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    Filming the wife getting "bred" by a younger and very hung bull.  I can just picture her reproductive track bathed in his swimmers once they are through her cervix and into her womb. 

    maverick1 | 
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    keen to chat and share more

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    sissy cuck looking for BBC . Leeds area. UK

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    Big Trouble in Little Makiyo

    Petite Asian girl books a Male Escort to teach Her Husband How to Fuck Her Properly

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  • Getting To Know You

    • Missingthefun
      My gf and I used to play years ago, but she lost interest. I'm still interested in the lifestyle, and I enjoy meeting like-minded people. I enjoy sharing our experiences and hearing about the experiences of others. 
    • jtw74
      checking this out, have limited experience and enjoyed it very much. looking for bull for my beautiful indo wife.
    • ElenaWilliams
      What is ED? What are ED pills? So many things must be running in your mind, right. We’re here to help you out with the basics, facts & some valuable details regarding male impotence. Keep reading. Meanwhile, let us share what made us write on ED. We’re referring to erectile dysfunction as ED here. It is one of the rapidly growing sexual disorders among men. Also, men need not be of any particular age to get hit by ED. Some are in their early 30s while some are in their 40s to 60s. What
    • hariman1991
      I'm average bull without any experience in cuckold things but I want to try it
    • IWillShareYou
      Have no idea what to put here but it seems I have to write something. 
  • True Confessions & Stories

    • ObedientSissyCuck
      Yesterday morning I got a message saying I needed to jump in the bath and get ready as I had tasks to do. What this really meant was that my Mistress (that is now what I view her as opposed to my girlfriend. We are in a female led relationship) was going to be fucked by her bull. I was to put on a dress, make up etc and she would message me the tasks once I had got dressed.  I am only just managed to get dressed and still had to do my hair and make up when I received the first photo. 
    • Stig
      Still have a lot of love for this Idea
    • Stig
      Great post and your a very lucky cuck
    • ObedientSissyCuck
      Things were postponed on Friday but it didn't mean that they were completely cancelled. Was sat in the bank receiving pictures and messages from her.  Hidden Content I also received a phone call from her that I couldn't take so instead she left me a voicemail of her cumming as he fucked her.  Hidden Content If I am lucky I may even receive a present in the post 
    • ObedientSissyCuck
      I knew between Wed and Fri that she would have 2 meets and she had a task for me to do. The task is I have a bank appt of which I am to be caged, plugged, made up, dress and heels. Now on Tuesday I was made to write all three days down and pick out the day I was to go do this. If I was lucky I would pick the day she was free and receive a video call while being cucked. If I was unlucky she would send me pictures that I would have to open on receipt and she would leave a voicemail that I wouldn't
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