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  2. Aditya_bullish

    bull Bull for Scotland pussies

    Loved this scottish pussy. Would love to get more friends in UK. Let's plan the meets cucks and hotwives. Send me your ideas and I'll book a ticket for your town. More interested in regulars. But bulls never say no to one timers as well.
  3. Today
  4. Steve_Bull

    cuckold couple Seeking bull for 59 years old gf

  5. Steve_Bull

    cuckold couple Looking for a Bull

  6. starflyer

    cuckold I wanna watch

    like to see my wife do that too
  7. peterlontario

    bull Hi there Indian bull here

    I’m experienced Indian bull 35. I’m respectful, hung and expert at pleasing women. Let’s connect.
  8. starflyer

    cuckold My attractive wife seeks dominant lover?

    Hope she gets what she wants
  9. LentilBull

    bull Curious Bull

    Just exploring this site to see what it's all about. Hope to meet some interesting people.
  10. VersacePrince

    bull Gay Powerbottom Bull

    I'm currently located in the Exeter UK, University student and interested in looking for a partner who is willing to be cucked.
  11. Bicuckytn

    cuckold Bi cucky

    Bi submissive cucky that likes to be humiliated and used for others pleasure. Any questions please ask
  12. Casperthedoggy

    cuckold Cuckold slave

    I am a slave sissy searching for a bull . I will be obedient slave
  13. 1954Grecian

    bull Let's see more nylons!

    GOLD VIP Member 4,193 388 posts #682475 Posted October 7, 2020 A bull taking a photo of my wife's stocking tops in the hotel bar. Thi This is so horny and erotic. You are a lucky guy having such a sexy wife who dresses in gorgeous lingerie and loves meeting bulls. I can only dream and wish i was in the same situation.
  14. steve-gates-dom-man_uk

    • steve-gates-dom-man_uk
    • cuckypauls

    Hey, I am in South East England…Almost 9 ″ well-hung; my base is 7 inch round (worked UP).

    I am a Bull with experience. Looking for one special CUCKOLD couple with Hotwife . If it works out – then we talk about a permanent live-in post.

    I am open-minded and understand my role in this type of scenario. I like to go with the flow and build a good relationship, no pressure and see where it takes us.


    Replay with images and a friend’s req plus like with a message over a sentence.



  15. 1954Grecian

    bull Let's see more nylons!

    So wish my wife would do this whilst we were out, such a turn on .
  16. Mrs Moderator

    Ami and DFWKnight in bisexual threesome

    Hot dirty interracial threesome with a well known black bull and his huge fat cock
  17. Mrs Moderator

    Rhonda & I Spend An Evening Going Black

    My friend and I spend the evening trying out lots of different black cocks. I hope this album is big enough to take all the pics that are going to cum
  18. Latinhungbull

    bull Looking for cpl

    Looking for cpl. Im a dom bull 8 inches Looking to use her good and long
  19. Pruunsilm

    bull Balticbull

    I can chat about your wife, I like this. Into breeding young wife. Long term relations available.
  20. cuckypauls

    cuckold My attractive wife seeks dominant lover?

    i know she deserves better and because i still love her im trying to come to terms with her dating "bigger" and more experienced men .
  21. Yourhotwife

    cuckold Asian Couple Looking for BWC in Malaysia/ Hong Kon

    Wish u were in india... could use you for as long as u want😍😍
  22. Astrid servel

    Good way of keeping count

    Last weekend very nice man from the Islands, Mark, number 46
  23. Yesterday
  24. lickmidick2002

    cuckold wannabe Clean up

    Pathetic, who fucked your slut wife/girlfriend Are you scared to ask her?
  25. heritage696969


  26. Wanna be cuck looking for his dom, can host and travel. Clean fun easy going.
  27. lickmidick2002

    cuckold couple Require nice bull for wife’s first

    Not BBC but would love to oblige😉
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