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    • UKDC2LC
      Hi,  New here and really wanting to become a cuck.  Married for 14 years, I'm 35 & wife is 34
    • Sexy Sajeeda
      Who wants to cum on my boobs? if you are worthy then you can cum on my face. if you REALLY behave then maybe I'd let you pump your cock inside of my mouth, as your cock throbs and you ejeculate all your hot sticky creamy cum inside of me, as I continue to suck you like a slut, infront of my husband.. You must be signed in to view the attachment content in this post.
    • Button1
      Been a fun but frustrating weekend, Thursday Donna told me she was spending Friday night with her lover as we were out Saturday. Friday whilst at work we were swapping text messages and I received this text taunting me that I was being locked up before she went to her lover’s. It’s so bitter sweet the chastity side of things, I so love to wank whilst she’s with her lover or fuck buddy as I imagine what they get up to so being caged causes such a head fuck, deep down I know it’s right & proper 😩.. so on getting home Donna ordered me to bring the cage into the lounge, strip down and demanded I fit the base ring, in the perfect world I’d be restrained and she would fit the device but the base ring is a really tight fit and squeezing my balls through is an art in it’s self, I still live in the hope that we reach the stage that the ring (not the cage section) never comes off except during airport travel) but for now it comes off when the cage is off.  The base ring fitted I was told to move my hands to above my head and it took Donna around five minutes and several ouches from me as the cage fittings trapped my skin too, eventually with a satisfied grin she dangled the keys in front of me, “you can watch the video of Simon (her fuck buddy) fucking me now”, she taunts me with it regularly when I’m caged and knows I can’t help but get excited and further frustrated. The picture of her in her red dress was her about to leave for the night with her lover, it was a frustrating night, whilst she messages me whilst with Simon she never does when with her lover.  Saturday she returned home instead of the usual walk of shame she had changed into leggings and a T shirt. Unfortunately as we were away for the night at another works related party there was little time for teasing, I did beg for my key but was sharply told to forget it, “that’s not happening, and, the key is staying here tonight”, instant frustration & disappointment knowing a night out partying and that I’d be locked away through it all. The one thing I know with Donna is when she says something is happening, it happens! So a night away in Blackpool and the key remained at home, over dinner at the function with my work colleagues & friends she discreetly stroked my cage more than once, smirking as she did so. After the function finished, around 1.30 when given how tipsy she was we should have gone back to our hotel she tells me we’re going to find a night club and she’s going to wind me up, for the second time I got to witness her dancing and snogging another man though my view was often restricted but it was obvious another man had his lips and hands on my partner.. it didn’t go anywhere and an hour later we were in our bed and she mocked me in my cage stroking it enough to get me erect then kissed me good night and turned over. The pic of her in her lingerie was from getting ready Saturday night... sunday once home we both slept a chunk of the evening away, as we headed to the bedroom and stripped she asked me “is the cage causing you any discomfort?” I answered no the odd twinge but no. “Are you frustrated?”, of course I am, can I get the key please came the response, Donna just answered “you’re not frustrated enough for me yet, you’re staying in it, long term this time I think”... 😩😢 You must be signed in to view the attachment content in this post.
    • Button1
      Soooo, are you going to share the detail with us? Sounds exciting. 
    • Ads377
      Sharing my 18yr old slut at a college party You must be signed in to view the attachment content in this post.
    • bernie1201r
      Don't know what SD thinks JadesCuckold  but he's pretty demanding and HW accompanies him on his travels a lot .So little time to freelance .  This shot at home with SD  You must be signed in to view the attachment content in this post.
    • Jim Bond
      I hope her photos get you hard and stroking. Tell me what you would do with her while I watched. You must be signed in to view the attachment content in this post.
    • mickeyj873884
      Thank you all once again for your supportive comments. I have just written out one of my fantasies on the “cuckold stories” section, please have a look if interested and let me know what you think! mickey
    • peemteem
      It is very beautryfull ,so hope more post , thanks !
    • aksirius
      hello everyone, just new to this. am looking for some interesting fun..meet interesting people.
    • aksirius
      hello everyone, just new to this. am looking for some interesting fun..meet interesting people.
    • eight4u
         I understand why he didn't last just by looking at you. But still.........
    • justin911
      Hello we are open curious couple who prefere mfm adventures
    • panty licker
      She is gorgeous.   Love her tan stockings. Would love to taste her
    • Norman20
      Just interested to find out more
    • RayUKBull
      Well she sure is a slut and it sounds like she loves it too :-) Wish one of the cock had been mine inside her!!
    • mickeyj873884
      Chapter 2 - From Louise's Perspective I felt nervous After Mick dropped me off, walking down the street to meet a guy I hadn't really seen for 4 years at his apartment.  I always got on with Andy really well, I was never attracted to him but there was something about his charm that I just got drawn in by.  I felt quite sexy that day and it felt good knowing I was wearing nice underwear, although I probably should have covered up a bit more to avoid encouraging Andy as he was a typical bloke, always thinking with his cock!  I got the impression he was quite sexually frustrated spending all week away on his own but I certainly didn't intend doing anything about it, that was his problem! He answered the door and immediately gave me a big hug and kiss on both cheeks.  He was wearing a nice slim fitting shirt and nice smart jeans.  The last 4 years had taken its toll a little and he was looking a bit older, but straight away he was complimenting me on how fantastic I looked which made me feel good Once inside he led me to the sofa and got me a wine.  I sent Mick a quick text to let him know I was inside and having my first drink. He sat opposite me on an armchair and the chat just flowed and flowed, we had so much to catch up on, mainly about his work and all my old colleagues.  Before long he got up to get us a refill as my first wine had gone, I don't drink much so could already feel the effects of it.  As he was about to get up I crossed my legs and inadvertently gave him a flash of my purple knickers, normally I would have hoped I had got away with it but him being the flirt he is commented straight away saying it was a shame I was wearing any knickers! When he returned with our second wine, instead of sitting on the armchair he sat on the sofa beside me, it was a small sofa so we were close together.  He put his arm round my shoulder and gave me another hug saying how much he'd missed me and none of the girls at work anymore are as good looking as me. The combination of the wine, his charm and his manly scent so close to me started to make my pussy tingle, this surprised me as I still didn't find him attractive and don't normally get like that easily.  My body was somehow defying me.  As we continued to chat, Andy got more and more touchy feely, his arm was over my shoulders a few times and he actually stroked my knee more than once, to be honest I didn't protest or try and stop him which probably only encouraged him.  After the second glass of wine had gone I excused myself to the toilet.  When I got there I had a text from Mick asking how it was going and if he was flirting with me.  I had promised to be honest so I replied to say yes he was quite flirty and also told him about the mild bits of touching.  he replied instantly saying "enjoy babe, let your hair down and have fun with him, remember what I said! xx".  When I returned to sit by him on the sofa he had my third glass of wine, I was definitely light headed by now and sat back close to him.  We continued to chat and he continued to touch me at every opportunity.  At one point we were laughing and giggling heaving and he held me close to him, my heart beat increased and my pussy tingled again, I had no idea what was happening to me but before I knew it I had put my hands around him and returned the tight hold.  This was a strange moment and we both went silent, I pulled back slightly and looked him directly in the eye, slowly we moved into each other and began embracing in a passionate and deep kiss, his tongue was intertwined with mine.  He was a fantastic kisser and I could feel myself melting in his arms, his hands were all over me fonding my thighs an bum.  Again I didn't stop him.  we pulled away from the kiss and I said "sorry I shouldn't have done that", he took my hand and said "oh yes you definitely should", I could now feel my pussy soaking wet - what was this man doing to me! I had to text Mick again and luckily Andy excused himself to the toilet.  I text him saying "Darling I can't believe this but I just kissed Andy, I am so sorry I don't know what came over me xx", again he replied immediately saying that it was fine and reassuring me I could do whatever I wanted, I replied again saying it wouldn't go any further than kissing When Andy returned he again sat so close he was touching me, and immediately held me firmly and started kissing me again, he moved down and started to kiss my neck which absolutely drives me wild, I could stop myself from climbing on top of him and straddling him on the sofa, I was like a wild animal and I now wasn't sure where this would end We kissed deeply and he fondled my big breasts through my dress, my dress was riding high and I could feel the thin material of my knickers rubbing his crotch with its defined bulge. He lifted my dress at the sides and I allowed it to go all the way up, helping him to take it off over my head, I was now straddling him in just my underwear and could see the dampness on the outside of my knickers. I unbuttoned his chest revealing his hairy chest, pulling it off and casting it to the floor with my dress, It felt amazing to feel his skin against mine.  He reached round and undid my bra letting my big breasts spring free.  My nipples were hard and he took each on and sucked hard on them as I pressed them into his face. I stepped back and had a moment of reality, I couldn't let this go any further, I am a married woman and shouldn't be doing this.  But I can't just drop the guy after I have led him on, so I thought to myself I will give him a hand job and make him cum so he calms down.  At least then he has got his 'fix' So I kneeled back on the floor wearing only my sexy knickers, and started to undo his jeans, he helped them off along with his boxers and a rock hard cock sprang free.  It was smaller than Mick's but he is a big boy so i'd say this was probably average, but it was a very nice straight cock and he had nice big balls. I moved towards him and licked his hard cock up and down.  I am not usually into blow jobs but I took his head into my mouth and gave him a little suck.  I then pulled back and was about to start wanking him, but to my suprise he stood up and powerfully pushed my back onto the rug, he crawled on top of me between my legs and kissed me again, his body hovering over mine.  I could feel his hard cock brushing the inside of my leg then it touched my pussy, only the thin material of my knickers covering it.  As he kissed me I felt his hand on the inside of my thigh, it slowly moved up until he reached my knickers.  I knew I should stop him right now but it felt so good, he stroked my pussy through my knickers and the worked a finger inside them.  He quickly found his way into my wet pussy with one finger, followed shortly by a second It felt amazing, and I felt like I was losing control, I had to stop this now, but my body was telling me otherwise.  As he fingered me his technique was mind blowing, he just seemed to hit every sensitive spot.  I squeezed his fingers with my pussy and felt an orgasm building, as he increased his pace my body shuddered and I screamed gently as I came hard.  My orgasm subsided slightly and in my daze I felt him hook his fingers around both sides of my knickers.  I lifted my ips to allow him to removed them easily over my shapely legs. I was now fully naked on this mans floor and he was naked hovering above me, I had just cum and I was fully aware that he hadn't.  My body was still hungry for more and when he kissed me again I responded by reaching for his hard cock and stroking it.  He put his hands on my shoulders and held me firmly as he moved between my legs, my pussy was aching to be filled properly but surely I couldn't let myself do this Before I knew it he moved his hips upwards and his hard cock slipped inside my wet pussy, right up to the hilt.  I opened my legs wide giving him access and allowing him to fuck my married pussy.  He began slowly, sliding in and out of me gently but soon upped the pace and started to fuck me hard with long powerful strokes.  I felt my second orgasm building and as he held me tight and continues to pound my pussy I wrapped my legs around him cumming again.  I felt his pace quicken and his body began to stiffen, I knew what was about to happen and he was inside my bare pussy.  He gave a few firm thrusts and then leaned back to look at me as he grunted and pumped his cum inside me. I felt his big balls empty and flood me. We lay there in each others arms for a few moments as I wondered what on earth had just happened, he pulled out of me and sat back leaving me and my cum soaked pussy on the floor in front of him.  In his usual confident way he simply asked if I would like another drink, I declined thinking I had already had enough!    
    • bibkscuck
      sub bi cuck and partner here looking flr cuckold fun
    • bibkscuck
      sub bi cuck and partner here looking flr cuckold fun
    • mickeyj873884
      In the spirit of the "Cuckold Stories" section, this story is fiction but is based on a fantasy involving real life people.  I have written the first chapter from my perspective, then will write the second from hers... Thanks for reading....
      Chapter 1 My wife Louise is 31 and I am 33, we have a very average middle class lifestyle and she is generally un-adventurous when it comes to sex.  I have always fantasised about sharing her with other guys but she isn't interested in even discussing the idea, the closest I have ever come is getting her to talk during sex about flirting with other guys and making their cocks hard.  I loved this but I don't think she was keen.  She has a curvy but very sexy body with amazing tits (some pics on my profile and other threads if interested). She had an old work colleague called Andy who she worked with about 7 years ago at a previous company, he still works there but she left however they have kept in touch fairly regularly over text although have only met once and that was about 4 years ago. I personally never warmed to him and always found him odd but she seemed to get on well with him.  Andy is 48 now and married, nothing much to look at to be honest, short and slim basically, but always seems to have a way with the ladies.  His wife is very attractive and Louise always said he seemed to somehow manage to befriend all the girls at work, especially those 15 years his junior.  He was just one of those blokes who seemed to have something about him that the ladies like but its hard to say what.   As he lives in the North East and we are in the Midlands he has a flat in a nearby town where he stays during the week, he seems to earn good money so its a bit of a flash bachelor pad.  I had noticed recently that his texts to Louise had got more frequent but I am pretty laid back about who she chats with so wasn't bothered, but one day she told me that he had started becoming a bit more flirty.  She did say he had always been like that when they worked together and she was only 24 back then so probably a bit more influencable by an older man.  One night she was texting him when she was in the bath and she started to show me some of the texts, Andy was basically saying that he was picturing her in the bath and wishing he was there to help her scrub!, I was pretty suprised by this but she seemed ok with it and just laughed it off.  He was also asking her to send a selfie, claiming he was lonely in his flat and needed cheering up!, she wasn't comfortable with this but as my cock was already starting to twitch I tried to encourage her saying that the poor bloke clearly needed some wank material!  She still wasn't for doing it but after her bath we did have amazing sex and she was soaking wet. Skip forward a couple of days and she hadn't mentioned him again so I asked if he was still messaging her, she said yes and he was now suggesting they should meet up for a drink as they hadn't seen each other for so long, I turned to her and asked if she wanted to and with a slightly nervous look she said yes she was thinking about it.  She justified it by saying its only a drink and a catch up. Again my cock was already getting hard so I encouraged her saying "yes you should do it darling".  That night we had a couple of glasses of wine and she messaged him back saying she would be up for going for a drink. They continued messaged all night and I saw the whole thing. Again he was becoming increasingly flirty and referring to it as their "hot date", he then said that he had plenty of wine in at his flat so why didn't she just go there one night. This had me going wild!, the thought of her visiting him at his posh flat where he was most likely going to try and seduce her.  I said to her "you do realise he is probably going to try and get in your knickers", but she laughed it off and said "oh I know he will try, he always did but its just a drink". So after much chatting they set a date about a week later.  Deep down I was pretty sure nothing would happen as she is too straight laced but I knew for sure he would be trying hard and that was enough of a turn on for me.  I wanted her to have a few glasses of wine to make her relax and hopefully flirt back with him so I offered to drive her and pick her up later. Skip forward to the day, she started to get ready an hour or so before.  I noticed when she came out of the shower she looked stunning with her usual trimmed pussy hair and beautiful curves.  She chose some everyday but sexy matching bra and pants, and a nice dress, low enough to show off her sexy tits but still classy.  It was mid thigh length so plenty of her bare legs on show.  I complemented her saying how hot she looked and that he was a lucky guy, she blushed slightly and kissed me deeply.  When she pulled away she said "don't worry, like I said its only a drink".  I held her hand, looked her in the eye and said "darling you know I trust you and I have always fantasised about you flirting with other guys, you have my permission to do whatever you want on one condition.." she replied asking what the condition was "just tell me everything, message me while you are there and keep me up to date" I replied.  She responded only by kissing me deeply and passionately again. I drove her to his flat which was about 15 mins away, and dropped her as close as I could get which meant about a 100 metre walk for her, I watched her walk down the street towards the entrance to his block.  My cock twitched again as my mind wandered to what could happen........      
    • wolf1986
      hi from me.. i
    • mifannie
      Hello all
    • zc_zhou
    • ranger69
      You know I think she is one hot lady, but I thought i would remind you.
    • ranger69
      Hi and welcome to the site.
    • ranger69
      Hi I am a mature bull based in Lincoln.  would be happy to chat to see if we are of interest to each other
    • laetitiadk
      Hey Everyone!  I am new to this lifestyle which is extremely arousing to me. My girlfriend has cheated on me several times, and I've "forgiven" her everytime. She does not know about my cuck fantasies or my sissy fantasies (which I have practised in secret). I hope to learn more about this lifestyle from all of you!
    • ranger69
      Hi there, welcome to the site. Hope to see more of you on hear and hear about your adventures.
    • Wife2see
      Thank you, we're looking forward to showing a bit more on what we see as a local site. 
    • willihung
      welcome - hope you have good time and enjoy every visit

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