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  2. edincpl

    bull Hi

    edincpl001 on kik drop us a message
  3. sambuca

    bull hi new here

    here in sunny devon
  4. ladyboy44

    hotwife Eng er land

    Got it! All good...
  5. Nice, thanks for sharing
  6. Spunky n Q

    hotwife Eng er land

    E mailed a test REPLY
  7. Yesterday
  8. She is damn hot and sexy gal
  9. Our chats continued , becoming more and more erotic in their nature and content. We discussed how A might be dressed when we met , A's husband D telling me that she had a wide selection of lingerie, which of course I asked to see some of. A chose these to show me. Absolutely wonderful.
  10. ladyboy44

    hotwife Eng er land

    I am totally ill equipped to satisfy any woman all I have to offer is my tongue šŸ‘….
  11. ladyboy44

    hotwife Eng er land

    Hi spunky and the lovely Q, I will message you my email address. Yes I am a life long bisexual sub. I am also a married cuck and my wife has a long-term lover. However I am sadly not included. Thanks for the amazing picture of Q enjoying her wisk I am already salivating over her glistening juice as my only saving grace as a "man" is oral service. love to chat to you both more šŸ˜Š
  12. MisterR

    cuckold my hot pak wife london

    An interesting proposition
  13. maverick1


    We've put some videos on pornhub,



    1. MisterR


      Couple of nice vids, let us know when you post more

  14. paksubcuck

    cuckold my hot pak wife london

    hi all my wife is 35 f uk im 36 london she has agreed a threesome but dont know im cuckold. i wana speak with a guy who can guide me recently she has got dirty when talking naughty
  15. East Midlands Bull

    cuckold couple cuckold hubby

    Very nice Iā€™m not too far away should you need a helping hand šŸ˜Ž
  16. kamsutra

    hotwife wanabe cuckold granting full access to desktop

    Very sexy, let me see more
  17. kamsutra

    bull Let's see more nylons!

    Very sexy pics
  18. Spunky n Q

    hotwife Eng er land

    Hi ladyboy We can't reply to the message you sent as we are not full members, We are looking forward to you dribbling your spunk over Q's pics. What turns you on? Are you a sub? If so we would love to give you some very firm commands, either via here or e mail. BUT!!!!!! We would prefer it via Skype so we can see you. We are a genuine couple a number of people on the site know us well. We would love to set you some challenges of which you would have to take pics and send them to us for us to verify. For each challenge we would send another pic to you for you to dribble your spunk over. Are you up for it even if your cock is slack at the moment we will be insisting you find challenging ways to cum and dribble over her pics Or maybe you can gift us membership here so we can really make things happen Attached a pic of Q using what looks like a cage but is a whisk which she stuffs in her cunt to make guys hard. Although it doesn't sound like you will get as hard as she needs S n Q
  19. oxfordrob

    cuckold couple cuckold hubby

    looks delicious definitely in need of some attention xxx
  20. oxfordrob

    cuckold couple Two Rings

    stunning xxx
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