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  3. Cuckold25

    cuckold My first post, asian wife

    She's my slut Katy. Please enjoy her and feel free to ask for more.
  4. Anyone wanna meet near birdied?
  5. Foxywife

    • Foxywife
    • Rigbull

    I'm Becky in Sutton Coldfield



  6. Misterx


  7. Ukmanchester

    cuckold couple Manchester couple

    Young couple looking for a third partner to join us.
  8. Y0rkscock4fun

    • Y0rkscock4fun
    • Foxywife

    You guys still looking?

  9. Y0rkscock4fun

    hotwife On the lookout for a bull

    Am based in West Yorkshire and very interested in finding out more. Mike
  10. Y0rkscock4fun

    cuckold L4M West Yorkshire or near

    Wow she looks good and am a bull based in West Yorkshire so that’s handy
  11. Yourhotwife

    hotwife my HotWife out and about tonight

    This is how my cock react whenever i see your wife in her heels and lingerie
  12. Last week
  13. bluenoah


  14. Hey there id love to know more about her and I’m willing to travel feel free to message me
  15. We are a younger couple based in Exeter, seeking an older experienced bull for a hotel meet. I (the cuck) don't want to be at the meeting, it'd just be you and my partner. I just wanted pictures. Only people who are sane and considerate will be considered.
  16. equeen

    cuckold Chilli Pepper ************ Too Much

    I haven't been out of my cage for quite a few days now (aside from a daily clean). When I pleasure her in the ways left open to me, head, hand, toys etc., she will tug and beat my caged genitals mercilessly, the aggression reaching its painful peak as she goes through orgasm. We have had a lot of this in recent days, so my cock and balls are red raw. Today she said, as getting ready for work, she wanted to leave me with some pain for the day. I was ordered into the bed and told to strip. She had a chilli pepper, one of the small, very potent, chilli peppers. She cut it, and using tweezers, rubbed the inside of the chilli through the slit of the cage and all over my head. She rubbed another over my balls, and then, she squeezed the chillies, just getting a few drops of liquid, but right through the cage slot and onto, into, my urethra. Very sexy, i thought, I love it when she comes up with ideas I haven't - and given the time I spend thinking on such things that isn't easy. She told me to give her an orgasm before she left and pulling off her dress, joined me on the bed. I could feel the first buzzing sensations of the chillies as I pulled her lips apart and set my fingers to work. She obviously liked that it was hurting and her smile and enthusiasm increased along with my squirming pain and fingers inside and out. I guess we went for 5 minutes before i just couldn't go on. By now the pain was all consuming. It was a weird inside out pain, making you try to get away from the sensation, but no possible place to go. She released me from my cage, though her rough handling didn't stop whilst doing so, and i spent the next 30 minutes with my cock and balls under a cold shower just pleading for the pain to subside. Man, that was the third worst pain of my wife. 2 hours later and I'm back in my cage. Chilli Pepper ************ - worth a go - but I don't recommend it.
  17. Phany


    My girls friend Nadia
  18. mypsk

    cuckold She's with him right now

    They found a hotel after a work thing, and she's with him. In a hotel near where they were. I've already had to watch my first video from him. This is he second time and she's really into it. I know she's going to really relax and let go tonight. They'll be very intimate. It's driving me crazy. And I can't help but play with myself. Oh fuck.
  19. SideshowBobUK


  20. Derby pleaser

    cuckold wannabe outdoor stocking pics

    Very sexy, love a slut in stockings, and those tits are fantastic
  21. Derby pleaser

    hotwife Me

    Amazing cleavage
  22. Jaybaz231


    In uk near Cambridge …. For Hotwire or cuckold or watching 

  23. Jaybaz231

    • Jaybaz231
    • Lvspartan

    Hey I’m very Interested in shape 35 if interested can send contact details and pics 😜 

  24. CaptKID

    hotwife Me

    first off Welcome Love - great intro (simply stunning!)! second if there is anything i can do for you or more to the point to you please reach out! hope we see more of you!
  25. We are in Ibiza right now and so that is going to be the main factor in finding a man to join us, so whoever and whatever you are, if you have a cock and are in Ibiza anytime up to August 6th 2021 please contact us. If we were not limited by our location we would typically be looking for a man with stamina, a skilled lover, and ideally someone very well endowed - I am very small and like it that way, spending a lot of time caged. When we have the opportunity to have a 3rd person join us, which isn't as often as we'd like, it makes sense to have someone who can really fill her, she loves that, and it doesn't matter how good the strap on is, it just isn't the same. We will be having a long overnight party, but whether you join us for all or part of the night, when it is over we will say goodbye. We won't be looking to spend any more holiday time socialising or whatever, not the first time anyway. She is gorgeous, proper fit, 1.83m, that's six foot in old money, and her legs go on forever. She will go all night if you have the stamina, but we wouldn't say no to a fast fuck and fly if that's more your thing. Providing a proper cock puts a smile on her face, we're interested. She doesn't enjoy anal or pain, unless it's mine of course, and though oral and massage are all on the table, what she likes more than anything is just proper good cock fucking. Flip her over, upside down, impaled half way up a wall, dangling from the chandaliers, she loves to have her body used like a ragdoll until it's totally spent. I tend to participate as much as the skill of her lover requires. If he is brilliant, I'll get forgotten about for the next few hours just enjoying the view and where agreed/possible taking photos. If the lover is not up to keeping her occupied on his own I will join in more actively, but it has been a long time since i have fucked her when we have company. We tend to push humiliation stuff a bit further every time. In our last encounter i was told to strip to reveal myself in my chastity cage to a North African Gigolo, on the humiliation front that's probably as out there as forced bi blowjobs to completion. He just couldn't understand why anybody would do that and found it hilarious, though i think she got an extra good seeing to because of it. I would like to blow a cock, insert a cock for her, give oral while she is fucking etc, and just need a bit of a push to go from the imagined to the real. Bareback is a tricky one, but we would definitely prefer bareback if possible and everybody is comfortable with each other's health. We have accomodation, though it doesn't allow us to be as rauchous as we would ideally prefer, so if you have somewhere better we're open to ideas. We're not ready to be showing our images publically yet, which is a shame as she is gorgeous and i have got some excellent ones of her pushing through orgasms, but these will at least give you an idea of us.
  26. equeen

    Vinyl Hooligan, Equeen & Some of Her Lovers

    Random selection of photos of the two of us, and a few of her lovers, over the years.
  27. equeen

    Sahid and Equeen

    Sahid was amazing. He ruined her in an overnight session, around 8 hours with a few breaks for breath. They were all over the room, and out on the balcony for ages, in full public view to anyone walking by in the early hours of the morning. The first time I was before her lover in my cage, and I was not allowed out until after he had gone in the morning. Some of the photos are awesome, but we don't share identifiable pictures publicly. Shame, as some of the orgasm faces I caught that night ...
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