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  2. essexcouple_uk

    hotwife Seduce My Wife

    Hi James, Some local fun would be great. Where in Essex are you?
  3. BBC94Hotwife

    cuckold couple Mature wife

    I need her right now!!! If
  4. BBC94Hotwife

    hotwife Belly

    Absolutely Stunning, drink? xx
  5. FitandFunny

    hotwife Dirty slut needs a lot of cock

  6. BBC94Hotwife

    hotwife Sweet

    Sweet and very tasty with a beautiful mouth! xx
  7. BBC94Hotwife

    cuckold couple hotwife needs real cock

    Very sexy, where are you based?
  8. BBC94Hotwife

    hotwife Dirty slut needs a lot of cock

    She is stunning, where do I need to apply!?
  9. Bob1

    cuckold bareback

    I tried to pursuade my prude ex for an open relationship so that I also can have fun with other women but I would never have allowed it without condom. As I expected she said that this was out of the question. About a year later, she confessed that she had her first one night stand. It was very spontaneous, the guy did not have condoms and she let him fuck her bareback. I could not believe it. But she confirmed that he shot his whole load inside her and that this was the best sex she ever had. I first felt horrible, later it turned me on. My ex had turned me from a bull into a cuck.
  10. BBC94Hotwife

    cuckold degrading commnets

    Lovely arse!
  11. xopowo

    cuckold degrading commnets

    cmon, waiting to hear from someone whio fucked her
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  13. Hi, All - Just to introduce my self, my name is Steve, I am Kent, s/e Uk. An Genuine Experienced Dormant Bull, with couples,( m - F Just seeks to find ONE special LONG term, on going, regular, Genuine fun open minded couple, aged over 30, for fun, games, and mutual fun. ABOUT ME : I am I your ‘ideal’ man: 50’s – aged – your age is not too important to me I am not overweight, An Intelligent, Articulate GENTLEMAN, with a Good sense of humour, And Someone that who also knows how to appreciate a woman sexually, Yet also Respectful. As a Alpha male I do like as a confident men to take charge. A Non smoker, Charismatic, also do Makes an effort with his appearance. 6ft Tall, a Well endowed, thick also. Hoping you live reasonably local to me so that meeting up is easy and can also be done at short notice. I ideally, want to build a rapport and get to know each you BOTH. This is something that I would want to be long term and regular. II hope in time it would be alone with the woman overnight at ours if possible. It would also be involving with the sex part, but I both want to get to know the persons I am with and build a mutual friendship if that makes sense. Chemistry is obviously important. The magic SPARK if you will. My aim is also ways to wants to and can stimulate the woman both intelligently and sexually of this Panther couple. I expect you to confirm, that you a couple, first by messages,( Limited Number ) then will lead to us ( 3 ), all doing a LIVE chat / VOICE phone calls I do NOT do text based COMMUTATIONS at all. Also Will need you to confirm that BOTH parties of the couple are happy to talk and move this forward. So only replay if you are willing to confirm, in a few messages that you be ready to take the next step after commutations here and video and voice calls. Then after that there will be an OPEN AIR social meet, to check we all ok about going forward before JOIN YOUR social bubble. Steve
  14. I am straight. I used to be more a bull than a cuckold. When the sexlife with my Ex became less good I wanted to introduce her to swinging with other couples and having an open relationship. This did not work out well. She said she does not do such things but later she had a spontaneous one night stand without any protection. She got addicted to his dick, continued the affair and got pregnant from him. For many month it was not clear whether she stays with him or me. Then she left me for him. After she made me a cuckold I find sexual pleasure in sharing my women. Now I have a new girlfriend 10 years younger than me, we have great sex. She is very satisfied with me. But she often wants more sex than I can give her. I would like her to have affairs, one night stands or a threesome. She is interested but undecided. I am mainly here to exchange experiences with other wifesharers, cuckolds and their wifes / partners. Bulls can also write to me, but my girlfriend is not ready yet.
  15. FitandFunny

    bull Hot Ripped Bull

    Am a ripped guy who loves nothing more than making a women cum in front of their husband... Can I help you out? Am based NW but travel all over the country with work so pretty flexible.. hope to hear from you x
  16. BBC94Hotwife

    cuckold degrading commnets

    Filthy slut needs a good fuck by the looks of it!?
  17. Please tell me your wife is a insatiable cock loving size queen who loves well hung men!?
  18. bava

    swinger sending my hello

    After a failed relationship because my desires were not met I am here. Perhaps not so much to find a new partner but rather to fulfill my desires
  19. BBC94Hotwife

    hotwife New here

    Very sexy, got me standing to attention!
  20. Browncuck77

    cuckold Young asian couple searching for a long-term bull

    You can find meonkik;browntocuck
  21. Hello, It sounds like you just wrote my job description. I am a mature Dom bull - articulate, cultured, a non-smoker and I understand what women enjoy. I am fit, 13 stone, 5'11" and reasonably well endowed. I am Essex based and available for meetings during working days. Please PM me if you are interested. James
  22. James Everard

    cuckold couple Males / Couples Wanted

    Hi. I am a mature, cultured, Essex based Dom bull. I am experienced and free during the working day - and I love big tits! Happy to travel to meet somewhere. Please PM me for more information, pics etc. James
  23. James Everard

    hotwife Seduce My Wife

    Hi. I am an Essex based mature, cultured Dom bull. If you are interested in some local action then message me. James
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  25. jonlou

    • jonlou
    • nataliaxxx

    Don't worry with that body and those tits, you will have plenty of offers !


  26. steve-gates-dom-man_uk


    Hi, I have my own Club Group now, Age Gap Cuckold-Daddy and Younger Couples CLUB  also getting a fair amount of interest NOT only from this site but a few others now. 

    Stay tuned to what I post in the coming months and I hope i find what i seek but based one what interest i am now getting it will not be long when I have my desire.



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