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  • Getting ready is part of the fun.

    Watching and helping my wife get ready is one of the big turn ons for me. Choosing her outfit, helping with hair and make up, followed by the ultimate cuckold humiliation of sliding her panties and stockings up her freshly waxed thighs, then fastening her suspender clips... knowing that they are worn for the pleasure of another man.  Hidden Content Hidden Content

    Stockings milf
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    Sexy Fun

    Just a bit of afternoon fun. Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content ae66187

    RandyRachel | 
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    My mature wife

    Hidden Content

    landl | 
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    Mrs Maxdata

    this my hot 50 something wife what do you think guys Hidden Content

    maxdata1970 | 
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    My Hotwife also models

    Hi, all its been ages - years in fact - since we last posted in the forms. I wonder if any of you remember the long running thread I had (well over 100,000 views) relating my wife and mine adventures in a cuckolding?  If you do say hello. A lot has happened since I brought that thread to a close (which maybe was as far back as 2015). After a break of about a 6 months we both got the itch to "play" again and this lead to my wife having had a whole string of adventures - most, but not al

    maverick1 | 
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  • College cock fantasy

    Does anybody else get turned on by the thought of their wife and a younger guy, I’d love to come home and find a young guy pounding my wife’s pussy, love to just stand there and listen to our bed an her moans as his balls slap against her arse  

    Jimmyuk | 
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    Mel has a busy greedy day.

    Today Mel told me she was having her long time fuck buddy round to visit. She had me helping to dress her after she had freshly showered and shaved her pussy.   I did up the back of her basque and she lay on the bed for me to pull her stockings on. She stood for me to do up the suspenders and pull her thong up after she stepped into them. I always try to get a feel of her pussy to see how wet and excited she is. But she always pushes my hand away and tells me it's not mine to play with unti

    MandDwales | 
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    My 1st cuckold experience

    In the past met up with couples where the hubby/bf liked to watch me with their wife/gf. One couple in particular I used to meet up with were a lovely couple but due to them becoming parents, we have not played for some time. I remember going to their house for the very 1st time and as I entered, they were having this massive debate about the Chernobyl disaster and she was on the verge of tears. I was asking myself what I had got myself into. She apologised and explained that David always seemed

    TonyDiggs | 
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    Hidden Cuck want my wife to tell me

    Hi, My wife visits the house next to our house where her friend lives alone where her friend’s bf comes to visit her usually and he has another friend who comes along to have sex with my wife. He is a hunk and i believe he wud be pleasing her. The problem is that my wife has not disclosed this to me but I want her to. She cleans herself before she comes back home. How I know this is because one day while i was returning back from work early she was kissing her in his car and i didnt want to dist

    Cuckoldee | 
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    Cuckold phoning bull

    More of a fantasy at this stage. Does anyone get off on having the call the bull at the hotwifes request? Asking or even begging him to come and fuck the hot wife as you can’t. I find it such a turn on but can’t find any stories or videos showing this? As anyone got any experience?

    Cuckold Neil
    Cuckold Neil | 
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  • Always looking for a hot, Hotwife in south FL

    38.m in Palm Beach area.  Been single now for a few months and have enjoyed dabbling back into my favorite pastime - devouring hot, hotwives.     Covid has kind of rained on that parade so I decided to venture on here to see what I could find.  I’m experienced, educated, respectful, and always mindful that it’s all about the lady. Would love to connect... Hidden Content

    Bklybull | 
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    Bull here :)


    Frankencock666 | 
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    We are a mature married couple from London UK - I am Scott an my wife is 'Denise44F'  About 8 years ago Denise became the victim of a video voyeur on holiday in Greece who filmed her over the top of a shower cubicle ! I have been extreme cuckold ever since ! I have extensively exposed Denise all over the internet and over a million and a half men have seen her naked (from counted pic hits on various sites) ! love the fact my wife's body is no longer private and enjoy seeing her sucking and fucki

    denise44f | 
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    New to lifestyle

    Tj Bull
    Tj Bull | 
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    Cuck hubby wants wife pleasured

    I habve long wanted my wife to take other men’s cocks but she won’t go for it, she has flashed and let a guy finger her once but now wo t play at all, desperate to see her fucked by a real man

    shareman57 | 
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  • Cucked on the first kiss

    I was a late bloomer. Still a virgin at 18. Heck, hadn’t even had a serious girlfriemd or a real kiss yet. I was at my best friends house and a friend of his came over. She was a sexy thicker girl, long blond hair, blue eyes, and a big butt. She kept looking at me and smiling kind of a slick naighty kinda smile at me. I started looking back, staring at her ass a little. My friend asked me to drive her home,which I did. When I got back to his house, he asked “so what’cha think?” I pretended to no

    openmindedal3x | 
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    Wifes lovers idea

    Maia's lover deiced I needed more then to just be in her panties so he showed up with the black cage.  Then a year later he thought it was too big so now I have the steal one for the last 4 years now. Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content

    Her.fan84 | 
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    Locked in new cage

    Hi All Been a while since last post but now have new cage, would love to hear comments here or pm  on what you would do to me whilst fucking wife  Hidden Content Hidden Content

    splittie65 | 
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    Any Bulls like Humiliating the Cuck??

    So I love my cuck being humiliated and degraded!!! Any bulls like to join in? What’s to worst thing you done?

    EssexCuck | 
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    2" Micro Penis Caged

    2" erect is too small to be of any use to my wife, so she locks it up.   Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content

    Phil Call
    Phil Call | 
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    2" Erect Micro Penis

    Small 2" erect micro penis seeking SPH. Hidden Content

    Phil Call
    Phil Call | 
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