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  • Hotel Dash Doggy Style phone capture

    This was a filling night out in London a few years ago. Dropped the phone under me while I was being ridden doggy style! It was a nice and thick stick that filled me whole insideūüćÜūüćĎ! He left me in a state going homeūüćĺ! Loved every bit!

    fivemin | 
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    Real Cuckold Creampie

    Filming the wife getting "bred" by a younger and very hung bull.  I can just picture her reproductive track bathed in his swimmers once they are through her cervix and into her womb. 

    maverick1 | 
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    keen to chat and share more

    candaulists | 
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    sissy cuck looking for BBC . Leeds area. UK

    sissy cuck wannabe luvs big cocks

    sissycuckjo | 

    Big Trouble in Little Makiyo

    Petite Asian girl books a Male Escort to teach Her Husband How to Fuck Her Properly

    ozdominlondon | 
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    • equeen
      I haven't been out of my cage for quite a few days now (aside from a daily clean).  When I pleasure her in the ways left open to me, head, hand, toys etc., she will tug and beat my caged genitals mercilessly, the aggression reaching its painful peak as she goes through orgasm.  We have had a lot of this  in recent days, so my cock and balls are red raw. Today she said, as getting ready for work, she wanted to leave me with some pain for the day. I was ordered into the bed and told
    • mypsk
      They found a hotel after a work thing, and she's with him. In a hotel near where they were. I've already had to watch my first video from him. This is he second time and she's really into it. I know she's going to really relax and let go tonight. They'll be very intimate. It's driving me crazy. And I can't help but play with myself. Oh fuck. 
    • starflyer
      looking good
    • flyguy2006
      You look hot in her panties & stockings...nice shaven cock too.
    • railcyh
      My wife used to cuckold me a lot but hasn’t for several years now and I so want her to go back to having regular sex with a fuck-buddy. She used to tease me about how many times she used to come during the night with them. I was never allowed to watch either but did get the odd photo. I always used to wear her panties whilst she was out with them ….. always wanted to be there and clean up but she doesn’t seem up for it any more!!!!  Still fantasize about wearing my wife’s undies whilst suck

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