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How I arrived here. 

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First ever blog

I have never done a blog before, but it seems like a good idea at this moment time. I'm not a wordsmith, this will become apparent, and this could be quite disjointed, please forgive me! Who knows it might even help someone like me in the future, or it might never get updated after this entry!

So who am I? Im a 50 year old happily married male. This is not my first marriage, but I am married to a wonderful lady who is 3 years younger than me. We have been together for 9 years. She is a very clever and much respected woman, prim and proper, but very very dirty in the bedroom. All that most blokes could want in fact. 

However, around the same time as I met my future wife, I became aware of the cuckold lifestyle and it immediately caught my attention. The thought of another having full access to my woman really clicked with me, especially if the scenes or stories featured humiliation in some form of the hubby. Too many nights were spent sneaking downstairs to watch cuckold porn, I tried to give it up, but like an addict I kept returning. My fetish, as I now thought of it, now extended to enjoying watching the chuck hubby become a sissy, and this also excited me. 

Now I don't fit the typical pornland definition of a cuck. I consider myself pretty good in the bedroom, I'm reasonably well endowed, it's not the biggest but he's a grafter! My (now) wife says she is satisfied and I'm sure she wouldn't lie! But I can't shift the thought and desire of another man brining pleasure to her! 

About 5 years ago, I told her about my cuckold thoughts. She didn't go mental at me. Gradually we introduced the idea into the bedroom, roll playing various scenarios, letting me take pictures of her and even letting me post some on a cuckold site. 

Unfortunately the momentum stopped last year, a loss in the family affected us all badly. But things are starting to pick up, our sex life is getting back up to speed and the cuckold scenarios are continuing. The noticeable difference that they are mainly initiated by her now. 

So that kind of brings me to where I am now. I've hit 50, and rather than have a mid life crisis and by a convertible, I've realised that life is short, and you only get one crack at it. I have experienced a lot in my life, but the thing I crave more than anything is to see my wife wrapped around her bull while I look on helplessly. 

To be continued, maybe. Sorry about the mess. 

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