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  3. Matt28

    hotwife My muslim wife

    Love to doggy both her tight holes xxx
  4. Matt28

    hotwife My muslim wife

    That is one perfect arse I'd fuck her for hours xxx
  5. Mick.1965

    bull Mr

    Hi I am on here looking for some simple no strings clean fun with like minded adults
  6. Hotredmic

    My mature wife

    Enjoys the occasional strange cock...
  7. Mikecuck

    cuckold couple Wife with blak lover

    Great photos, would love my wife to cuck me with a black bull !
  8. Tincky

    cuckold tiny cuck

    A newby; I welcome anything new
  9. flyguy2006

    cuckold Few pics we love

    Hot pics guys. Thanks for posting.
  10. My wife has found another lover this time its a black guy with a huge cock. It was very humiliating watching them together particular when he stretched her pussy so much. She has since told me that she cant feel me inside her anymore.
  11. Hi everyone, who wants to use, humiliate and cuck me
  12. ruk6960


  13. mikky

    bull New north west bull

    no im not... are you??
  14. Yesterday
  15. muscuck

    cuckold wannabe Muslim Cuck

    Scunthorpe Lincolnshire
  16. kamsutra

    hotwife My muslim wife

    She is super sexy
  17. Ldnbull001

    cuckold couple Date night

    😍😍😍😍, How can this be me. I need her
  18. Ldnbull001

    cuckold couple Date night

    What a lucky guy!! Love her high heels and stockings and the way she moans
  19. Ldnbull001

    hotwife Newbie

    Absolutely stunning, I'd be lucky to have with a wife like you. If love to chat x
  20. Ldnbull001

    Love my nails, love his cock more than my cuckys

    You looks so tasty! What a gorgeous pussy, really having to stretch it open. I want that to be me. Check out my profile and let me know if I you want to chat or are interested xx
  21. gel

    cuckold gel

    Hi just love cuckolds
  22. That would be great, I need your help in getting her to cuckold me with a horny bull ! Please e-mail me at timjayne@mail.com if you think you can help me make this happen
  23. Gxg

    bull BullxWife

  24. sunray64

    cuckold bareback

    Hopefully I’ll get to see this too one day, I’m sadly still a wannabe and I haven’t even had the courage to mention cuckolding to my wife. But if she ever does cuckold me, then I’d love her to find a Bull that she is comfortable with and allows him to bareback her, then gets me to clean up.
  25. dxbnghtycpl

    cuckold wannabe Haven't found a stag prefix

    Stag, try to seduce the wife into the list style
  26. Daddyxxx

    cuckold Newly caged and cucked

    hahaha, woah, that's pretty small, does that cage even feel tight?
  27. Ben1887

    bull Hi

    Hi open-minded switch male
  28. cuminsiderMK

    cuckold couple Naughtynursie

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