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  1. VIP Cuckold Dating Forums

    1. Cuckold Couples & Wife Sharing Dating

      For Cuckold Couples to post dating adverts. Add as much information & wife pics as possible to let your prospective Bull or Wifelover know what you want from your cuckdate. Write your own cuckold stories - have a sex date & meet a wife lover in real life.

    2. Bulls & Wifelovers Personal Ads

      Dating forum for wife lovers Looking for a hotwife. If you are a Bull or Wifelover, post your cuckold dating advert here and include a photo to show the hot wives what you have to offer them.

    3. Cuckold Husband / Sissy & Bi Personal Ads

      Cuckold personals small dick submissive cuckold husbands who seem themself as sissy, enjoy small penis chastity humiliation, forced bi fun, eating creampie and preparing their cuckold women or cheating wife for a new lover.

    4. Seeking Cuckold Husband

      If you're a hot wife or even cuckold husband looking to meet a fellow cuck for a pint and a chat about cuckoldry and what it is like being married to a hot wife. Post em here!

    5. British Dogging, Cuckold Parties, Tours & Glory Hole

      Post British dogging places and local dogging locations & sites. Request your dogging encounters. Are you into daytime dogging? Add any glory hole locations you are aware of in and around the UK. Post gangbangs, bukkake and hooking up at swinger venues. Post your glory hole sites and locations to help members looking for glory holes.

    6. Keyholder Services

      If you would like to offer chastity keyholding services or are looking for someone to look after your key, post the details in here


  2. Share Your Favourite Tube Videos

    1. Share & Chat About Videos Here

      It works just like the stock options for YouTube, Vimeo and so on. Paste the URL of the video and it will automatically be turned into a video player. 

      Currently 12 websites are included: Pornhub, xHamster, RedTube, SpankWire, Tube8, xTube, XVideos, Mofosex, YouPorn, YouPornGay, GayBoysTube, ManPorn. 

  3. True Confessions, Discussions & Cuckold Stories

    1. The Confession Box

      Confess what you are into or what you have done...

    2. Cuckold Stories

      Fancy yourself as a budding author of cuckold stories? The post your cuckhold stories, wife watching hotwife stories, asstr wife gloryhole stories, femdom stories, submissive wife stories, and true wife slut stories, lite rotica, including cuckold letters.  Get feedback from the members.

    3. General Chitchat

      General chitchat about what you or your wife are up to, general questions etc

    4. HELP Me!

      A forum for married couples who have questions / need advice on any aspect of the cuckold lifestyle.

      Ask for help here!

  4. Cuckold Forums

    1. Our Hot Wives Sex Photos

      Pictures of our hotwives and girlfriends having sex with their bulls and wifelovers including wife watchers looking on while the bulls do their hotwife, or the cheating cuckold wife or girlfriends are away from home enjoying their hotwife sex in private. Forum members love to see the creampie result

      New threads must have a minimum of 1 photo in the first post in this forum

    2. Cuckold Forum

      CUCKOLDS ONLY -A place for cuckold husbands to chat - Please DO NOT post in here if you are a hot wife or bull.

    3. Male Chastity

      Pictures, real life accounts, questions & answers about Male Chastity

      New threads must have a minimum of 1 photo in the first post in this forum

    4. Hot Wife Pics

      Share your sexy wife here. World wide wives all welcome to post aswell as UK exhibitionist hot housewife pics.

      All our hot wives photos welcome from dressed in sexy pulling outfits to your wife showing off her big natural tits, bare pussy, dropping her wet panties or playing with her huge dildos.

      Post your private voyeur hot wife pics having sex in the hotwife forum above - Thank you

    5. 975
    6. Cuckhold Husband Pics, Cleaning Up & Sissification

      Show us why your cheating hotwife needs other lovers and your favorite outfits. If you're impotent, show the world your tiny smallcock

      New threads must have a minimum of 1 photo in the first post in this forum

    7. Our Hotwives First Time Flirting / On The Pull

      Ourhotwives, bulls & girlfriend pictures either out on the pull for a wifelover or dressed in their best pulling outfits and sexy lingerie. We love to see an upskirt pic showing off a glimpse of what her wife lover will get his hands on.
      Add a story of what happened along with your pictures.
      New threads must have a minimum of 1 photo in the first post in this forum

    8. Sounds Of Our Hot Wives Getting Fucked

      Post audio files of your wife getting fucked by someone else here.

      There is nothing hornier for a cuckold than listening to his wifes fucking noises

      Give your favourite ones a 5 star rating!

    9. Used Panties & Sexy Lingerie

      Looking to buy or sell used cum stained panties? Post requests and offers for dirty panties, wet panties, hotwife bras and panties or other sexy lingerie and dirty underwear.

    10. Cuckold Humilation Forum

      Humiliate yourself or your pathetic cuckold husbands

    11. Hotwife Forum

      HOTWIVES ONLY - A place for hotwifes to chat - Please DO NOT post in here if you are a cuck or a bull

  5. Wifelovers Forums

    1. Photo Verified Members

      Post a photo of yourself with this website's name and the current date to receive a Photo Verified Award.

      This will prove you are a genuine person / couple to other members

      When posting your photo in this forum please state if you are a cuckold, cuckold couple, hotwife, bull or sissy.

      If you are a cuckold couple the photo must have you both present.


      For an example of what type of photo would qualify please see these examples




    2. Say Hi!

      Let us know about yourself here


    3. Site Polls

      If you want to run a poll, add it to this forum.

    4. Wifelovers Photos

      Post your Bull and wife lover photos in here.

      If you can post a verified photo by adding our doman name cuckoldforum.net on it - even better

  • Our picks

    • My Unlikely Experience - Chapter 2
      It was five months since Samantha and I had our foursome with Laurel and Rick. That was the first time any of us ever had sex with multiple participants and we all agreed, it was fucking crazy.


      Rick and I had gone out to shoot some pool a few times since then and each time, we talked about that night. I told Rick I wasn't the least bit interested in men, but humiliating myself with another man for the pleasure of women was different and an extreme turn-on. Rick said he pretty much felt the same way but he didn't want my cock in his mouth.


      Over these past five months, Rick and I made plans for the next time. We had all decided, the men had to plan out the next occasion. Rick and I felt we kind of had a score to settle (certainly I did) so we planned to control the girls much like they had controlled us. We couldn't wait to execute our plan but we had to let some time pass so we could build on the suspense and the surprise. The four of us had all gotten together a few times for drinks, dinner, playing games, watching movies, etc. Our crazed night of sex came up in conversation a couple of times and there's no doubt, we all wanted to throw down and get it on again, but it was up to Rick and me as to when and how. We never discussed anything about our plan in front of the girls despite their persistent inquiries. A few times, when I tied Sam up for sex, I know she half expected Laurel and Rick to show up but that never happened. Rick and I knew the girls were about to give up on us because it had been so long since our first encounter...perfect. We finally set a date and time when we'd get together. It would take place at our
      • 0 replies
    • Fuck Buddies

      I'm Mel and I thought it would be good to share what I've been up too, for the past two years, with my very well endowed fuck buddy.

      My husband will sometimes know when we've arranged for him to come and service me, and other times, he will find out when he comes home from work and I put his hand down to feel my spunk filled pussy, or put my soaking knickers under his nose. Sometimes I even let him watch. He loves to watch me being fucked and made to cum with my fuck buddys nice fat cock.

      Sometimes I'll dress up in sexy secretary outfit basque and stockings, covered with a long coat and get hubby to drive me to my fuck buddy bulls office. He waits outside while I slip inside for a steamy session bent over the desk. I'll orten arrange for fuck buddy to visit not long before hubby is due home. Hes's greeted with the sound of us fucking and then I'll get him to clean me up with his tongue. He's a good hubby 😉 .

      When he's watching, I'll get him to hold me open for my fuck buddys cock and I might lick his pre cum. But he's not allowed to touch me or cum till later after my big cocked bull has fucked me. Same rules apply when he's helping me dress, putting on my stockings, heels and doing my basque up. He likes to take photos of us in action and I'll smirk at him with my mouth full of cock.

      When I come home after getting well fucked in fuckk buddys car or outside somewhere , I like to tell him about how I've been filled with cum from my bulls big cock, while he licks the spunk dribbling out of me before he adds his own, slipping his cock into my well stretched pussy.

      Next to do is have my fuck buddy stay all night with hubby in the next room, listening to us fucking all night, and bringing us drinks etc. Think he'll have to wear his cage for that.

      I've just recently met another bull to fuck and he's very good. I was going to stick to one of them but I think I shall have both of them fuck me as they both have nice big cocks and cum loads into my pussy. Hubby will have to get used too me having two bulls !!!!
      • 0 replies
    • Mel with 29yr old
      Mel with 29yr old
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      • 3 replies
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