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About this blog

I have never created a blog before, why would i!!!??

But during the last three years I have been excited, and very upset in waves. During a bad period I started to try and remember how things started and where I am today :-((

If you want to chat, talk or comment or tribute a picture :-))

- I am a sincere person who is interested in what YOU think of me or my wife, contact me please.  married_sissy@outlook.com

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Married Sissy

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August 1st, 2017,

Email Question::
"You've not had sex with her for three years? Why dont you just satisfy your 70yo wife - then she wouldn't go with young men"?
We have been married over 40 years and I cant remember one time when i didnt have to  use her mouth or cum in her hair because I cum so quickly. When she wanted sex, 'a session' as she called it, she wouLd book a makeover and haircut, she used to take a picture with her to the hairdresser (now her BF) of how I wanted her hair cut. When she came back we made a list of what, from head to toe, would turn me on, I always chose .......

LOADS of whores makeup
LOADS of eye makeup
LONG false eyelashes
Bright RED lipstick
TIGHT choker necklace
Bra or braless - which bra - USUALLY SHELF BRA THAT HER 40DD's REST ON!
shaved or shaped or hairy - USUALLY SHAVED!
panties or no panties - USUALLY NO PANTIES
which stockings and suspender belt
which clothes - USUALLY VERY short, VERY tight dress or fetish outfit
boots or stilettoes (she is 6ft 3ins in stilettoes)
white virgin socks over her stockings and black 6ins stiletoes
When she returned from the hairdresser wet and horny (I now know she fancied her hairdresser) she would dress and shave/trim and wear what was on the list. Then after taking a few pictures of her and drinking some wine she would DEMAND sex ..... I never managed to satisfy her, Ialways came before I could even TRY and get inside her.


BLOG ......

My wife is 70yo,  a 'light plumper' GILF, size 14 UK, 6ft 3 inches in CFM heels, 40DD tits and has thick dyed black hair and dresses like a teenager. She became sexually active about three years ago - but not with me  :-))
In 2014, my wife was due to go for her monthly dye job and haircut, I was sooooo  turned on in anticipation of her return, I did something that had become more appealing as I got older - I crossdressed for a wank.  Problem was she had forgotten her mobile phone and she caught me in full makeup, her CFM mini dress!!!
She stormed out of the house to go to hairdressers appointment, as you read on you will realise that she told her hairdresser why she was 'upset'.   I know her hairdresser and he tells me he was so turned on by the talk they had while he was doing her hair that he put his hand down her top and she groaned and they started kissing, he closed the salon and had her for the first time.  Now her 40yo hairdresser and the salon juinor, aged 21yo, shag my 70yo wife every month afte dying and cutting her hair for FREE - she pays them £220 a month in kind.  It usually takes them a couple of hours  if she is with one, on occasions she has come home next morning.  I can tell whether it was one or two men she has been with by looking in her panties when she gets home and goes for a shower.

The first time they  had her all night was on the 5th December 2015, she went to London shopping on Thursday 10th December 2015.  The 40yo phoned me and said my wife had told him about me a transvestite, and he 'would like'  to see me crossdressed and to take some (faceless) pictures of me in my  wife's  stockings, suspender belt and  lingerie,  he asked me to  'shave everything' and wear one of my wife's mini dresses and and it would be our secret.   I couldn't believe what was happening and found it hard to hold everything together, but couldn't think of a way out that would not end in him telling other people about me being a sissy.

When he came around and seemed very hyper. He told me to wear more makeup and my wife's RED CFM lipstick, while I went to put more on watched me and got REALLY turned on, he had a drink and  then got hold of me and kissed me on the mouth REALLY HARD!!!!
I was really SHOCKED, I didn't have any male experience and have never even touched a man, let alone kissed one on the mouth with tongues! He asked me to pose for him, I was shaking with nerves but I could see he had a massive hardon in his pants and I suppose I was flattered that a man should look at me as a sex object. He asked if I had been ridden yet,  I said I was straight, he said he was going to 'break me in'.

He took pictures that made me feel very feminine he 'made' me give him oral sex. I am only 73 inches/cut and he was massive, about 8/9 inches and very hard. He began kissing me on the mouth again but this time VERY aggresively. He told me to get on all fours for pictures, but instead put two fingers inside me and pushed them up me, it really hurt!!!!!! I  told him it hurt but he said he "didn't give a f**k". Out of spite, and to humiliate me he wanked me off in about 20 seconds so I wouldnt get any pleasure from having a hardon!

We were stood up kissing and he turned me around, got behind me and rubbed himself against my hole which seemed to make him even more aggressive! He made me sit on his knee, then on his dick which had a rubber and lube on it. He pushed his helmet inside me. It was VERY painful he managed to get his helmet and and a few inches inside, he left it in for a minute to 'widen'  me then he  put me on all fours and mounted me and fucked me HARD & NON STOP for about 5 minutes, he was swearing all calling me names all the time  and telling me how he fucks my wife and she cant get enough  - then he came inside me!!!   I felt his really hot cum pumping into the rubber. I cant tell you how painful the thrusting was, and still was for more than two days.  But, I felt really VERY feminine being 'used' by a man and feeling him cum inside ME, he really was pumping and thrusting for ages. Without kissing or talking to me he got off me, took the rubber off and made me clean him up then he went home!!!  I think he always wanted to fuck a tranny, especially his girlfriends husband, to show how masculine he was, but was embarrassed about being turned on by an effeminate man in women's clothes.
He has been in touch, next time my wife is away he wants to have me again, and is bringing the salon juinior who is 21yo. He wants me crossdressed in a white wedding dress, SHAVED ALL OVER, white stockings and suspender belt
Monday, December 19, 2016
My Christmas Stuffing    
Her BF and his mate had me stay over while my wife was away. This had been arranged by email and text. He told me to shave EVERYTHING OFF again and he had bought an old fashioned white wedding dress from a charity shop and had told me to buy white (not my colour!!) suspender belt, stockings and shoes to go with the dress. I also had white blonde bob cut wig. When I got to theirs, above the salon, they had been 'wankin & drinkin' as he said!  He said  ' We didn't  spend too much on the dress, we are going to rip it to f*****g  shreds!!'.  Over night they gave it to me, each end, for nearly four hours, on and off. I have NEVER been as tired and SORE in my life. Everything, including the inside of my mouth was red raw.
Now Thursday at 4pm and I am still finding it painful to sit down, sooooooo sore. They came inside me at least four times, not counting my mouth, face and hair.
UPDATE: On Saturday 30th April 2016.
My wife went for her monthly 'hair appointment' and as usual texted that she was going to town with 'some friends'. She came in at 4 in the morning 'worn out'.  Monday morning I received text and poor quality pictures from her BF saying that the same juinior who rode me saw her at the salon after her makeup and hair had been done. He said that although she was fifty years older than him he said he would 'love to  fuck it'.  So her 40yo boyfriend said if the young guy paid for the drinks all evening   he would let him have my wife. This is what happened, she went with both of them!"*!! They took it in turns with her and they called it 'loose juice time' because at 68yo they could fill her with as much cum as they wanted without rubbers on.
Her BF texted me saying that after they had finished with her she said ....
 "I have just had more cock and cum in four hours than I have had in 40 years married to him!" :-((
He has since told me the other guy was 21yo and it I was his first sex (anal) and my wife his first straight sex, he went with her because she is 'mutton dressed as lamb'!!  
Update Friday 20/5/16
At the start of this week I got a text off her BF about the young guy, he was getting fed up of ' waiting to ride the tranny' and he wanted to hurry things along and not wait for my wife to go away again.. They asked me to spend Thursday afternoon 'getting ready' and then asked me to call in the salon Thursday night (my wife stays at sisters alternate Thursday) about 7.30 with clothes and things in a bag.

So I shaved EVERYTHING and douched twice. I never wear panties so it was difficult to keep the  silver metal butt plug inside me. He said it would open me up 'so things would be fucking easier this time'!!!  Before going, I put a 10inch micro skirt, makeup, black top, feeding bra, stockings and suspender, white ankle socks to go over black stockings, CFM heels and a black bow to go on my blonde bob in the bag and called at the shop. One woman was there and just leaving, so I went into the staff toilet to 'get ready'  for them.

While I was putting makeup on I heard the outside shutters go down. When I went out into the shop, it was darkish and the wall lights were on dimly. They had both stripped  and were rubbing themselves to get hard. The young guy was very turned on and very excited. He had only seen a transvestite once before - me!   My wifes BF sat in the raised hairdressers chair and told me to lean forward, hands on arms of chair, legs splayed out backwards and suck him. While I did this, with the metal butt plug still inside me, the young guy put a ribbed rubber and lubricant on and moved around the back. He slowly pulled the butt plug out and while my hole was still open slid himself right inside me until his groin was pushing against my shaved buttocks. But unlike her BF, it was smooth and didnt hurt at all. He started moaning and began screwing me, I don't think I was hard when he started, I was too nervous, but when he started going in and out my 3 inches suddenly got rock hard and I came.  I was still sucking her BF and I shot cum onto the floor and his feet. He became REALLY turned on watching the young guy and put both hands on by blonde bob to stop me raising my head - then he came in my mouth. He wouldnt let me raise my head until I had swallowed his cum and licked him clean. The young guy was getting rougher now, encouraged by the 40yo, and there was a loud slapping noise as his groin hit my buttocks - after about 5 minutes he yelled and pulled my hips towards him and came inside me. I felt him pump about six times and each time the heat increased. The BF just went  into the toilet and got washed and dressed but the young guy wanted to suck and bite my nipples through my feeding bra and kiss me on the mouth for ages. When I got up to go into toilet to get changed, LOADS of his cum ran out of me, he had taken the rubber off.
 Saturday 18th June.2016
 My wife has been to hairdressers and had hair dyed blonde - I dont like it!!!!
She has gone to her sisters until Monday, her BF texted me at about 2 oclock in the afternoon. He didn't ask!!!!! - just told me he was 'horny as fuck for your sissy arse' and he wanted me late that afternoon, 'wet, blonde, and clean'. He told me to wear stockings, suspender belt, high heels, black mini skirt and black polo top blouse with a my silicon filled 36c bra!!
This time was a BIT better, he opened a bottle of wine and I got a bit tipsy, that certainly helped!!!!  He seemed turned on by kissing me and kept asking me to stand up and turn around while he got hard and wanked. He took my skirt off and laid on the bed and I sat on his 'lap' as he laid on the bed, then after AGES he came inside me and wanted a LOT of mouth work to clean him up. Later we had another drink and kissed and he got hard again!!!! Finally he stripped me naked to my stockings suspender belt and 36c silicon filled bra and made me wank myself off while he watched - I was a VERY VERY embarrassed and could not get hard.  I finally came sat on his cock, for some reason he calls me foul names as he comes. Took him about an hour to finish with me, just him this time - thank god.
Update -  JUNE 2016.
40yo has phoned me and the truth is that on Saturday my wife insisted that he dyed  her black hair dyed blonde. They had a few words, he likes her black but he did eventually dye it blonde, but that didn't give him his usual hardon afterwards so he didn't fuck her, FIRST TIME FOR TWO YEARS!!!
So that is why he sent for me, so he didn't go without sex and he gave me 'her share' to punish us both :-((
Update -  June 2016
I tried to mount my wife in bed while she was out of friends with her BF because she was obviously frustrated, but she said I was an 'effeminate little nancy-boy' and said she didn't want me 'messing about' with my three inch dick'.
30th June. 2016
 Her hairdresser BF texted me this morning saying he has just dyed her hair dyed black again and she wont be home until tomorrow!!!  GOD KNOWS WHAT A STATE SHE WILL BE IN  :-((
Question::  'When did you last screw her?'
Answer: I have penetrated her less than a handful of times in 40 years. Usually when I got  turned on, after she had her hair cut and dyed, our fetish!  I used to dress her up and take pictures then cum in her hair - usually entailed quickly throwing the camera down and grabbing her to cum in her mouth or on her hair.  :-((
Update August 5th 2016.
The younger of her boyfriends, 21yo, says he feels intimidated and cant 'enjoy' her while his mate is 'at it' at the same time. He has asked my wife to meet him once a week dressed as a teenage whore (she MUST be in stockings and suspenders and a feeding bra to parade in front of him while he masturbates and then feed him, apprently she lactates when REALLY turned on???!!!!   I would love to be there with him, but she does not know I know about her and she CERTAINLY does not know they have been with me. He says he will give her £50 each time.
Update September 2016.
Just got back off holiday in Yorkshire Dales. I really hoped for some sex with my wife after a very strange two years. We had a large room but she had booked seperate beds! She had a couple of phone calls on her mobile from one or other of her boyfriends, lots of whispering and laughing. About midweek we went to the local pub for an evening meal and she looked GREAT!!  Tight red top and black skirt (much too short for her age!!!!!!!).  
She went to the bar to order and seemed to be away ages so I stood up and looked through into the bar area and she was stood with a younger guy laughing and having a drink. He had his arm around her waste and was whispering to her. I sat down,  am too sissy to make a scene, but was really annoyed and embarrased, after a few minutes she came and sat down at our table with the drinks. I asked what had taken her so long and she said she had been to the toilet. She seemed really bubbly all evening and kept looking over to him and his friends and smiling.
Later on we walked back to the hotel and I asked her to back combe her hair, to turn me on, and to leave her stockings and suspenders on - to see if it would get me hard. She said she was too tired and wanted a shower and to go to bed. While we were getting ready for bed she had a text, while she was in the shower I looked on her mobile, I know her password :-)) the text said 'Ring ********  when you want a young MANS hard cock inside  you xxx ;-)) '
After about 5 minutes I went into the bathroom to clean my teeth (and see if I could see her naked). When I went in she had her back to me and she had her hand between her legs masturbating.
When she came out and got into bed I went to her bed to kiss her goodnight and tried to kiss her hard and put my hand up her nightie to feel her 40DD's, but she stopped me and said  'Has  Nancy managed to get stiff - and your not even dressed in my underwear' and then turned over. The first thing she did when we got home was go to her BF the hairdresser for a 'cut and dye job'. I have not had pictures from him yet.
Update; Thursday 3rd November 2016.
Her BF wants me to 'perform' for him and his mate again when my wife goes to London for annual Christmas 2016 shopping trip! They both want to 'ride' me again in my white PVC boots and the wedding dress, white stockings, suspenders and lingerie.  
Yesterday he texted me a picture of my wife with THREE men finishing themselves off on her tits - THREE MEN!!!!!!  The third was older and fatter!!!!!!!???????
The fact that they wants to have me again, and the three men in the picture both excited and REALLY upsets me!
He later told me that they met the older man in July and August 2016 when the 40yo took my wife 'floggin' twice.  I thought he meant 'doggin' but he said what they do with 'floggin' is go to a dogging site and the 'husband' sits in the front with the woman in the back. The 'husband' puts large piece of card on the dashboard with just numbers on it '35', 75' etc - this means £'s.  This is the price for 10 minutes in the back with the woman on display, they can do whatever they want. The 'flogger' looks through the window and if he fancies what on display he pays the 'husband' who gets out of the car and lets the stranger in the back to do the woman. Her BF took her there twice and he said five men went with her in the back of his car over the two days = £180.  ($197)
Question July 2017.
Do you enjoy riding men, what do you like most?
I have been the donkey and never the jockey, I have only ever been ridden.  I am only 3 inches/cut so I am probably better taking it than giving it, it seems to be the rear that men are interested in not the 3 inches at the front :-((
I enjoy kissing and tongues with the young guy, and I am very flattered when they tell me to parade up and down for them while they stare at me and use FOUL language and masturbate!
I  LOVE being on all fours with the 21yo inside me and the 40yo in my mouth, I know that they make signals to each other and laugh and smirk, the 40yo encourages the young guy to give 'give it the full length', thats when the young guy gets aggressive too.
He has 9 inches!


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