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  2. Benders

    cuckold wannabe New

    Hi, myself and my gf are also Portuguese. I'm a cuck wannabe still. She does not know unfortunately..
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  5. TheArtist

    hotwife Hotwife Exibitionist

    Gorgeous girl. Would she enjoy being drawn? Let me know 👨🏻‍🎨
  6. NocturnalCouple

    hotwife Hotwife Exibitionist

    Hey everyone, we entered the scene about 5 years or so ago and have been on and off depending on circumstances. Both of us have had fun with each other and others at bars and such but she enjoys flirting and modeling for random photographers more than anything. Most get real kinky with their scenes and some keep it pretty tame from an erotic perspective. I've shot a few of her as well and do a decent job but she prefers shooting with other men to flirt and get them out of their comfort zone. She prefers outdoor stuff just for the sake of risk and it's a huge turn on for me as well knowing she can get caught anytime being naked in public.
  7. Ilikeithard

    hotwife Newbie!

    Welcome rainmac 😘 I'd suggest to make the most of it and enjoy every moment, and he'll love you for every bit of it. Jealousy is normal and what I see with other husbands but that is how it works and makes it thrilling for them. Just do as he says. Anything different ask him. That's your boundaries so go play in that circle. Sounds like you're missing out too if he's not lasting long and giving you what you need. How long are we talking about? How do you feel about it? What kind of guy gets you going and size cocks? And what toys do you refer to? I love helping couples with their fantasies and making wife's cum again and again on my big cock-something they are not used to. Looking hot in your profile, any more pictures to tease us with, or with you playing with your toys? Xx
  8. JohnDBlend

    hotwife My muslim wife

    She would looks great with dog collar too and took her for a walk outside just naked like that 😁
  9. rainmac

    bull Mr Whatever you want or need

    Very nice! Absolute newbie to all this but just wanted to say hi
  10. Hi all, Hubs has been asking me to cuckold for years. It started with just chat but now includes plenty of big toys and him talking about it constantly. I'm struggling to open up to the idea, we've had a mff threesome in the past before we were married which I prefer the idea of but am really trying to consider this for him as it's a major deal for him. Does anyone have any experience of it all going horribly wrong? Really worried it will end up badly for us and then I'd get the blame as being the adultress instead of the truth of this being his fantasy that I'm trying to go along with. The idea of another man seems appealing in some ways as my hubs doesn't last long, sometimes barely getting started before it's over but I really dont know how to deal with the idea of 'cheating' and the potential backlash. He can be really jealous when I go out and get chatted up by men.
  11. Joseph

    bull Leeds Bull - here for some inspiration

    Hi r u still interested
  12. Joseph

    bull looking for couple near Leeds

  13. TheArtist

    bull Redrover888

    Very nice Redrover888 👌 if you’re ever over Kent-way drop me a line, would love to be part of that 😉
  14. Redrover888

    bull Redrover888

    Here’s us enjoying a threesome, she sucking me whilst enjoying a friend licking her pussy.
  15. Redrover888

    bull Redrover888

    She has had meets with others both male and female, both with me there and by herself, something I strongly encourage.
  16. Cucklearner

    cuckquean An introduction.

    Doesn't need to be regular, Just try the experience once.
  17. stiffdick

    cuckquean An introduction.

    Absolutely lovely. Wish she was my missus. I've just got into this, encouraged by my missus I might add. Would you recommend that a hotwife takes a regular lover to begin with?
  18. rainmac


  19. stiffdick

    cuckold wannabe stiffdick

    Hi folks just curious. Would like to meet other Cuck and hot wives
  20. sparrs2

    cuckquean An introduction.

    What a stunning lady
  21. admin

    The Fuck Bus

    More photos from the fuck bus
  22. Dino42a

    bull Mr Tommy

    Excellent. Maybe I could bring someone to the party? Email is best if you want to chat Dean.turner1504@gmail.com
  23. lucky guy getting to play with and enjoy L
  24. Cucklearner

    cuckquean An introduction.

    Thank you for all the comments...... A few more.
  25. Redrover888

    bull Redrover888

    Hi I’m a bull but also have a hot wife that enjoys mfm threesomes and being shared.
  26. Vidalouca

    cuckold wannabe New

    Hello! We are new to the cuckold world. We are couple 32 years old from Portugal. he wants to convince her to start cuckold
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