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Hi I'm a new boy around here and chuck wanabe, I wanted to share something that happened to us and I loved it. This was last year, my wife was out with the usual crowd Friday night (5 of her mates) variety of ages from 26 to 40, I was home alone as always on Friday. As always they all end up at ours as we're nearest to town and various boyfriends and husbands pick them all up as and when, so they come stumbling in around midnight all chattering and laughing then they come into the living room and it all goes a bit quiet and they all seem to be looking at me ( awkward) when suddenly my wife pipes up, I was telling the girls what a wanker you are ! I'm in shock this alludes to our secret that I love being watched when masturbating and I love her to call me a wanker whilst I'm doing it. They all start giggling, can you imagine she says, some of these girls have never watched a man crack one off, to say I'm embarrassed and a little turned on is an understatement. " well go on then this is your chance for a proper audience get your cock out", well after some negotiation we agreed they would all take their knickers down and I would have something to look at wile I did the deed, does anyone want to hear more on this story ?


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So off we went knickers down I stripped off and made a start, the first thing I noticed was they were staring at my cock not one of them looked away. it was awesome even though I was the one in the vulnerable position I felt like I was in charge I only had to move a bit and all the eyes followed my cock like cats following a ball of wool. Surprisingly given the situation I lasted for ages, my wife started to play with my balls at one stage talking dirty to me to get me off, what seemed like an age went by when finally boom I shot a load in the air like the stopper had been pulled out, and without warning they all started cheering and giggling, so the wife cleared the mess away they pulled their knickers up and I left the room. Standing outside I could hear them chatting, it was so horny listening to them. Soon after various partners turned up to pick them up not one of them having any idea what had just happened.

the following week they all turned up half pissed and guess what.

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