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Returning from Holiday

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I thought this might be the place to post an account of a past experience with an ex which will probably be a highpoint of my life for a long time to come. Apologies for the lack of paragraph breaks but I just cannot find an option for double line spacing between paragraphs!

About four years ago, before I got married, I was in a long term relationship with an assertive black east London lady who I met through a fairly well known S&M dating site. She was a couple of years my senior which just about satisfied my liking of mature women, beautiful cool dark skin, brown eyes, buxom (not slim) with strong but very shapely legs and always manicured fingernails and toenails which in the summer would project seductively from her open sandals.

I’ll always remember the day, on our third lunch date, in a sunny country pub as she lazily stretched her leg under the table nestling her toes firmly into my crotch as she smiled and asked, “so slave, if we take this relationship further how would you like it to progress” she knew I was into foot worship and that I’d be like putty at this stage. To cut a long story short we did spend over a year as “boyfriend/girlfriend” and most weekends I would go straight to her flat on a Friday Evening with her shopping for the week, some flowers and some treats for her, staying until heading back to work from her flat on Monday morning, I’d often leave at the crack of dawn with her to drop her at work as a visiting carer with a large bag full of her laundry for me to occupy myself in the week with washing and ironing for my Mistress. She almost exclusively insisted that I wear a CB, but from the outset she was adamant that she wanted to continue seeing her two long term house slaves who would come round during the week (separately) to tidy the house although she always told me I was her favourite and that she didn’t have sex with them, like she did me. I never had cause to disbelieve her and she always teased me with little stories of either of them hovering/dusting etc naked and the fact that they sometimes were not even permitted to look at her, never mind kiss her.

She always took two weeks holiday in the sun with a girlfriend and on the run up to the holiday there were various trips to seek out (very) sexy holiday wear and I loved the tease of being in my cb, carrying big bags of clothes as she flitted around trying things on. I’d given her a fairly sexy gold ankle chain fairly early in the relationship and she always wore my key on it which I thought was brilliant (I didn’t realise the whole ankle chain thing back then). And the week before leaving she asked me to drop her and her friend at the airport early Saturday and asked if I could take a day off to be at hers all day for a delivery and to call in at least a few times to make sure everything was alright even though she wouldn’t be there.

I arrived as usual on the Friday before the departure and we enjoyed a takeaway with her friend who was staying over for ease, they shared the double bed and I spent a frustrated evening on the couch. I parked at the airport and pushed the heavy trolley with both sets of bags to the departure gates watching both their sexy sway in their short holiday dresses and of course the golden ankle chain and key. As M and I cuddled and kissed goodbye with her thigh gently squeezing my crotch and passed me a sealed envelope with a smile, as she whispered “your orders for the week fortnight” and with that she was off, leaving me nearly breathless with desire.

When I got back to the car I opened the note to find that the delivery was a new bed, furniture, wallpaper and confirmation of a flooring company coming to fit laminate flooring in her bedroom. I spent the following Wednesday at her flat accepting deliveries, every evening first clearing her bedroom stripping the wallpaper and papering/painting her bedroom. The wallpaper was a dark velvet embossed type with a feature wall of bright white behind the bed, furniture was black and the laminate flooring was dark oak effect. As a surprise I also went out and got black silk sheets, a new duvet and pillows… I couldn’t wait to slip between these cool sheets and make love to her but resisted the temptation of sleeping in the bed and when I didn’t go home after decorating in the evening I slept on the couch. The final item on the list was a paragraph saying that she wanted me to buy an electric dog collar and remove the shocker from the collar and to tie it to the underside of my cb ball ring with cable ties (until she got back to glue it on), to make sure it worked properly and bring the remote control with me when I picked the two of them up. This latter item whilst not difficult was challenging as I tried in vain to find one that didn’t make me feel as if 2000 Volts were shooting through me, it might sound like a little tingle but it really is sore.

I arrived on the Saturday to meet the two of them at the airport and nearly fainted with need to make love to M there and then and as we kissed hello she fished the remote out of my pocket with a smile, and as I started to push the trolley with the bags she gave it a try in the middle of the concourse which nearly made me fall over, she giggled and chided me that the trolley wasn’t any heavier than when they left. I dropped M at her flat and she asked me to drop her friend at her home as I lifted the bags up stairs to her flat and we went off leaving M to inspect the new bedroom.

When I got back she was very pleased, with my efforts in the bedroom and we sexily kissed in the middle of the lounge as I undressed her to her panties exploring her body with kisses as if for the first time. She was undressing me as we went and as I held her naked against me, hoping that we were going to go upstairs she glanced at the clock and announced that both house slaves would be over soon to give the house a spring clean, despite the fact that I’d done just that the evening before so there was to be no making love just yet. She bid me to lie on the lounge floor as she dressed again and after a few minutes re-appeared fully dressed and unceremoniously sat on my face pinning my shoulders to the ground, then fiddled with some time gluing the shocker to my cb and trying it out a few times causing me more than a little pain which pleased her and eventually she let me up, placed my training collar round my neck and pulled me up onto my knees leading me by her dog lead to sit in the corner as the front door bell rang.

Instead of allowing me to quickly dress and answer the door she ran down to the door to find both her other slaves ready to do her bidding. Up to that stage whilst I had been in the house on some of their visits I had never really interacted with them, and as far as I knew they didn’t know each other.

They were quickly put to work and I simply sat in the corner on my knees knowing better than move although twice M did look at me just to check I hadn’t moved and playfully gave me a short blast of electricity.

After an hour or so she brought both the others in and had them kneel either side of her as she lounged on the settee allowing me a lovely view between her legs as she reclined and asked them when they had last wanked, they seemed to be truthful in saying it had been over a week and she informed them that they could come on her feet and ankles as a special reward, but that the slowest one would have to clean her. They both went about there reward with gusto and she let them suck a finger each as in quick succession they shot heavy, white loads over her feet. I was entranced by the contrast of white on black as they sighed in pleasure and relief, only being jolted back to reality as M pressed my remote making me sit up straight… as I looked straight at her she seemed to relish telling me “You didn’t even try, so you lost… come over here slave.” I crawled over and was unceremoniously put to work licking her feet clean, my first knowing taste of another’s sperm and as I did so I was completely in love with this beautiful woman.

I was kissing and sucking for some time as the others were sent on their way, and later that evening as I slipped into the silk sheets beside for the first time she told me that she had been planning that scenario for ages and that she was looking forward to some “tongue action” after two weeks away… which was her way of saying that it wasn’t my release night. I was drunk on her perfume and my own desperation as I gently kissed my way down from her shoulders to please her as best I could with my tongue and lips.

The following day we awoke to her phone ringing and she made arrangements to go and see her Mum for the day and M suggested perhaps I should go home that day with her holiday clothes, and to make sure I didn’t let the bright colours run, I was being dismissed for the week.

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Great story Please login or register to see this image. /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset=" 2x" width="20" height="20" />

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