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  • Anyone for masturbation over the phone?

    Just wondering if there are any couples that would like to indulge in a telephone call to discuss sexual experiences and we all masturbate together, and I can hear the couple having sex. Have often thought of this as a way to get to know a potential hotwife and keep things going when not meeting. Would like a couple with very few limits to explore.

    love269inrubber | 
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    Xmas party surprise

    I've just found out from my 54 year old wife that she was fucked by two young lads at her works Xmas night out. They attended a party night at a spa hotel near Edinburgh, where her bosses paid for all to stay over, she has promised to furnish me with more details when she gets home from work tomorrow?

    fife_couple27 | 
    The Confession Box 10

    It started at a wedding

    My wife and I went out of town for a wedding of the daughter of some close friends. We got a hotel room for two nights and went down the day before. I was really stressed about about work and not in a good mood. The stress also was causing problems with our sex life. Like it killed it. She has a high sex drive and had been complaining for weeks she need to get fucked! I promised her we would relax and have lots of sex this weekend. The first night we had a nice dinner and I had a few too many dr

    They Laugh: lil dicklet
    They Laugh: lil dicklet | 
    The Confession Box 3

    Meeting new bull tonight

    Wife is preparing herself for a first date with a new prospective bull later this evening.  He has insisted I am caged and in undies for the meeting under my clothes

    uk_sissy_hubby | 
    The Confession Box 39

    My awakening : This is when I knew

    The first time I realised I was a cuck. Was when my fiancee cheated on me. She'd gone back to her home town for a family wedding.Once she'd been gone a few days I decided to check her Snapchat and Facebook messages, I knew the passwords, duno why just felt I needed to.When I logged in I saw she'd been flirting with her exs from bk home and that she'd already met one of them on a beach where they had made out and she'd given him a hand job.At first I was angery but then I noticed I was hard, so I

    Faltner | 
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  • Halloween Hotwife Competition Entries

    1. Donniebritney

      My wife’s cummy ass

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    2. tazzy

      Would you

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    3. Armycouple

      A lockdown walk in the countryside

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    4. Donniebritney

      The boss is back

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    5. tazzy

      Would you

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    6. damo1975

      curvy wife

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  • 30s Hot wife like to show off her curves

    Do you like my butt, would love your comments on my butt to show off more  Hidden Content

    zaq12wsx | 
    Hot Wife Pics 27

    Hot Sub Wife Needs...........

    ......encouragement !!! Refuses to believe she is superhot .......so people let her know what you think....😘 Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content

    hotsubwife4u | 
    Our Hot Wives Sex Photos 50

    Wife's new boyfriend told me to post this

    My hotwife has been dating her new boyfriend for a few months. I'm having to follow instructions in the hope of being allowed to watch them together. He sent me some photos from one of their dates and said I had to post some here. I also have to say how grateful I am for the pictures. Hidden Content

    ChildhoodSweethearts | 
    Hot Wife Pics 16

    Wifes big tits

    Tell me what you would do! Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content

    wishfulhubs | 
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    Mrs Maxdata

    this my hot 50 something wife what do you think guys Hidden Content

    maxdata1970 | 
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  • What type of cuckold are you ?

    Just found this, What kind of Cuckold are you ? I'll kick it off, I am a sissy cuckold, a submissive cuckold and a chastity cuckold 😀   Hidden Content

    starflyer | 
    Cuckhold Husband Pics, Cleaning Up & Sissification 50

    Am I a real hot sub wife...?

    So do I get your approval guys....? Test me out....x Hidden Content

    hotsubwife4u | 
    Cuckold Forum 46

    Muslim cuckold

    Is there any Muslim woman  in cuckold life style? Please share your story.

    Ghorzang | 
    Cuckold Forum 7

    Muslim wife with white cock fantasy

    Hi guys. This is my wife. Shes a conservative Muslim but is a freak in the bed. She has a fantasy about getting impregnated by uncircumcised white cock. She only admitted this to me a couple of weeks ago.  She likes anal play but not full penetration.... Yet. She  said she loves hearing men say dirty stuff about her. Funny because we been marries over a decade now in Manchester and she never said a thing. 

    Guest | 
    Cuckold Forum 17
  • Unexpected stop and pleasure

    http://uploaded.net/file/rne9v3ql Format: AVI Resolution: 960x540 Duration: 0:05:00 Size: 112.49 MB  

    sarone4 | 
    Hotwife & Hotgirl Member Movies

    Asian adventure in the room

    Asian adventure in the room Format: AVI Resolution: 960x720 Duration: 0:05:00 Size: 104.44 MB http://uploaded.net/file/3azn6zze

    sarone4 | 
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    Hot Indian wife Lori

    My hot indian wife Lori thinking about dicks. 

    Mywifeisahoe | 
    Hotwife & Hotgirl Member Movies 1

    just a quickie

    enjoying myself

    grudie | 
    Hotwife & Hotgirl Member Movies

    CUMSLUT Gangbanged

    12 guys queued up

    PwrBBttm | 
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  • TV Cuck loves cock and seeing her wife take even more

    delboy1968 | 
    Cuckold / Sissy

    My Modesty

    ProBull | 

    House of Terms

    ProBull | 

    Asian Slave

    My former beautiful married chinese slave. She was my slave part time for 8 years! A very desirable and insatiable creature with few limits! These photos taken after a very heavy fuck session.

    Adelaide Bull
    Adelaide Bull | 
    Greedy Girls


    We are 40s, married, asian Stag&vixen couple.

    Jay&Rucy | 
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