do. !!!!
  15. Siobhain

    cuckold couple Is there a view new posts button?

    Ahh brilliant, thanks!
  16. This is so nice to hear from honest guys who will suck cock. Funny thing is most men don’t admit they have bi tendencies, not the macho thing to admit I suppose. I think it’s important to be honest with yourself and others, you can still be a man and enjoy having sex with men. so come on guys, let’s hear from more of you. 👍
  17. littlewily

    hotwife pants on?

    This lady is absolutely gorgeous. 😘
  18. littlewily

    hotwife Sexy legs

    Very sexy, have fun. 😘
  19. littlewily

    cuckold wannabe Sub

    Welcome fellow cuck, hope your cuckolding experiences are wonderful for you both. I’ve been a cuck for over 20 years now, and loved every minute of it. 😘 any questions about the lifestyle just lay me know. 👍
  20. Mike dartfotd

    cuckold couple hotwife needs real cock

    Wow I’ll be popping by when I’m up your way in a few weeks lol
  21. fastnetst

    cuckold couple Is there a view new posts button?

    Just hit the unread content bit at the top right.
  22. Hottyandcuck

    cuckold couple hotwife needs real cock

    My mistress hotwife. Has an aching pussy that her caged sissy cannot satisfy. She deserves a huge cock to make her cum. And give sissy Cream pies. Any takers ?
  23. Hottyandcuck

    cuckold couple my hotwife sarah

    My mistress hotwife. Has an aching pussy that her caged sissy cannot satisfy. She deserves a huge cock to make her cum. And give sissy Cream pies. Any takers ?
  24. Hottyandcuck

    bull Bull Seeking Couple for Discrete and Regular Fun

    Hi there. Couple available.
  25. effeminateukhusband

    hotwife 70YO WIFE GOES WITH MEN :-((

    In the UK, Please cumment or comments about her...........xxx
  26. gogolow

    cuckold wannabe Girlfriend not so keen now, help please

    yes don't push it, try watching cuckold videos together. If you cant watch videos or talk about it freely then you've not discussed it enough. It is a big thing to go thought and support is everything. Try omg have u seen this video I would to see that look on your face. It us a joint thing and adding a third wheel is a big decision even if is even just a one off date. Hope this helps all I can say is talk and support are most important J
  27. gogolow

    hotwife Pulling advice

    So we hooked with a bull though the site in may, and had an amazing time. But I fancy a challenge again lol. So lady's what advice for pulling on a night out, ie do you go out with friends or solo how do you keep it discreet if you do ? Do you head out of your area ? Have you ever took your cuck and let him watch you pick up ? I probably wouldn't go much further than bj . But probably would take a number for a more safer meet. Just wondering how you do it while keeping it secret. Many thanks J
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