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Humiliated by My Wife and The Three Builders

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Heya, I've really enjoyed reading the stories on this forum for a while now, so I thought it was only fair I posted one of my own. It's quite long because I like to set the scene, just scroll down if you want to get straight to the sex! Enjoy, comments welcome.

Things seemed to be going pretty well in my life. I've got the younger beautiful wife whom I love very much, I really fucking love my job and all the perks that come with it. As a salesman for a large multinational company I am also lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel around the world and I often have to stay away from home for days at a time entertaining clients on the company account.

I'm pretty damn good at my job and I generate alot of business for my company with the help of the many contacts that I have set up over the years. I always exceed my targets at work which is more than can be said for some of the other idots that I have the misfortune to work with. I have to admit that since my recent promotion to European sales manager I have really been busting a few balls - colleagues that used to be on the same scale as me a few months ago are now directly under me and if I think they've been taking the piss I will not be afarid to discipline them.

My longs years of loyalty to the company have really paid dividends. I have a top end company car and a beautiful house in a great part of town, which I recently had an extension built onto, it was a but of a hassle dealing with those stupid blokey builders, but worth it in the end. Adds huge value to the property. All in all I was very satisfied with myself.

It was in this job that I first met my wife. She was nine years my junior and at 19 and straight out of college she seemed very naive. She was always absolutely stunning and it didn't take me long to start dating her. There was the usual office gossiping about me taking advantage of such a nice pretty young thing, but it didn't bother me. My philosophy has always been "if you want something - take it, and if you are prepared to work hard enough you can acheive anything you want" which is why I have done so well in business.

I married my sophia about three years after we first started dating and I insisted that she give up working for the company and stay at home looking after the house. No woman of mine would ever have to work. She was a virgin when met and she had a reasonably strict upbringing and so was not too adventerous in bed. She only ever performed oral on me on very special occaisions such as anniversaries and it was pretty obvious that she never enjoyed it. She said she didn't like the taste and that it hurt her jaw. She would always just jerk me off into a tissue for the final moments until I came. She has never asked me to give her oral sex in the entire time I've know her and to be honest I've never offered. It's not something I find particularly appealing.

Despite her catholic upbringing she always insisted on using condoms because she didn't want to get pregnant. Some of the best sex of my life was when we were trying for a baby. After the doctors told me that I was firing blanks she would always tell me to make sure to withdraw when I came because she said she found the sensation of the fluids in her pussy uncomfortable. I would say our sex life is pretty average, but once or twice a week is easily enough for me, especially as I am usually so tired from working late. Once I've got my dick inside her it usually takes me about five minutes and then I go straight to sleep as I always have to be up early for work. Sophia usually stays up for a while reading or something. If I am away on business for too long I do sometimes use hookers, but it's purely to fufil a need and it doesn't mean that I love my wife any less. I'm sure so many men do this and I don't think it's such a big deal. Men have different needs to women.

The stress of a high powered job like mine means that I really need to unwind sometimes. I'm not exactly proud to admit it, but sometimes I really enjoy cross-dressing and I've been doing this for about 5 years. It's the feeling of being someone else for a while and really letting go that I enjoy. I love the sensation of silk and lace against my skin and despite all of the saville row tailored suits that I own, I think that womens clothes are so much more beautiful than mens. Who can deny that classy lingerie is a thousand times more sexy that mens briefs? I also enjoy applying the make-up and recently I brought a small vibrating butt plug that I insert into my rectum as I'm wearing one of my outfits like the stockings, suspenders, short silky skirt and lacy thong combo that I am so fond of. It really increasse the pleasure as I jerk of in the mirror of a hotel room.

As I say the cross-dressing is a great way to unwind and a real stress buster. If I have a particularly tense meeting I sometimes just put on some stockings and a thong under my suit, and it really helps me to cope. I am in no way gay at all, like I say it's just a release for me, a break from 'real life' I would never discuss it with anyone I knew, especially my wife, although I do use an internet forum dediciated to cross dressers where we can swap stories and pictures in a safe and annonymous non-judgmental environment.

Me and the wife both have different groups of friends and I like to go out and play golf with my buddies or go for paintballing weekends and she is always off with her friends shopping and whatnot. She still enjoys going clubbing occaisionally but those days are way past me now. Sophia is 28 and heas really kept in shape well. She works out at the gym 3 times a week and goes jogging pretty much every night. She used to try and persuade me to join the gym but I always said to her 'after the day I've just had, all I want to do is relax on the sofa with a beer!' Sophia is about 5,5" and really very slim. She has a beatiful tight little body and smooth pale skin. At the moment she has her shiny brown hair cut reasonably short, around shoulder length but I think it looks really good on her. She has lovely big blue eyes that work so well with her little pointy nose, high rosy cheek bones and litty pounty mouth. I really am very lucky to be married to such a beautiful woman.

I'm no spring chicken these days though. years of good living have taken thier toll on me somewhat. When I first met Sophia I was only 28 and I still had a full head of hair. Now at 37 the middle aged paunch has become slightly more visible too!

It had been a bloody hard week at work, but things had been going very well for us. I managed to wrap up a sale that we were expecting to take a few more days and as a result I managed to get a flight home from Germany a day earlier than planned. I didn't bother phoning Sophia because It was about 6 in the morning when i decided to catch the flight. I got back into England at about 12:00 midday and by the time I had checked out and driven home it was nearly three o'clock. I thought it strange when I pulled up onto the drive as there was a builders van parked outside my house - the same company that did my extension six months ago. My first thought was that something must have gone wrong and my wife had called them out to sort it.

As I unlocked the door and let myself in I was quite bemused and a little perturbed as I was exhaused and all I really wanted to do was have sex with Sophia and catch up on my sleep. I wandered into the front room and sure enough there were the three work man that did my extension. All classic builder types - and pretty big and muscly from working all day, and still wearing there mucky clothes I noticed, which I was pretty pissed off about because they were all lounging around on my sofa. Then I noticed that they all seemed to be drinking beers for some reason.

'You're home early darling' Sophia said to me. 'yeah I caught an earlier....' my voice trailed off as I properly looked at her for the first time. She was dressed extremely innapropriatly considering there were strange men in the house. all she had on was a silk blouse unbuttoned to show plenty of cleavage and she was clearly wearing no bra. I also noticed that she was squeezed in on the couch very closely between two of the builders and one of them had his hand on her thigh. For a moment I was completely dumbstruck at the scene I was witnessing and I could only watch open mouthed as she leant across one of the builders, who I remebered was called Gary to pick up her drink, giving all three of them a clear view down her top. Even i could she her little pert nipple from all the way accross the room and Gary didn't try and hide the fact that he was looking directly at her tits. She caught his eye and gave him a sluttly little smile. I couldn't beleive it. My prim and proper catholic wife was looking and acting like a total slut. Before I could even utter another word she looked at me and frowned 'what the fuck are you gawping at? go and fetch us some more drinks you sad prick'

My wife rarely used language like that. I thought it must have been some kind of horrible joke. 'You remember these three dont you?' she asked, with a strange smile playing about her lips. 'This is Gary' He was the big blonde one and he was still ogling her tits. He looked up long enough to give me a sly wink. 'Alright you faggot.' he said. I was still asolutely speechless as she introduced the other two, skin head Shaun, and a another huge guy called Ricky who was at the moment sliding his large coarse hand up my wife's short silky skirt. I watched incredulously as she parted her legs for him giving us all a glimpse and her little pink glistening slit.

I suddenly pulled myself together and ran over them with the express intention punching ricky in the face. It must have been because I was so jet lagged and my reactions were slowed because he easily ducked my swing and brought his fist crashing into my stomach. I dropped to my knees gasping for air, the fight immediately word not permitted of me in one punch.

'What the fuck is going on?' I splutted as they all laughed at me.

'We're about to tag team team your fucking slut wife, you little bitch, that's whats going on, and since you've gatecrashed our little party you can sit there and watch, you fucking pussy.' Ricky sneered in his gruff voice. I was completely numb. My head was throbbing and I felt so dizzy trying to get my mind around what was happening. Sophia suddenly jumped up. 'I tell what's going you fucking pathetic loser. You don't think I know about you? About your secret little life?'

'What do you mean? please darling' I begged 'I love you so much, please lets talk about this.' Even my to my own ears my words sounded pathetic and they brought a new round of gruff laughter from the builders.

'I know all about your trips and your whores. I overheard you on the phone to Pete about 5 years ago. Any normal woman would have to get paid to let that fuck them.' She gestured to my dejected figure as the guys continued laughing at me. 'Do you think that a few minutes of your disgusting body pumping away at my unexcited pussy with you 5 inch penis has ever done anything for me? You've never once made me come, you're a fucking loser. At least you always fall asleep straight away afterwards so I get get myself off thinking about what it's like to get fucked properly by a real man, like one of these guys. and trust me, I know what its like to get fucked by a real man now. Why do you think the extension took so long to build?'

Her words were like hammer blows to my already painful stomach and my head was throbbing.

'Maybe you got away with it for the first few years, taking me out to fancy resturants and impressing me by throwing your money around when I was just a little girl fresh out of college, but after a while I began to realise something wasn't right when I spoke to my girlfriends about sex. But I was happy to let it slide as I was your faithful little wife. But then I heard about you and your whores so I decided to go out try some proper cock'

It was so horrible hearing these humiliating and coarse words coming from my wifes pretty mouth, especially in a room full of men. My brain was having trouble believing what was happening and something was telling me that none of this was real. I could feel the anger welling up inside me. How dare the bitch. I started to stand up 'Who the fuck do you think you are you bitch?' I screamed. 'I'm cutting you off, you'll get nothing!' My anger overtook me and I went to slap her face, but Gary stepped infront of her and drove his knee straight up into my balls. I sank to my knees again with thier laughter ringing in my ears.

'I dont think so darling.' my wife sneered. I could feel my balls retracting back into my body and my penis shrinking with them as waves of pain radiated out of my mashed testicles.

'I wouldn't worry - you're not man enough to be able to produce any word not permitted anyway' sophia jeered, to the delight of the builders.

'I'll tell you why you're not going to cut me off' She continued. 'You left your laptop unlocked a few weeks ago. Some interesting sites you've been visiting there. I enjoyed reading the transcripts of the conversations you've been having with the other cross-dressing losers. About how you like to wear stockings and a g-string to meetings. I bet your clients would love to hear about that'

'You can't blackmail me with that.' I sobbed 'Anyone could fake that shit'

'Well, the pictures on your hard drive aren't faked, are they? The ones of you dressed up like the little sissy you are, covered in make up? Eh Lucy?'

My heart sank as I knew she was telling the truth. 'Lucy' was the name I liked to be called on the cross dressing forums.

'I especially liked the pictures of you wearing your little butt plug. You're not going to cut me off because I've copied your email address book. Every relation, friend, co-worker or client you have will get an email detailing what you like to get up to in your spare time, along with conversation transcripts and a few choice images. I've saved it all to a memory stick and it's somewhere you'll never find it. How well do you think you will do in business ever again if your clients and co-workers get an email like that?'

I looked up at them all through a haze of tears and I saw Gary encirle her slim waist with his muscular tattoed arm and pull her ass into his groin. She turned round and opened her mouth allowing him to tounge her deeply as she let out a slight moan.

'Sophia, don't' I pleaded, as I crawled towards her on my hands a knees.

'Shut the fuck up' Sean spat at me as he swung a kick at my arse, the toe of his boot somehow connecting with the area just between my balls and hole.

I slumped to the floor utturly defeated as Sophia turned her attention back to me.

'From now on, you are going to do exactly as I say. You will go to the bank tomorrow and set up a direct debit into my account, of which I will give you a small weekly allowance. You're never getting your pathetic little cock anywhere near me ever again, and on the allowance I'm going to pay you, I doubt you'll be able to afford any prositutes, and seeing as no one else in thier right mind is ever going to want to fuck you, it looks like the only action you'll be getting from now on will be from your butt plug.'

She turned to Ricky and began to wantonly squeeze his dick through his jeans as they all continued jeering me. I could see an already impressive bulge begin to form in his trousers as he lifted her skirt up around her waist. From my postion on the floor I could see her pink tinged pussy lips parted as she stood on her tiptoes and craned her neck to accept his kisses. I couldn't tear my eyes away as my beautiful wife allowed this big rough workman to grab hold of her ass cheeks, which looked tiny in his massive hands. He Rubbed his big fingers up and down her slit as her breath came out in short pants, and then he slowly slid first one and and then two fingers up my wife. Her pale skin became flushed red with blood around her neck and cheeks as he roughly began to fingerfuck the pussy of the woman I loved and who would never let me near her again.

She briefly came out of her daze and looked down at me.

'What are you staring at prick? didn't we go and tell you to fetch us some drinks?'

'Yeah that 12 year old single malt you keep in the drinks cabinet should do' Gary barked at me. Sean was emptying out my suitcase and throwing my expensive suits all accross the room. I saw him pull out the bag I keep my womans clothes in and I dreaded what was coming next.

'If you're going to be our waitress I think it's only right you where the proper clothes, you little bitch' he laughed as he threw the bag to me. What could I do? I had no choice and I slowly began to undress trying not to look at all three of them circled around my wife, kissing her neck, squeezing her tits, and taking it in turns to french kiss her. I put on the black silken stockings, suspenders, and matching thong with were all trimmed with pink lace and little pink bows. There was also the see-through black chemise and short black silk skirt that went with it.

Suddenly they all turned thier attention to me slumped on the floor infront of them, enduring thier hoots of derision.

'Don't forget the butt plug you little poof' Sean sneered. I tried to protest but he immediately came over to me and grabbed me round the throat.

'You put your butt plug in, or I'll kick you in the balls until you aint none left' he threatened. I found my wash bag on the floor and pulled out the butt plug smothering it with lube and turning it on, I had to get on all fours and pull my thong to one side as i pushed it in slowly, as it still really hurt where I had been kicked.

'Oi Lucy, you little bitch' called Gary. I looked up at him with pure hate in my eyes. 'You fucking answer me with yes master is that understood!' he shouted. I was too scared to do anything else but pipe up with 'yes master' This had them all in fits of laughter again as i seethed, overcome with humilation. 'From now on you don't get up from your hands and knees.'

'Yes master' I replied quickly, hating myself.

As I crawled off towards the kitchen to prepare thier drinks I could feel the butt plug vibrating away and waggling from side to side with my movements. I returned from the kitchen pushing a tray of my fucking best whiskey and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. They were right - I was patheic and disgusting. How could I have ever enjoyed looking at myself in the mirror like this? The scene that greeted me in the living room was horrible to behold. Sophia, my Sophia was on her knees with her skirt up around her waist. I could see the pussy juice running down her leg. All three of them were standing over her with thier jeans around thier ankles, Sean had his rock hard dick in her face. His helmet was so big that she could barely get her mouth over it. His huge swollen balls were dangling down and one of her hands massaged them as the other worked up and down his shaft. Gary and Ricky were both tugging on thier cocks, slapping them in her face and on her hair. She stopped sucking on Sean's helmet and looked up at Gary as he fed his lenth down her throat. His cock was not as big as Sean's but it must have been a good 8 inches and very thick. She went to work on it like a bitch possesed, her head bobbing up and down as she jerked off the other two guys. She was putting so much effort in and moving so quickly, all the while moaning and slurping. It was in stark contrast to the half hearted attempts at oral that she used to give me, and that I would never be getting again.

Sean suddenly noticed me gawping at them. 'Bring us our fucking drinks, sissy' Sophia didn't even aknowlege me entering the room as she pulled her head off Gary's dick and took a few seconds to gasp for air, as a mixtures of spit and pre-cum dribbled down her chin. As I served them thier drinks from my position on the floor, she shifted her attention to Ricky veiny member which was twitching and throbbing by her face. He grabbed her by the back of the hair and pushed her face towards his balls. His 9 incher lay across her little face as she licked and slurped greedily. Then she slowly licked up towards the head of his cock before giving him the same treatment as the other two guys. Ricky grunted appreciatively and thrust his dick in and out of her throat until she got into the rythm he wanted.

'That's one slut fucking wife you've got there' Gary jeered. Sophia broke off the blowjob long enough to pant 'I love big Dicks. Little penises like yours will never be able to satisfy me or any other woman'

'Why don't we compare size? Get your knickers down and show us that pathetic little worm of yours, Lucy.' Gary said striding over to me. I cowered against the sofa and sheilded my balls. The pain was still resonating out from them. 'Yes master' I sobbed as I Lay back and slid my knickers down. My balls were still retracted and my sack had gone all tight and wrinkly from the pain and fear. I closed my eyes with despair as I heard thier incredulous laughter mocking my size. Without warning pain suddenly exploded from between my legs again. That bastard Gary had booted me in my shrivelled cock again. Without even thinking what I was saying i choked out 'thank you master'

'Jesus, you really are a fucking bitch' Gary laughed.

I writhed on the floor in agony trying not to watch as the woman I loved acted like a total slut, sucking the cocks of three guys at once as they drunk my fucking whiskey, in my fucking house.

'Lets move this little party upstairs,' suggested Sean. 'Yeah I want to be fucked properly in the martital bed' Sophia said 'Because that's never happened with my husband in the house before. Well, once when he was in the house, when we had a barbeque last summer, but never with him in the same room!'

'Right, you go and fix us some more drinks and then come upstairs, faggott'

'Yes master' I sighed.

By the time I got into the bedroom they were all completely naked. My wife was on the bed with Gary and Sean were kneeling either side of her head each grabbing one of her ankles, so that her legs were wide open. Ricky was inbetween lapping away at her fanny as she groaned in pleasure, Gary and Sean taking in turns to use her throat. Gary looked over at me. 'Set the drinks down on the dresser, sit on that chair and shut the fuck up while you watch us ruin your wifes holes for you.'

'Yes master' I snivelled.

Ricky stood up and pulled my wifes ass towards the edge of the bed. She stopped sucking dick and looked down as he circled his bulging puple helmet over her slick little slit. He gradually eased the head in as sophia furiously masturbated the other two guys. Ricky was teasing her pussy with jerky movements, pretending to stick it in and then withdrawing and smacking his helmet on her clit. It was driving her wild and she kept trying to move her hips towards him so that his dick would slide in further, but he kept moving it away.

'Please' she was moaning 'please fuck me now. Fuck me good and hard like you know i need. Fuck me like that loser over there never can'

He didn't need to be asked again and he slammed it in to the hilt with a loud slap as his big balls hits her ass. My wife arched her back and let out a deep animal groan as her eyes rolled back into her head, the other two dicks temporarly forgotten as she was filled with cock. It was horrible to see her pussy lips stretched around a massive dick like that, with each thrust they folded inside her, bringing her clit with them as it rubbed against his veiney shaft. and everytime he withdrew, they wrapped around his cock, squeezing it tight.

I looked back up at her and couldn't believe what I saw. Gary was crouched over her head, jerking off and rubbing his balls over her face as she licked all around his arsehole. 'stick your tongue up my arse you cunt' Gary hissed, as her little pink tongue went in and out of his horrible hairy arsehole. Wanking himself off, Sean looked at me. 'Thats right Lucy, your wife loves sticking her tongue in and out of other mens arseholes. Perhaps you'd like to try one eh?'

I hesistated but as soon as the anger flashed across his face I quickly replied 'yes master' and fell to my knees as he turned around and placed his big, muscular arsecheeks either side of my nose. The sour smell was so strong as he began wiping his arse with my face, grinding his sweaty hole onto my nose. 'Stick your tongue out as as far as you can Lucy' He commanded. My reply of 'yes master' was a little muffled, but I did his bidding and began to tongue fuck his hole. After a while I could hear Ricky shouting 'I'm cumming, Unh bitch taking my fucking come you little whore' My wife was delirous 'Fuck yeah, pump me full. Flood my pussy with your come. make me fucking pregnant like my patheic husband can't'

Gary threw me to the floor and I saw Ricky's arsecheeks tighten as he ejaculated inside my wife. She was pulling him in to her, trying to get the sperm as deep inside her as possible. After he'd lain accross her for a while, Ricky got up and pulled his slimy cock out. Her swollen pussy lips slowly closed back together slowly and a trickle of thick spunk came out.

'I aint putting my dick in there, with Ricky's sperm in it, no one knows where he's been!' Sean said. 'Lucy you little bitch, you can clean it' He pushed my head in between my wifes legs so I could see close up her battered cunt, filled with another mans seed, and her musky scent mingled with ricky's in my nostrils. 'Yeah that's it, lick it off. Fucking suck it it all out'

I wanted to make sure I did a good job because I didn't want to be kicked in the balls again so I went at her fanny, licking up all the spunk from around her flaps, and the jizz that had trickled down her legs and down to her asshole. She was really getting off on degrading me like that and she told me that the only time I was ever getting near her pussy again was to clean another mans spunk out. She was rubbing her fanny all over my face and it was hard to breathe, especially with Seans strong hand on the back of me neck. I sucked at her hole and at the same time, she squeezed her internal muscles and my mouth was filled with hot bitter spunk. I had no choice but to swallow it or choke.

Sean threwme back onto the floor and roughly flipped my wife onto her front. She stuck her ass up in the air and turned her head back to concentrate on sucking Gary's balls and trying to get as much of his length down her throat as possible. Seans cock was so huge, that even after the pounding she had just taken it took him a while to ease it in. He grabbed her by the hips and used her like a rag doll, slamming her little body up and down his enormous cock. She was screaming obscenities and bucking back wildly as he grabbed a handful of her hair.

'There's no was she can concentrate on giving a decent blowjob when you're fucking her like that, mate' Gary was complaining. 'I'm going to have to use her other hole.' Sean grinned and withdrew from my wife, leaving her in a heap on the bed, her skin flushed red and her chest heaving. Sean stood up in the middle of the room and beckoned to Sophia. She looked like an excited schoolgirl as she moaned 'are you gonna fuck by of my holes at once!?' She ran over to Sean and threw her arms around his shoulders as he lifted her up by her ass and slowly eased her down his cock. She looked so small compared to the tanned builder with his big, muscular back. He could easily take all of her weight and he stood in the middle of my bedroom, bouncing my wife up and down. Gary came and stood behind her, and he started to press his helmet against her little brown asshole. Sophia was quivering with excitment as he slowly penetrated her bum. 'Yeah use my holes. Fuck my little ass and pussy at the same time' I could see both her holes completely stretched out with the two guys large heavy balls hanging below. Slowly they began to up the tempo thrusting in and out, harder and harder, alternately plunging thier dicks into her willing holes. By now my wife wasn't even saying any words she was just screaming at the top her her lungs and it was clear she was experiencing orgasm after orgasm.

Suddenly Ricky grabbed me and threw me onto the bed. 'Looking at your slut wife getting fucked in both holes like that has made me hard again' he hissed into my ear. 'But as she's being double stuffed and you're dressed like a girl, I'll have to make do' I tried to struggle but he was too strong and he easily overpowered me, holding me down and pulling out the butt plug. I thanked god that my arsehole still had some lube left in it from when i put the butt plug in as i felt him pull my thong to one side and the head of his cock pressed against my hole. 'Please, no' I begged, but my struggling and pleading made no difference as he forced his way into me. He showed absolutely no mercy as he viciously rammed into me, pounding my body into the bed. I caught a few glimpses of my wife still bouncing up and down on the two builders cocks as my arsehole was plundered. Something strange was happening inside my bruised balls though, the fact that I hadn't come for a week and Ricky's massive helmet smashing into my prostate was causing a pressure buildup. Ricky began to fuck me even more violently and suddenly he was shooting spurt after spurt of hot spunk up my arse, and before i knew it i was coming into my knickers like a little bitch, a weeks worth of spunk all over my cock and balls.

Ricky jumped off me and grabbed me by the face shoving his softening cock down my throat. 'That's it bitch' swirl your tougue around that helmet and suck your shit off my dick.' Eventually he decided he was clean enough and left me laying on the bed my arse and balls throbbing. I Looked up at my wife in time to see Sean and Gary both come at the same time, spunk was squirting out the sides of her stretched holes and all three were making horrible animal noises. Sean and Gary carried her over to where I was laying and instructed me to clean and suck the spunk out of her gaping holes. Then I had to clean Sean's massive penis, follwed by Gary's shit covered cock. My face was covered in sperm, and my knickers were full of my own useless seed.

'Lets get this little bitch Lucy cleaned up' Sean said winking at the others, and he made me crawl into the en-suit where he threw me into the bath. Then all three of them came in and urinated over me, their hot yellow piss washing the spunk from my face. 'Open your mouth bitch' One of them commanded. I tried to say 'yes master' but was immediately choked by salty urine hitting the back of my throat.

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