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    Filming the wife getting "bred" by a younger and very hung bull.  I can just picture her reproductive track bathed in his swimmers once they are through her cervix and into her womb. 

    maverick1 | 
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    keen to chat and share more

    candaulists | 
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    sissy cuck looking for BBC . Leeds area. UK

    sissy cuck wannabe luvs big cocks

    sissycuckjo | 

    Big Trouble in Little Makiyo

    Petite Asian girl books a Male Escort to teach Her Husband How to Fuck Her Properly

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    ENTRADA HABITACION.jpg me encantan los negros

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    • ObedientSissyCuck
      Thanks she has another 2 meets planned, she said she has a taste for it now. 
    • sunray64
      Congratulations cuck 😃
    • ObedientSissyCuck
      Hidden Content It happened tonight I was cucked  Hidden Content
    • Blackplague88
      Hello! This is my first time posting and I’m looking for people who can help me out with an idea I have for a story, that hopefully someone will write for me. It is a VERY dark, perverse extreme gangbang/cuckold story that I have in mind. That goes like this:A married 35 year old mother of 2, named Kelly, has an ongoing fantasy about being gangbanged, without her husband knowing. This fantasy has been in her mind for more than 10 years and now the urge is so big that she can’t resist it anymore,
    • ObedientSissyCuck
      Today has been ************ with both bull and my Queen making me do punishments as well as teasing my caged cock. We honestly thought though that nothing was going to come of it as things all seemed a little too good to be true. However tonight is possibly the night as he offered her an impromptu meet in about 30mins times which she said yes to.  Wait and see what happens but I once again could be a cuck. 
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    • jonlou
      Think you should shave your legs, and get knickers and suspender belt to match your stockings, that being said, in picture number two you look quite sexy 
    • jonlou
      That sounds like a fantastic idea, especially for guys who want their wives seduced , without the wife knowing that hubby gets a report off you,as some wives aren't always up for the whole meeting strangers in a pub  / online just for sex ; or are like my Lou (think they are past it.
    • jonlou
      I only made Lou come with my cock once, the first time i was talking about another guy fucking her; ( whilst i was fucking her at the time ) since then iF she has come with me , it's been my fingers or tongue or more often than that one of her vibrators  !  
    • jonlou
      You need to make a choice i'm afraid, you will either have to move on and find a new partner, or accept that your girl is going to continue to fuck this guy whenever he or she wants to, and if you stay and end up getting married as i did she will still fuck him (and if he or she is of the mind set they may even fuck on your wedding day) . Question is can you live with being the husband, provider and potentially father to her lovers offspring  ? 
    • dabs999
      I haven't posted for a while so I thought I'd share some CB6000S pics and some new Holy Trainer Nub pics as I've downsized to a more appropriate cage for my tiny dicklette.   Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content Hidden Content aadb47b

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