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  1. One thing we've discovered from the cuckolding scene is the way its really improved our marriage and taught us so much about ourselves and each other.

    I think couples usually live in isolation from each other without realising just how much divides them. We were the same, I thought my wifes sex drive had dwindled and she only had desires for me and she thought the same about me. She hates porn or anything "dirty" and I have no dirty secrets.

    Then we started to explore cuckolding and we discovered we hardly knew each other at all, not really. My wife discovered she does enjoy porn when it comes from a bull. I think porn can leave a woman feeling threatened as she worries about her husband wanting the woman in the movie but a bull is not her husband, it doesn't matter the same way that he wants other women, heck he's a bull so I think that's often assumed. She found she really enjoyed graphic hardcore porn when its from a bull and hubby is content to not see it and remain faithful to his wife.

    She always liked an alpha male, she is very happy being the submissive to a man. I'm not very dominant though but I've learned just how much she likes to take orders and serve a dominant man. We've also found that serving as a couple can be very exciting for us both and we've both found humiliating me can be a powerful erotic experience. Being able to be in bed together and have her show me a cock picture and tell me how good it looks and how we could both orally pleasure it before she gets to take it....don't hubby hubby, there will be plenty for you to clean up afterwards.

    Since we can be open together about such deep and personal things we've found that we are more open in all areas of our life I think. Inviting a man into your bedroom can have so many benefits.

    It takes away pressure from hubby to have to perform and please.
    It gives a couple an openness and intimacy to share so much.
    It teaches each other so much that would otherwise be hidden.

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    WARNING: Any institutions/company/persons using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects- You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do,it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.



    August 1st, 2017,

    Email Question::
    "You've not had sex with her for three years? Why dont you just satisfy your 70yo wife - then she wouldn't go with young men"?
    We have been married over 40 years and I cant remember one time when i didnt have to  use her mouth or cum in her hair because I cum so quickly. When she wanted sex, 'a session' as she called it, she wouLd book a makeover and haircut, she used to take a picture with her to the hairdresser (now her BF) of how I wanted her hair cut. When she came back we made a list of what, from head to toe, would turn me on, I always chose .......

    LOADS of whores makeup
    LOADS of eye makeup
    LONG false eyelashes
    Bright RED lipstick
    TIGHT choker necklace
    Bra or braless - which bra - USUALLY SHELF BRA THAT HER 40DD's REST ON!
    shaved or shaped or hairy - USUALLY SHAVED!
    panties or no panties - USUALLY NO PANTIES
    which stockings and suspender belt
    which clothes - USUALLY VERY short, VERY tight dress or fetish outfit
    boots or stilettoes (she is 6ft 3ins in stilettoes)
    white virgin socks over her stockings and black 6ins stiletoes
    When she returned from the hairdresser wet and horny (I now know she fancied her hairdresser) she would dress and shave/trim and wear what was on the list. Then after taking a few pictures of her and drinking some wine she would DEMAND sex ..... I never managed to satisfy her, Ialways came before I could even TRY and get inside her.


    BLOG ......

    My wife is 70yo,  a 'light plumper' GILF, size 14 UK, 6ft 3 inches in CFM heels, 40DD tits and has thick dyed black hair and dresses like a teenager. She became sexually active about three years ago - but not with me  :-))
    In 2014, my wife was due to go for her monthly dye job and haircut, I was sooooo  turned on in anticipation of her return, I did something that had become more appealing as I got older - I crossdressed for a wank.  Problem was she had forgotten her mobile phone and she caught me in full makeup, her CFM mini dress!!!
    She stormed out of the house to go to hairdressers appointment, as you read on you will realise that she told her hairdresser why she was 'upset'.   I know her hairdresser and he tells me he was so turned on by the talk they had while he was doing her hair that he put his hand down her top and she groaned and they started kissing, he closed the salon and had her for the first time.  Now her 40yo hairdresser and the salon juinor, aged 21yo, shag my 70yo wife every month afte dying and cutting her hair for FREE - she pays them £220 a month in kind.  It usually takes them a couple of hours  if she is with one, on occasions she has come home next morning.  I can tell whether it was one or two men she has been with by looking in her panties when she gets home and goes for a shower.

    The first time they  had her all night was on the 5th December 2015, she went to London shopping on Thursday 10th December 2015.  The 40yo phoned me and said my wife had told him about me a transvestite, and he 'would like'  to see me crossdressed and to take some (faceless) pictures of me in my  wife's  stockings, suspender belt and  lingerie,  he asked me to  'shave everything' and wear one of my wife's mini dresses and and it would be our secret.   I couldn't believe what was happening and found it hard to hold everything together, but couldn't think of a way out that would not end in him telling other people about me being a sissy.

    When he came around and seemed very hyper. He told me to wear more makeup and my wife's RED CFM lipstick, while I went to put more on watched me and got REALLY turned on, he had a drink and  then got hold of me and kissed me on the mouth REALLY HARD!!!!
    I was really SHOCKED, I didn't have any male experience and have never even touched a man, let alone kissed one on the mouth with tongues! He asked me to pose for him, I was shaking with nerves but I could see he had a massive hardon in his pants and I suppose I was flattered that a man should look at me as a sex object. He asked if I had been ridden yet,  I said I was straight, he said he was going to 'break me in'.

    He took pictures that made me feel very feminine he 'made' me give him oral sex. I am only 73 inches/cut and he was massive, about 8/9 inches and very hard. He began kissing me on the mouth again but this time VERY aggresively. He told me to get on all fours for pictures, but instead put two fingers inside me and pushed them up me, it really hurt!!!!!! I  told him it hurt but he said he "didn't give a f**k". Out of spite, and to humiliate me he wanked me off in about 20 seconds so I wouldnt get any pleasure from having a hardon!

    We were stood up kissing and he turned me around, got behind me and rubbed himself against my hole which seemed to make him even more aggressive! He made me sit on his knee, then on his dick which had a rubber and lube on it. He pushed his helmet inside me. It was VERY painful he managed to get his helmet and and a few inches inside, he left it in for a minute to 'widen'  me then he  put me on all fours and mounted me and fucked me HARD & NON STOP for about 5 minutes, he was swearing all calling me names all the time  and telling me how he fucks my wife and she cant get enough  - then he came inside me!!!   I felt his really hot cum pumping into the rubber. I cant tell you how painful the thrusting was, and still was for more than two days.  But, I felt really VERY feminine being 'used' by a man and feeling him cum inside ME, he really was pumping and thrusting for ages. Without kissing or talking to me he got off me, took the rubber off and made me clean him up then he went home!!!  I think he always wanted to fuck a tranny, especially his girlfriends husband, to show how masculine he was, but was embarrassed about being turned on by an effeminate man in women's clothes.
    He has been in touch, next time my wife is away he wants to have me again, and is bringing the salon juinior who is 21yo. He wants me crossdressed in a white wedding dress, SHAVED ALL OVER, white stockings and suspender belt
    Monday, December 19, 2016
    My Christmas Stuffing    
    Her BF and his mate had me stay over while my wife was away. This had been arranged by email and text. He told me to shave EVERYTHING OFF again and he had bought an old fashioned white wedding dress from a charity shop and had told me to buy white (not my colour!!) suspender belt, stockings and shoes to go with the dress. I also had white blonde bob cut wig. When I got to theirs, above the salon, they had been 'wankin & drinkin' as he said!  He said  ' We didn't  spend too much on the dress, we are going to rip it to f*****g  shreds!!'.  Over night they gave it to me, each end, for nearly four hours, on and off. I have NEVER been as tired and SORE in my life. Everything, including the inside of my mouth was red raw.
    Now Thursday at 4pm and I am still finding it painful to sit down, sooooooo sore. They came inside me at least four times, not counting my mouth, face and hair.
    UPDATE: On Saturday 30th April 2016.
    My wife went for her monthly 'hair appointment' and as usual texted that she was going to town with 'some friends'. She came in at 4 in the morning 'worn out'.  Monday morning I received text and poor quality pictures from her BF saying that the same juinior who rode me saw her at the salon after her makeup and hair had been done. He said that although she was fifty years older than him he said he would 'love to  fuck it'.  So her 40yo boyfriend said if the young guy paid for the drinks all evening   he would let him have my wife. This is what happened, she went with both of them!"*!! They took it in turns with her and they called it 'loose juice time' because at 68yo they could fill her with as much cum as they wanted without rubbers on.
    Her BF texted me saying that after they had finished with her she said ....
     "I have just had more cock and cum in four hours than I have had in 40 years married to him!" :-((
    He has since told me the other guy was 21yo and it I was his first sex (anal) and my wife his first straight sex, he went with her because she is 'mutton dressed as lamb'!!  
    Update Friday 20/5/16
    At the start of this week I got a text off her BF about the young guy, he was getting fed up of ' waiting to ride the tranny' and he wanted to hurry things along and not wait for my wife to go away again.. They asked me to spend Thursday afternoon 'getting ready' and then asked me to call in the salon Thursday night (my wife stays at sisters alternate Thursday) about 7.30 with clothes and things in a bag.

    So I shaved EVERYTHING and douched twice. I never wear panties so it was difficult to keep the  silver metal butt plug inside me. He said it would open me up 'so things would be fucking easier this time'!!!  Before going, I put a 10inch micro skirt, makeup, black top, feeding bra, stockings and suspender, white ankle socks to go over black stockings, CFM heels and a black bow to go on my blonde bob in the bag and called at the shop. One woman was there and just leaving, so I went into the staff toilet to 'get ready'  for them.

    While I was putting makeup on I heard the outside shutters go down. When I went out into the shop, it was darkish and the wall lights were on dimly. They had both stripped  and were rubbing themselves to get hard. The young guy was very turned on and very excited. He had only seen a transvestite once before - me!   My wifes BF sat in the raised hairdressers chair and told me to lean forward, hands on arms of chair, legs splayed out backwards and suck him. While I did this, with the metal butt plug still inside me, the young guy put a ribbed rubber and lubricant on and moved around the back. He slowly pulled the butt plug out and while my hole was still open slid himself right inside me until his groin was pushing against my shaved buttocks. But unlike her BF, it was smooth and didnt hurt at all. He started moaning and began screwing me, I don't think I was hard when he started, I was too nervous, but when he started going in and out my 3 inches suddenly got rock hard and I came.  I was still sucking her BF and I shot cum onto the floor and his feet. He became REALLY turned on watching the young guy and put both hands on by blonde bob to stop me raising my head - then he came in my mouth. He wouldnt let me raise my head until I had swallowed his cum and licked him clean. The young guy was getting rougher now, encouraged by the 40yo, and there was a loud slapping noise as his groin hit my buttocks - after about 5 minutes he yelled and pulled my hips towards him and came inside me. I felt him pump about six times and each time the heat increased. The BF just went  into the toilet and got washed and dressed but the young guy wanted to suck and bite my nipples through my feeding bra and kiss me on the mouth for ages. When I got up to go into toilet to get changed, LOADS of his cum ran out of me, he had taken the rubber off.
     Saturday 18th June.2016
     My wife has been to hairdressers and had hair dyed blonde - I dont like it!!!!
    She has gone to her sisters until Monday, her BF texted me at about 2 oclock in the afternoon. He didn't ask!!!!! - just told me he was 'horny as fuck for your sissy arse' and he wanted me late that afternoon, 'wet, blonde, and clean'. He told me to wear stockings, suspender belt, high heels, black mini skirt and black polo top blouse with a my silicon filled 36c bra!!
    This time was a BIT better, he opened a bottle of wine and I got a bit tipsy, that certainly helped!!!!  He seemed turned on by kissing me and kept asking me to stand up and turn around while he got hard and wanked. He took my skirt off and laid on the bed and I sat on his 'lap' as he laid on the bed, then after AGES he came inside me and wanted a LOT of mouth work to clean him up. Later we had another drink and kissed and he got hard again!!!! Finally he stripped me naked to my stockings suspender belt and 36c silicon filled bra and made me wank myself off while he watched - I was a VERY VERY embarrassed and could not get hard.  I finally came sat on his cock, for some reason he calls me foul names as he comes. Took him about an hour to finish with me, just him this time - thank god.
    Update -  JUNE 2016.
    40yo has phoned me and the truth is that on Saturday my wife insisted that he dyed  her black hair dyed blonde. They had a few words, he likes her black but he did eventually dye it blonde, but that didn't give him his usual hardon afterwards so he didn't fuck her, FIRST TIME FOR TWO YEARS!!!
    So that is why he sent for me, so he didn't go without sex and he gave me 'her share' to punish us both :-((
    Update -  June 2016
    I tried to mount my wife in bed while she was out of friends with her BF because she was obviously frustrated, but she said I was an 'effeminate little nancy-boy' and said she didn't want me 'messing about' with my three inch dick'.
    30th June. 2016
     Her hairdresser BF texted me this morning saying he has just dyed her hair dyed black again and she wont be home until tomorrow!!!  GOD KNOWS WHAT A STATE SHE WILL BE IN  :-((
    Question::  'When did you last screw her?'
    Answer: I have penetrated her less than a handful of times in 40 years. Usually when I got  turned on, after she had her hair cut and dyed, our fetish!  I used to dress her up and take pictures then cum in her hair - usually entailed quickly throwing the camera down and grabbing her to cum in her mouth or on her hair.  :-((
    Update August 5th 2016.
    The younger of her boyfriends, 21yo, says he feels intimidated and cant 'enjoy' her while his mate is 'at it' at the same time. He has asked my wife to meet him once a week dressed as a teenage whore (she MUST be in stockings and suspenders and a feeding bra to parade in front of him while he masturbates and then feed him, apprently she lactates when REALLY turned on???!!!!   I would love to be there with him, but she does not know I know about her and she CERTAINLY does not know they have been with me. He says he will give her £50 each time.
    Update September 2016.
    Just got back off holiday in Yorkshire Dales. I really hoped for some sex with my wife after a very strange two years. We had a large room but she had booked seperate beds! She had a couple of phone calls on her mobile from one or other of her boyfriends, lots of whispering and laughing. About midweek we went to the local pub for an evening meal and she looked GREAT!!  Tight red top and black skirt (much too short for her age!!!!!!!).  
    She went to the bar to order and seemed to be away ages so I stood up and looked through into the bar area and she was stood with a younger guy laughing and having a drink. He had his arm around her waste and was whispering to her. I sat down,  am too sissy to make a scene, but was really annoyed and embarrased, after a few minutes she came and sat down at our table with the drinks. I asked what had taken her so long and she said she had been to the toilet. She seemed really bubbly all evening and kept looking over to him and his friends and smiling.
    Later on we walked back to the hotel and I asked her to back combe her hair, to turn me on, and to leave her stockings and suspenders on - to see if it would get me hard. She said she was too tired and wanted a shower and to go to bed. While we were getting ready for bed she had a text, while she was in the shower I looked on her mobile, I know her password :-)) the text said 'Ring ********  when you want a young MANS hard cock inside  you xxx ;-)) '
    After about 5 minutes I went into the bathroom to clean my teeth (and see if I could see her naked). When I went in she had her back to me and she had her hand between her legs masturbating.
    When she came out and got into bed I went to her bed to kiss her goodnight and tried to kiss her hard and put my hand up her nightie to feel her 40DD's, but she stopped me and said  'Has  Nancy managed to get stiff - and your not even dressed in my underwear' and then turned over. The first thing she did when we got home was go to her BF the hairdresser for a 'cut and dye job'. I have not had pictures from him yet.
    Update; Thursday 3rd November 2016.
    Her BF wants me to 'perform' for him and his mate again when my wife goes to London for annual Christmas 2016 shopping trip! They both want to 'ride' me again in my white PVC boots and the wedding dress, white stockings, suspenders and lingerie.  
    Yesterday he texted me a picture of my wife with THREE men finishing themselves off on her tits - THREE MEN!!!!!!  The third was older and fatter!!!!!!!???????
    The fact that they wants to have me again, and the three men in the picture both excited and REALLY upsets me!
    He later told me that they met the older man in July and August 2016 when the 40yo took my wife 'floggin' twice.  I thought he meant 'doggin' but he said what they do with 'floggin' is go to a dogging site and the 'husband' sits in the front with the woman in the back. The 'husband' puts large piece of card on the dashboard with just numbers on it '35', 75' etc - this means £'s.  This is the price for 10 minutes in the back with the woman on display, they can do whatever they want. The 'flogger' looks through the window and if he fancies what on display he pays the 'husband' who gets out of the car and lets the stranger in the back to do the woman. Her BF took her there twice and he said five men went with her in the back of his car over the two days = £180.  ($197)
    Question July 2017.
    Do you enjoy riding men, what do you like most?
    I have been the donkey and never the jockey, I have only ever been ridden.  I am only 3 inches/cut so I am probably better taking it than giving it, it seems to be the rear that men are interested in not the 3 inches at the front :-((
    I enjoy kissing and tongues with the young guy, and I am very flattered when they tell me to parade up and down for them while they stare at me and use FOUL language and masturbate!
    I  LOVE being on all fours with the 21yo inside me and the 40yo in my mouth, I know that they make signals to each other and laugh and smirk, the 40yo encourages the young guy to give 'give it the full length', thats when the young guy gets aggressive too.
    He has 9 inches!


  2. Vikingbull

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    Hi I'm a new boy around here and chuck wanabe, I wanted to share something that happened to us and I loved it. This was last year, my wife was out with the usual crowd Friday night (5 of her mates) variety of ages from 26 to 40, I was home alone as always on Friday. As always they all end up at ours as we're nearest to town and various boyfriends and husbands pick them all up as and when, so they come stumbling in around midnight all chattering and laughing then they come into the living room and it all goes a bit quiet and they all seem to be looking at me ( awkward) when suddenly my wife pipes up, I was telling the girls what a wanker you are ! I'm in shock this alludes to our secret that I love being watched when masturbating and I love her to call me a wanker whilst I'm doing it. They all start giggling, can you imagine she says, some of these girls have never watched a man crack one off, to say I'm embarrassed and a little turned on is an understatement. " well go on then this is your chance for a proper audience get your cock out", well after some negotiation we agreed they would all take their knickers down and I would have something to look at wile I did the deed, does anyone want to hear more on this story ?

  3. Anagram

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    I have never done a blog before, but it seems like a good idea at this moment time. I'm not a wordsmith, this will become apparent, and this could be quite disjointed, please forgive me! Who knows it might even help someone like me in the future, or it might never get updated after this entry!

    So who am I? Im a 50 year old happily married male. This is not my first marriage, but I am married to a wonderful lady who is 3 years younger than me. We have been together for 9 years. She is a very clever and much respected woman, prim and proper, but very very dirty in the bedroom. All that most blokes could want in fact. 

    However, around the same time as I met my future wife, I became aware of the cuckold lifestyle and it immediately caught my attention. The thought of another having full access to my woman really clicked with me, especially if the scenes or stories featured humiliation in some form of the hubby. Too many nights were spent sneaking downstairs to watch cuckold porn, I tried to give it up, but like an addict I kept returning. My fetish, as I now thought of it, now extended to enjoying watching the chuck hubby become a sissy, and this also excited me. 

    Now I don't fit the typical pornland definition of a cuck. I consider myself pretty good in the bedroom, I'm reasonably well endowed, it's not the biggest but he's a grafter! My (now) wife says she is satisfied and I'm sure she wouldn't lie! But I can't shift the thought and desire of another man brining pleasure to her! 

    About 5 years ago, I told her about my cuckold thoughts. She didn't go mental at me. Gradually we introduced the idea into the bedroom, roll playing various scenarios, letting me take pictures of her and even letting me post some on a cuckold site. 

    Unfortunately the momentum stopped last year, a loss in the family affected us all badly. But things are starting to pick up, our sex life is getting back up to speed and the cuckold scenarios are continuing. The noticeable difference that they are mainly initiated by her now. 

    So that kind of brings me to where I am now. I've hit 50, and rather than have a mid life crisis and by a convertible, I've realised that life is short, and you only get one crack at it. I have experienced a lot in my life, but the thing I crave more than anything is to see my wife wrapped around her bull while I look on helplessly. 

    To be continued, maybe. Sorry about the mess. 

  4. As you may be aware my husband and fully fledged so sissy now has a boyfriend. I tol her to get off out for a date before Christmas and be sure to take selfies of them together and of her on her own. They went to Middlebrook shopping centre in Bolton where the BF bought some knickers for Paula. They then went to Starbucks and then off to the back end of Tescos car park where Paula sucked off her BF.  I have planned uses for the pics as I develop a library of them. They will be put to good use! Here is one of the sluts selfies after sucking off her boyfriend. Pathetic!!! (Sorry forgot to attach pic......here you go!)...



  5. One of the thing I love with my wife is when she start to play with one of her sex toy to tease me before sex.

    First of all she put her tan stockings on her legs with a quick touch on her pussy to show it with her big clit which will grow up very quickly, but also to show her wet pussy!

    Then she start to select which toy could satisfied her pussy ans sometimes her ass.

    When she start tu use it she start to be naughty, with naughty words and positions!

    after several penetration she prefer to ask me to finisih the job!!!! And I love it!

  6. The last few weeks have been a bit frosty around here, to say the least. A huge argument and no sex for me, and not even chatting about sex. Pretty sure Kay has been out and getting cock weekly, but not telling me anything at all about it. Getting nasty when I ask too. So I have been head down with work, online checking porn, chatting to the odd deviate like me (lol) and trying to spy on her. She has been out, but I can't tell if it's been for cock or not. I assume so.  Anyway, the weather was looking better for the weekend and I had Friday off, so I suggested  a day trip up the coast, lunch, , beach, shopping, whatever? She was still frosty, not interested in any sex, fuck it. But she said 'well, if we must!' Bitch.


    I suggested the coast as I had a plan. I know a guy online who lives up that way, and amongst swapping porn, we had chatted about the chance of him fucking her someday. So after my frosty month, I thought why not, if she is going to fuck without telling me, lets arrange it for the guy I know, Rob (online at least). So the challenge was just arranging the meet and see if it came off, lol. We talked about meeting at a pub and Rob chatting her up. We talked about a nude beach meet. Car park meet, national park walk, lots. A few other options too.  We decided he would be at the pub we were going to see how he goes. I would get some wine into her over lunch to help.  Risky, but hard to arrange anything else for day meet.  I contacted Rob and we set it up.


    Yesterday morning the weather was looking great, and Kay turned to me and suggested a few hours on the beach, to start working a tan. I had to control the excitement. So, lunch? then the nude beach? and relax?  Yes, that sounds great!  This time of year and a Friday, usually not too many people there, so lots of foreshore area to spread out and enjoy the fun :)  And one thing I have learned about Kay, she does love to perve on guys at the beach wanking.  So hoping for an almost empty beach and one guy wanking.  The setup was arranging itself.  I sent a text off, change of plans. A while later a text back, great, come via the southern side, I'll be up in the dunes. A couple more texts and we had the place worked out, with Rob in the dunes just behind where we would setup.


    We headed off for the drive, Kay was a bit pleasant for a change. The day was looking good. Arrived up on the coast, a wander around the shops then lunch. I thought why not, ordered some good wine instead of the usually house crap. Good and high in alcohol content, lol. I had my normal beer. She knocked back the first wine easily, wow that was a nice for a house wine. Another? Yes. Lunch and wine and then we left. She ended up knocking back a few of those good wines, lol, and she wasn’t as bitchy anymore! Wandered past the bottleo before getting to the car, picked up some vodka cruisers for her and beer for me. To the car park, beach gear, bag and off we walked. I sent a text that we are on our way. Text back that only a few people there, but further up. Our spot was clear. Only one other guy close by, older guy he has seen before, so we may have a watcher, lol.  Ok. Even more exciting.  A bit of a walk to the point then up and around to the nudist area, it seems a 1 cruiser walk, lol. Although Kay was still a little cool towards me, she was well and truly getting pissed by the time we got around the point.


    Around the point, view of the beach area, not many people there, and all were a good 200m or so north of where I had planned to stop, great. Down the path out to the beach edge tracks, then around. Didn’t see anyone at this end, but I knew Rob and another was there someplace. Found our spot on the edge of the dunes, a little track back into the dunes, open area overlooking beach, this looks good, she was happy, towels out, clothes off, drinks out and relax.  She pulled out a book and started to read! Then after about 5 minutes we saw a guy come out of the dunes, up about 50m north from us. The other guy! He walked down onto the beach, looked around, then went for a walk up towards where the other people were at.  Couldn’t see much about him, slim, naked, tanned already, a local.  She looked at him, nothing look, then back to the book.


    I stood up to look around myself, no one else around, then I saw Rob stand up.  First time I saw him, he waved. He was about 15m behind us and south of us, in a little opening in the dunes, shade tree to the side. Looked like a track leading out to the beach just south of us. I assumed our track crossed over or met up.  He seemed muscular, heavy set, tanned already (must live on the beach lol), about my age, and a huge cock. I mean I had to look twice, it was semi hard and at least 8" from what I could see. Maybe a cock ring, hard to tell. Kay was going to love this.  Rob was adding some oil on, nice sight. A couple hand gestures and he laid down, then I couldn't see him. I walked back a bit in our spot, stepping up on a ridge of grass and then I could see him, a great line of sight directly into where he was laying and oiling up. I stepped back down and sat down.  Kay looked at me and asked what I could see. Nothing, must be just that guy up there walking up the beach. Ok. Back into her book and another swig of her vodka cruiser.


    We were there another 10 minutes or so and I was thinking whether or not Rob was going to come out of the dunes or not, or whether he had left. Kay had moved a couple times, different angles for her tan. Then she got up to go for a wee. Just to the back of where we were, up on the grass ridge and in the longer grass and squatted to pee. She paused a bit coming back, then reached down for another drink. I was sure she saw him. I rolled over, sunglasses on edge, not watching her, but watching her, lol. She stood back up on the grass ridge looking up and down the beach, having a drink. Every now and then turning to look over her shoulder at him. Yes she was watching. Her head just stuck there for a while till I sat up and she looked back to the beach. She didn’t say anything, just stepped back down and sat down. I thought this is the time. I got up, looked about the beach, want to come for a walk up the beach. No I'll be right here, reading the book. She picked up the book and started reading. Cold.


    So off I went, along the beach, looking back now and then and she was still there. Further up the beach and she was still there. Then almost out of sight I turned to look back and she was still there, but standing, and it looked like she was looking his way.  I walked a bit further till out of sight, over the beach and over the dunes area, and doubled back along the bush tracks. Up and down around the tracks, stepping on the odd branch, shit. As I started to double back my cock was small swinging side to side, the closer I got, the harder it got. He was excited too.  I came up to an opening and track into the dunes about where that other guy was and thought we hadn't seen him come back. Mmm. Kept walking in the bushes and then saw Kay, still standing but now half way into the dunes, drink in hand. No longer looking up the beach, just watching him. I had to go deeper into the bushes so I wasn’t seen, then up a bit more, then back out almost level with her. I assumed the track I was on, was the track through the dunes to where we were. She was slowly, step by step moving closer to him, watching. Yes!  I couldn't see Rob, so I moved up a few steps and saw him through an opening, laying down, cock up, huge, slowly wanking. I found a good spot, look one way at Kay, another at Rob.  I reached down and yes, I was hard!


    She stopped, turned and walked back to our spot. Shit, I thought she saw me. She looked up the beach, then back, then up the beach. Then reached for another drink, wow she was putting them away, and off she walked back down the track. Not sneaking this time, just a slow walk and in to where he was. Stopped and they were chatting.  So I went into slow wank/rub mode, watching her standing above him chatting. He stopped wanking and was leaning up, but his cock still hard. They were chatting and pointing off in different directions, not sure what about. I remember thinking, just fuck him will you!  It was like this for a few minutes, painful! Then I heard some bushes rusting and looked up, the other guy was just up from me, doing the same as me, watching and wanking, lol. No wonder we hadn't seen him. Older yes, slim, good sized cock too, hard. So what do I do, nothing, let him watching like me. Lol


    I turned back and she was gone! Wtf. Then I saw her on the ground, sitting next to him. Fuck that was quick. Fuck dunes and grass, couldn't see everything, just the side of him and she was on the other side. Then Rob laid back and yes, bingo, his cock up and hard, Kay was sitting on the other side of him, her hand stroking it.  I'm thinking that this isn't the best spot as I can only see a little bit of the ground area, then Rob gets up, then Kay gets up, they stand fondling, her hand pulling on his cock, then she almost runs off! Fuck. What now, was I seen, was the other guy seen?  He picks up his towel, gives it a shake, and looks around into the bushes and sees me. Thumbs up! Rob then lays his towel down out fully in the opening giving me a great clear view. I look for Kay and she is making her way back with her towel, shakes it, lays it down as well. Standing cuddling, stroking each other, her hand wrapped around that huge hard cock, clear view. I needed a deck chair and beer!


    She went down on him, wonderful view. Licking his head, shaft, balls, up and down, deep throating, wow. The things she doesn’t do for me that often at all now.  She then laid down, legs open, but bad angle. Rob to the rescue, her moves her about, opens legs, climbs over her and eats and fingers her. Again a clear view for me. Right now I'm thinking camera, fucking camera, it's just 20m away in the bag, fuck! No pockets, hard cock.  He then spreads her legs, climbs on and slides his cock in, lifting her legs up high, fucking down into her. A great view for me of his cock ramming in and out, his balls slapping onto her as he pounds in. He then gets off, turns her over doggy and in again, kneeling, then lifting a leg. The sight of his balls slapping away on her. Then both legs up, squatting and fucking her, clear view of his cock entering her. It was fucking unreal.   It was a great hard fuck, he was rougher than her usual guys (that I have seen anyway), and she was loving it. Pulling he hair, slapping her ass, ramming his cock in. 


    Then he got off and started fingering her ass, one finger, two, three. I'm thinking fisting is coming, but that’s all he went for. Then he pulled her out over the grass, a water bottle top off and bottle into her ass, filling it, squeezing the bottle. An explosion of water, bit tainted, fingers in again, more water, more explosion. Threw the water battle down, pulled her ass back into position and in went his cock.  Slow at first into her ass, then ramming into that as well, such a big cock all the way into her ass. She usually doesn’t like the big long cocks in her ass, she loves the fat shorter cocks in there. Complains at me in her ass all the way and I'm 7". Rob was well over that and ramming all the way, ramming it, pulling her hair back, ramming it. Pulling his cock all the way out, I assume some shit on the end, as he washed it and water bottle in her ass again. Her dribbling, not sure if it was water or her exploding. She isn't normally a squirter, but has squirted sometimes.  Then in with that huge cock.  All the way, hard, ramming. Then out, dragged her around and into her mouth, she gobbled it.  Fuck.  Fantastic!  It was somewhere in that 5-10 minutes that the other guy had moved and was just behind me, I then noticed him. Big smile, stoking his cock, whispered, she is a good hard fuck isn't she. You have a great spot here.  Then Rob pulls her off and around, lays on his back and gets her to squat on him. She starts riding, bouncing on him.


    She was going off, the noises were getting louder, it was fantastic. Then the guy next to me starts to slowly walk out, telling me she is ripe for a gang bang, going to get his cock in her too.  Fuck, do I stop him, will he scare them off, is he right, is Kay up for a gang bang now, she definitely looks horny as fuck and is loving that cock of Robs. Also loving the rough treatment. Not wanting to be caught, I couldn't follow him, fuck. All I could do is duck and cover and hope she is up for it, then watch.  Sure enough, he walks in stoking his cock, she is bouncing up and down on Rob, looks up at him, then at his cock. Reaches out, grabs it and pulls it into her mouth. Fuck! I almost cum there, had to stop playing with myself.  So Rob is on the ground, Kay is riding him like a bucking bull, hard and fast, the other guy standing there, holding her head, fucking her face hard as well. She is gasping for air, pulling off, then sucking again. Bitch! Wow. Fuck. The most hard rough fuck I have seen with her.


    I couldn't keep watching, I need to join in, or at least get closer and watch. Ok I'm going. Not wanting to be caught, I had a plan. I quickly ran back through the bushes, up a bit, out over the dunes, ducking down not to be seen, and up to our spot. No one there, I wonder where she is, lol! It wasn’t hard, I could hear her yelps from there! So I walked into the dunes, the hard cock was a giveaway, so I stroked, ready to pretend it just got hard and act surprised. Came into the opening to a lovely sight. Rob on the ground, Kay riding his cock, great huge cock and balls. The other guy straddling her, and right way up her ass, great cock and balls too, not as big as Robs, but a fucking great pussy and ass full of cock. Woo hoo, great DP. Rob was basically laying there, she was writhing about. The other guy was fucking her ass hard, very hard, and she was loving it, yelling out fuck me harder! Fuck.


    Until then she hadn't seen me, Rob saw me and grabbed her hair to pull he down, so she couldn't see back. The other guy turned to see me, big grin and kept fucking.  So I took a deep breath and walked around in front of her, cock hard and in hand, knelt down in front of her face, hi, nice book. She quickly looked up, a bit of surprise, but didn’t try to stop. That wicked grin, then the cheeky comment, 'best book ever'.  I went to push my cock into her face and she turned away, bitch. You can watch only. Double bitch.  Then Rob, my new best mate, grabs her hair, turns her face towards my cock, I want to watch you suck that cock bitch and suck it good. She just opened up and sucked it. It was about there I saw the real dominance of a good bull and fuck he was good.  I noticed she was in her horny zone, a different woman, sex maniac, I loved it. Also noticed she was pissed, or horny, or both!


    The three of us fucked her in every different way, all at Robs commands. Suck this, fuck that, bend here, lick that.  Then the other guy came and she quickly jumped on his cock, sucking, licking all the cum. She moved so quick, not wanting to miss that cum. I've been watching her a lot so over the many times, I've been able to hold off cumming most times until the end. Yesterday was hard to do that, I almost came a few times, having to back off, watch some more.  Watching her jump to suck that cum, was one time I almost cum. Then the other guy took off, fucked her hard, cum down her throat, then fucked off. Rob knelt down, pulled her around kneeling as well, grabbed her face into his cock and lifted her ass up in the air. He spread her ass wide open, fuck that ass mate. I climbed on there and fucked her ass the hardest ever, all the way, balls slapping, it was fucking fantastic.  I came so hard up her ass at the end of the stroke, wow. I pulled out and watched the cum dribble out. He pushed her around and onto my cock, she sucked me clean, what a fucking horny deviate bitch I married. Never does this with me, but wow.


    Then Rob stood, my turn. She knelt and sucked him off till he blew, cum over her face and down her throat. She sucked it all up like it was her last meal. Collapsing on the towel sideways when she was down, all curled up.   I wandered over to our spot, grabbed our gear and went back, laying it down. We chatted, did introductions, lol. No mention that I had been chatting with him before. She got his number, lol. He was going onto her fav list I'm sure.  Chatted some more and left.  On the way back to the car I asked if she liked that, yes. Are we all good now, no more arguing. Ok honey. Next time we ague we can come here again, lol. She laughed at me getting her ass finally and then said it was the first time she had taken such a long cock up her ass, bullshit. I knew she didn’t like it, but also know she has done it before.  She didn’t mention anything about me being in the bushes, so I'm hoping she didn’t notice. She did look surprised.  We got back in the car and she slept all the way home like a baby, exhausted. On the way home I slid the fingers in a few times, both holes open, hot and wet, well used. I wanked and came all over the steering wheel, lol.  A fucking great day.

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    Hello to all my friends on here

    I must apologise for my lack of attendance on the site of late and I will try my best to put things right here in the near future. My life has been very hectic and full of problems for the last couple of months, so it has not been easy to get all the things done I have wanted to do. Just not enough hours in the day.

    I hope that things will return to a more normal situation from here onwards though, and wish to be updating my posts as soon as possible.

    Love to all



  8. Veteran
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    And again, the moment came when my senses were ignited by the view my sweet wifey panting under two horny Bulls. From the first moment when they met in the living room, they could not break away from her breasts and cunt. Their very hot "welcome" lasted several minutes, during which they only changed their tongues and cocks in her mouth, between her buttocks and between her thighs ... They also didn't give her a break in invading her mouth ... The view was delightful but whatever ... see for yourself

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    To answer your questions Sir, No she has not done my boss as i am retired shes not done Her boss either as shes female and my Mistress is not into females except as girlie friends. although Her best female married work colleague is lusting to get her hands on her but Mistress just cant see it, just says shes very friendly to Her (but not so to others) Doh lol!

    She has been and still is very often chatted up by Her male colleges at work and has gone out on a date on a couple of times (that i know of and She would tell me right) .

    one who was a little boring and they did not do anything except sex in the back of his car once!.

    A little while ago a male college who She described to me as "quite fit and looks like he has a nice package" straight out asked Her out even though he knows shes with me, married and Always wears our rings, she text me from work about it and i suggested that if he is fit looking and she likes him then maybe She should go on a date with him and see what happens.

    So Mistress did but not wanting a repeat of the boring pub date She arranged to meet him in a nearby coastal town they don't work or live in and then to go to a nightclub together and man did she dress for it, i mean Holy barbie of a sex kitten im surprised She even made it to the meeting place without being hassled by men, anyway, he must of impressed Her or something as she came home about 11pm ish for a change of clothes and a quick chat with me then went out again, apparently She was not planning to sleep with him or anything however i did not hear from Her until the next day when She text me to say Shes ok and at work!!!

    I believe She did it to teach me a lesson and it did, She taught me that i absolutely LOVE Her being chatted up and dated and letting Her hair down with other men who can fuck Her better, harder, longer, and cum more than me and that variety is indeed the spice of life plus She taught me that i absolutely need to be with Her in the moment and see Her enjoy Herself soo much and She has also learned that She really likes the way i look when She is humiliating me in front of other people and has found a slightly sadistic twist She loves it when She sits on my face and pushes his sperm into my mouth saying lick it sissy boi (or sissy bitch) it makes Her cum soo very hard even if She’s just had an orgasm with him.

    So we have agreed that for Her safety, Her pleasures and Her to have total humiliating control over me we will do everything together always, as the saying goes, those who play together stay together!

    it evens spills into our vanilla lives .

    So no Sir she's a good girl and wouldn't do anything like that to me :-)

    Fuck i love Her soo much !

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    Newbie couple here. Does anyone like my misses?

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    Just after Christmas this year, Suzie and I found ourselves at a party held by a friend of a friend. When we arrived, it was pretty obvious that we did'nt know anyone, which wasn't a major problem as we are both very sociable people. I wandered off and chatted to a couple who lived nearby while Suzie was chatting to two guys.

    The party started to warm up and the music got louder and I could see Suzie dancing with these two guys and flirting like only she can. She kept looking over at me and smiling and winking and I was extremely turned on watching her.

    I went to get a drink and when I came back there was no sign of Suzie - or the two other guys. I waited a while to make sure she wasn't in the toilet, and then decided to sneak off and try and find her. I slowly walked up the stairs past couples snogging and groping and I could hear laughing and clapping and lots of sexy noises coming from the bedrooms. Now this was a big house with 5 or 6 bedrooms and the first room i peeked in there was two guys being sucked by a very attractive black girl who was naked on the bed. Then I looked in the next and could hear clapping and moaning and there was about 4 or 5 guys all kneeling on the bed with Suzie lying in the middle of them sucking and wanking each in turn! Seeing her spread out in total exctasy was amazing. I stood there and watched the guys cheering as she sucked their cocks while one of them would slip around the back of her and slide his cock inside her. She was bucking and fucking and sucking and had at least three orgasms as I watched.

    Now Suzie has always had a thing about being fucked by a group of guys - and now her wish was coming true!

    I stayed wanking and watching her take each guys cock inside her pussy and she was clearly loving it. Then in turn, each one would roll her on her back and fuck her hard and fill her pussy with their cum - each time her pussy got that bit sloppier.

    Finally the last guy shot his load inside her and she lay there, looked up and saw me and spread her legs wide letting the cum flow from her slit. She beconned me over and I started to finger her pussy and letting it run down my hand. I did this until the last drop was out and she got dressed and we went home.

    On the way home she said how much she enjoyed it and could she do more of that? What could I say - so watch this space everyone.

  12. newtothis2
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    Live bdsm going on in front of me h is taking her BBC for nught

  13. newtothis2
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    Well we arrived late last night and just chilled, apart from Mrs. Newtothis2 trying out her new toy, pic attached. Hayley would not let me fuck her and she told me how much she was looking forward to having her BBC inside her and that I was allowed to watch if I was good. She did let me wank over her, which was a relief lol. I got up this morning at 6 and went and picked our friend up from terminal 4 at Heathrow and went back to hotel. H was still asleep so gently woke her, i have left them in the room whilst I go and sort a few things so I should imagine that they are saying there own hellos now! I hope when I get back to the room I walk into them fucking like rabbits, will upload some pics later. And update the blog throughout the day.

  14. blog-0391373001448893334.jpg

    MEDIA Style Artwork of SJ Created by her BF -

    Media Style SJ Cuckold Art! - She loved me doing these!

    TRIBUTE / RESPOND AND REQUEST send back or SHARE Here - Please send your ideas for future pictures and request!

    She will get off to your replies and pictures!!blogentry-113540-0-07838700-1448892612_tblogentry-113540-0-53345900-1448892624_tblogentry-113540-0-61597400-1448892635_tblogentry-113540-0-90854000-1448892638_tblogentry-113540-0-35600900-1448892643_tblogentry-113540-0-47152400-1448892652_tblogentry-113540-0-85237100-1448892658_tblogentry-113540-0-58866700-1448892666_tblogentry-113540-0-34518500-1448892671_tblogentry-113540-0-73381500-1448892674_tblogentry-113540-0-12181100-1448892695_tblogentry-113540-0-37919100-1448892927_tblogentry-113540-0-27224200-1448892798_t

    Thank you

    Gallo :) - Dominant Cuck

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    First, if any spelling mistakes please be assured it's because of my excited state and NOT being a poor speller

    Well, as a cuckold had this weekend planned for months, me and 3 other guys off to Edinburgh for the weekend, Jinxie entertain (ladies) tomorrow evening and a fuck buddy would come around Sunday afternoon to fuck my mistress several times, the one she chose is a very heavy summer so I was very excited to

    1, receive several txt's

    2, maybe lucky enough to receive the odd picture

    3, be told if I wanted to put my small cock into that very wet, spunk filled, hairy pussy hole I had to lick it clean first.

    So now we're at Fri 27th and I'm getting txts saying "pose call into Chemist to bring home, Night Nurse, Day Nurse, Paracetamol etc etc and it's not even man flu, I can just see all my imaginary goings on flying out the window.

    Come home and my gorgeous mistress does look and sound pretty poor, she says "How can I suck a cock with a runny nose" . . . . good point I thought, not really sexy having snot on ya dick.

    So while I she was good enough to stretch my sack enough to put one wedding ring on (won't be waring this while I'm away with the lads) I said I'd make her a tea and she can sit and relax as I know she's had a very heavy day at work.

    Came into the living room with a brew and she's sexting a cole of friends about the weekend ! ! !

    So I'm away in the morning, if / what may happen I don't know but I'll continue this on my return

    Update on Monday 30th Nov

    Told to me by my mistress.

    We left for our weekend away 9:30am sat morn, she had already arranged for her fuck buddy to pick her up at noon, she showered and dressed in sexy corset, matching bra, stockings, and dress. Apparently they went out for lunch which she constantly teased him and returned at 3pm, she says she went to make coffee but he came behind her, lifted her dress and shoved fingers into her very moist fanny, by the time she had turned around his cock was out hard with a bulbis purple helmet, she says she took it in hand and was going to go down on it when he said no just turn around and bend over, which she did. Bent over the kitchen bench he lifted up her dress and parted her arse cheeks to line up his cock with her now dripping fanny hole, sliding into her unto his balls my mistress said she was grunting and moaning like a dirty bitch in heat (which she was), she said he pounded into her fanny over and over, she kept teasing him "Don't you dare spit yr spunk yet" until he couldn't hold back, she said she could feel him slow down, then his cock twitching followed by groans from him, and she knew she'd received his first load of the day. Pulling his now limp, spunk covered cock out of her, she turned around to see the shaft & helmet covered in fresh spunk and knelt down to lick it all of. She then took him upstairs to the bedroom where they striped off and settled on the bed.

    Dictated to me by my mistress on returning home on Sunday 29th . . .she will tell me more on Monday allowing me to finish this story.

    Monday evening, sitting at pc, my mistress teasing my wedding rings and telling me what happened next.

    Mistress and her fuck buddy made their way upstairs to the bedroom where they stretched out on the bed and he played with her 36GG tits, squeezing the nipples and her tits, the bruises were there for me to see when I got home, after a while she started to fondle his cock which was showing signs of life again, so she said she went down and started to gently work on the helmet with her tongue and within a cole of minutes she had it swollen in her hands, she lay back, spreading her thighs and showing off her swollen pussy lips asking him to "Come on and get your cock up me" She says he quickly positioned himself between her legs and mounted her, this time banging her much longer until he said he was very near when he dismounted her, moved his cock to her face and asked het to open her mouth, where upon he wanted his spunk all over her face and mouth.

    Her friends were due to arrive about 7pm so she says they went into the spare room where we have a full length mirror, he said he wanted to fuck her from behind as he'd never seen such big tits swinging, as this is my mistresses fav position as she feels the cock go in deeper she really enjoyed it the 3rd time.

    While in Edinburgh I received a txt saying "been fucked 3 times, 2nd time you should have been here to see a real cock part your mistress fanny lips" and about 8pm saying "In kitchen cooking for girls with hot spunk running down my things".

    When I came home, I was greeted by a mistress smiling like a cheshire cat, we played a little while she teased me, then I used a small vibe on her fanny lips & clit before she came. When she had calmed to told me to step off the bed and bring my cock to her mouth then slowly took my helmet in and wanted me off.

    This Thurs/Fri she's down south at her company Christmas dinner, she has said if she has a drink and fancies a fuck she may . . .or may not txt me

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    To whom it may concern

    I was desperately unhappy as a sub until I found Queen Cleopatra and she helped me. She is a professional erotic hypnotist and she help me turn my fantasy into reality. This is her website


    I asked Queen Cleopatra to assist me with a small psychological problem of mine. I wanted her to use her erotic hypnosis skills to help me change an old subconscious behaviour that was blocking my conscious desires. I am so pleased with the result, that I wanted to write.

    I am a closet submissive and I have been for years. As I grew older my ability to please my girlfriend (when she let me) became less and less. I was suffering occasional erectile dysfunction and even when I wasn’t I came very quickly. My girlfriend was always pleased to let me go down on her, but became increasingly frustrated when I tried to please her with my penis. After a while she started having lovers. Her Dom side came out more and more. She took out her frustration on me and found pleasure in doing so. She made it clear that she wanted to stay with me but only if she could have other men when she wanted and only if I would submit. My choice was to leave or to accept and I so I accepted and became her cuckold. But then she started joining cuckolding groups and reading stories that lead her to want a Black lover and she very quickly found one. So there I was, living the life of the archetypical interracial cuckold. Here is where the problem started.

    In short, she wanted to watch me suck her lover’s cock as an act of submission. I wanted to please her, but each time I tried, my social conditioning as a heterosexual made me baulk. I couldn’t take another man’s cock in my mouth, even though I wanted to in order to please her and her Dom.

    I was also struggling as a white guy who had not always treated black people as well as I should.

    This is where Queen Cleopatra helped me. She talked to me about my problem and she discussed the issue sympathetically. Then, she hypnotised me and tried to relieve the matter.

    It took me a week to find a hung Black Man who would indulge me and agreed to let me go down on him. I went to his house. He was waiting, naked. I didn’t feel that old reluctance. I followed him to his bedroom and without thinking, I stripped off. I knelt between his legs, amazed that I felt so relaxed. I begged to be allowed to suck him and he said yes. Over the next 30 minutes I found that my previous anxieties were gone. I had a few gagging issues, but as he is Dom and I am sub, I’m not in a position to complain.

    Afterwards I thanked him and then rushed home to e-mail my thanks to Queen Cleopatra. My girlfriend is happy, her Master is happy and so I am happier.

    Despite this I still struggled to be obedient and accepting when the Dom or Bull wanted to ejaculate in my mouth or on my face.

    So I returned to Cleopatra and asked her to help me further. We talked and she hypnotised me again. She put suggestions and instructions in my subconscious that made the anticipation of a Dom’s ejaculation very exciting. I can now accept ejaculate in my mouth or on my face and have also cleaned it from my Mistress with my mouth. It feels right. It feels like I am making good for some of my past bad behaviour.

    I am so, so grateful to Cleopatra. She has changed my life and I would have no hesitation in recommending her or asking her for help again.

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    This is the beginning. I know that she will be mine we have been chatting properly for a month or so now, but she is opening up.

    It all began when I first chatted to Chaloei in the chatroom over a year ago. We got one well and then chatted on skype. Eventually he told me his Facebook and hers and I tried to message her by saying how gorgeous her facebook page was. We got along well but the distance and the time was not right as i was seeing another wife that had just started and was building up to something great.

    Now a year on and my circumstances have changed and I was ready to devote the time to her seduction.

    I messaged her again and she was polite and we started to chat. Slowly at first and she seemed to like pictures of me and we agreed to have coffee, but could not find time before she went away on a long holiday.

    Whilst she has been on holiday this very shy lady has been coming out of her shell. She is now sending me pictures of her most mornings in various sexy underwear and teasing me. We have chatted on the phone and she is getting braver with what she is talking about. She now reckons she is more naughty than me! She has a fantasy to have out door sex and says she wants to touch me in public. In her text messages she is braver and talks about how she wants me and how much energy she has and that I will need to be able to satisfy her all day and all night!

    All in all we are making very good progress. Roll on September.

  18. blogs_blog_358

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    By Guest,


    Deciding today what to wear for my trip to London and Covent Garden this weekend.

    I really think it could be too hot to wear tights, and I can't find any clean panties, so will have to travel without any.

    Sometimes I wish life wasn't so hard and there were so many decisions a girl has to make.

  19. Girlfriend on pull tonight

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    I am currently in USA on business and my girlfriend is out tonight in Wales with her mates. She plans to pull and get fucked whilst updating me. I am already as horny as hell !!!

  20. Christine's Blog

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    Sunday 7th June 2015

    My ex lover, my first black lover, my first big dicked lover, my first extra marital affair and I parted company about 6 years ago. It was amicable, and we still stay in touch regularly. As the father of our twins (another story) who takes his fatherhood seriously we see each other at least twice a month. I still miss his exquisite dick and will open for him with any excuse.

    We split up because he wanted more commitment than I could give. I know, I know... the wrong way round but that's how it was. He's had a couple of lovers since and so have I.

    His latest walked out on him a few weeks ago, mine was our gardener, who 'did me' ;-) part time between course work and exams at the agricultural college. Unfortunately he graduated and has taken a forestry job in south America.

    So, recently the garden has been neglected as have my appetites, hence the reason for my appearance on cuckolds.co.uk.

    Today was a good day to make inroads into the jungle that has been rapidly encroaching our once pretty garden and orchards. Paul (my husband), the bambinos (can't use the ch**dren word on here) and myself donned old clothes and went exploring the tool shed.

    By 11 o'Clock we were well accustomed to the hard work of hacking brambles and nettles. I now appreciate how hard my gardener worked to hone that magnificent body. After several scratches and not few nettle stings we heared a 'yoohooo' from the direction of the house. It was my ex, also called Paul, come to visit the bambinos.

    He took off his shirt, (down girl...) and dived into the work alongside us. It was amazing how often we bumped into each other, accidently on purpose. A little later I popped back to the house and knocked a pick nic. We ate on a blanket in the dappled shade of the pear trees. The youngsters had their fill and charged into the undergrowth to play and the conversation started to turn raunchy as it will in these situation's

    I asked my husband if he would take the youngsters for a walk. My ex looked at me and grinned, before adding "a long walk".

    So that's how come I am writing this blog. Infused with the warm glow emanating from my lower stomach, that completely sated, content feeling that only a large and properly used dick can give. And I just adore the occasional tickle as thick semen makes a bid to escape and seeps out of me, runs slowly down my crotch before leaving a telltale wet patch on the back of my jeans. Something for my husband to get excited about.

    So the story continues... My husband marched off herding the brood ahead of him and my ex and me got into the down and dirty. Our bed was the pick nic blanket, our soundtrack, the singing of the birds, our subdued lighting was the sun.

    It was so nice to see the exquisiteness of his manhood, I've really not been with too many men but of those I have, Paul has the most aesthetically perfect dick I've seen. He's nine and three quaters long, a little over seven round, the shaft glistens a rich dark chocolate colour, when erect the elegent, streamlined, circumcised head turns a dark purple. The whole thing is mouthwatering and the perfect size for me, a little bigger and it can be painful, a little smaller just does not reach where I need.

    He's also a heavy cummer and has no problem repeating. Many is the time when he's cum five or six times in a session. In days of old, during our dirty weekends, Friday evening to Sunday evening seven or eight hard sex sessions were commom. We have been known to entertain the beast with 2 backs as many twenty odd times during a single weekend. The guy is amazing.

    Anyway, I'm glad to say our separation has not diminished his prowess. In the two hours Paul and company were away I drank one lot of hot love juice and took three where it belongs.

    Hence the reason I am glowing, feel so wonderful and am growing a rather large damp patch on settee.

    Happy day, pity they don't happen more often. On the down side, he's the reason I have been disappointed with would be lovers on a few occasions.

  21. Perfect Wife

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    This is quite a long story so please be prepared to take an hour out to read it...

    The third person I ever had sex with was my husband so you couldn’t call me promiscuous. I lost my virginity aged 18 during a drunken student party and I was not at all impressed with the whole sex thing. The second man came along two years later; he was my first long term love, well a few months anyway. Then there was Paul, we dated; we got engaged and eventually married. I didn’t know and didn’t care if our sex life was good or not, it was good enough for me. We had and still do have sex regularly and he brings me to completion more often than not, I was content.

    We were celebrating 10 years of marriage and my 35th birthday with a foreign holiday. We'd been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and hoped that our trip to Rome would be the key but deep inside I knew that it wasn't so. In quieter moments I had been pondering the inevitable ticking of my biological clock and was vaguely aware that perhaps something was not quite perfect, maybe something was missing from my life but I had no idea what it was. Throughout the plane and car journey home I'd been feeling particularly despondent and I knew that I was upsetting Paul with my sour mood on what should have been a very happy day for us.

    Driving from the airport we stopped at a motorway service station. I'd just left the ladies room where I'd had a little weep when I first encountered the man who was to become my lover and my instant reaction was confusion. I should have turned away but his look of shameless desire lifted me in a way I really needed right then. I don’t know how it happened but we collided and we laughed as we both reached to steady each other and then apologise at the same moment.

    A little later I was standing right behind that same stranger in the queue for coffee and I was overwhelmed with his presence. The shock I felt knocked me for six as my mind had him caressing my body, making love to me and impregnating me. I have never daydreamed of being loved by another man before and the intensity of this most unique daydream had me reeling. I had sometimes speculated from an artistic viewpoint what this or that hunk of a man would look like naked but I never considered sex, sex just wasn’t so important to me.

    Paul guided us to the next table to that same man and as we drank our coffee he started to discuss the stranger, to talk about what he’s seen in the gent’s toilet. I was already guilt-ridden at my feelings in the queue and I just wanted him to change the subject. The animated way Paul spoke and his expression hinted of what he wanted me to do and I was frightened, I began to panic. No. I truly know that my husband loves me so I dismissed those terrifying thoughts and I put my irrational terror down to those wicked thoughts and my brooding mood and my panic subsided. I just couldn’t understand why Paul should be so interested in talking about the size of another mans penis.

    I glanced at him, admittedly he was a good-looking guy. Those speculations I'd had about men had rarely involved a black man, not that I didn't find some black men handsome, certain movie or music stars and the like are nice and light reacts well to the darker skin colours. This man was very good-looking, tall and slender but well muscled, he clearly looked after himself; he was very well dressed and was obviously a confident man. I realised that while I was studying him he was looking at me and smiling. He winked and I’m sure I flushed with embarrassment at having been caught out.

    This made me even angrier with myself and I was getting more upset with Paul. I wished he'd just drop it so I began to tease him with a little reverse psychology; by telling him the effect this man had had on me I had hoped that I’d shock him into dropping the subject, well that backfired... His reaction told me exactly how excited he was and of what he wanted to happen, exactly how much he wanted me to have sex with this stranger. No absolutely not, I’d never considered infidelity I love my husband and would never contemplate another man.

    Then he asked me and it was more of an appeal, the excitement in his voice and those words burned through my mind "Chris! Would you... really?" It was shocking, for some reason Paul wanted me to be unfaithful, to have sex with another man, not just any man but this allegedly exceptionally well endowed man in particular.

    My immediate response was of disgust and then guilt for my earlier thoughts and I went with my heart and shouted "NO". I was livid, the instant the word barked from my mouth his expression changed from flushed excitement to total rejection.

    I remembered that desire in the strangers’ eyes and that guilty flood of lust that he'd created in me. I began to feel quite naughty, I glanced back at the stranger and the words "Would you... really" echoed in my mind. - Would I? No... Definitely not, how could I even think such a thing? He really was very good looking and he was still watching me with those lustful eyes... absolutely not. I turned back to Paul and I could read disappointment on his face, he really wanted me to have sex with this man. No... Definitely not. But to my utter amazement I realised that I’d said "Okay."

    It had taken almost no time at all from my venomous "no" to my soft "okay." The whole cafe seemed to have gone quiet and I sat a few moments in stunned silence not believing what I’d said. What sort of woman am I? What sort of woman could agree to a proposition like that? I was upset with myself and with Paul for asking me and I was astounded that I could agree. What sort of person could consider having sex with a stranger?

    The very thought raised an illicit excitement in me and as I asked Paul to ask the stranger to join us the man got up and walked away. I was extremely relieved and would be having strong words with Paul when we got home but to be brutally truthful I was perhaps a little disappointed.

    A few minutes later we saw him again in the car park, how should someone behave in this situation? I'd agreed and I hated it, hated myself, a betrayal of everything I held dear, but to please Paul I'd agreed and Paul seemed so eager and I just couldn't disappoint him so again I asked him to approach the stranger.

    Paul spoke to him and he turned to walk away and the bottom fell out of my world. How strange that I should feel such disappointment over someone I don’t know. I honestly don't know what came over me; this stranger had sparked wicked feelings that angered me and made me feel terrible inside and yet so very different, so very excited. With butterflies jumping in my stomach and a little flood of moist warmth I reached out to the stranger and shivered inside as I kissed him. Again that powerful feeling washed over me, that feeling of him making love to me and inseminating me but this time with the insight of what Paul had told me. I was trembling with fear and desire at the thought of his body against mine, of his penis, his huge penis within me.


    I walked away from my husband with a complete stranger and I felt so very cheap. I was scared stiff and could feel my heart thumping in my chest, butterflies filled my stomach, my legs were trembling and I was walking in high heel boots that felt very unsteady. My mind was reeling, calling me such horrible names, 'slut, whore, slag' but I was so tremendously excited.

    I was so embarrassed when I checked us in to that hotel and on the way up to the room it began to sink in just how much Paul had emphasised the size of this strangers penis, his flaccid penis. Paul grows from around one and half, perhaps two inches to almost five inches, how big would five or six flaccid inches grow? He’s bigger flaccid than Paul is erect, he's going to be huge when he is erect. He's going to be too big for me, what if he's too big? Abject terror began to course through me and by the time we reached the room I was feeling physically sick and on the verge of running.

    Then we were in the room and standing facing one another, I was unsure what to do. He took hold of my hand and said "You're apprehensive, it's not too late and I’d understand if you leave". I felt very confused, guilty as hell and full of apprehension and I wanted to flee, but then again I just couldn’t disappoint Paul and I was getting such worm sensations in my stomach.

    He paused for a few seconds staring deeply into my eyes as though trying to read my mind. If he could’ve seen my thoughts he'd have seen abject terror. I'm quite happy standing up before a boardroom of hard-nosed businessmen and pitching a proposal worth thousands of pounds but this whole situation was beyond my experience. I was alarmed at the sensations this stranger had roused in me. I was terrified of what would happen if I actually enjoyed this and I was petrified of not enjoying it. I was afraid that he'd be too big for me and hurt or damage me. I was scared that I might be too inexperienced and embarrass both the stranger and myself. I was terrified of the damage sex with another man could do to our lives. More than anything I was horror-struck at the thought loosing Paul, loosing our marriage. No, this isn't right, I'm getting out of here.

    I was framing what to say, how to apologise and excuse myself when he stepped a little closer, reached and took hold of my other hand and looked deeply into my eyes, his face was so close to mine I could feel his breath and smell his masculinity. I was trembling with fear, my heart was racing; my stomach quivering with butterflies and my legs were like jelly. His warm, erotic aroma wafted across me and I could feel my panties becoming damp from another gush of moist warmth. I was terrified that he was going to kiss me or fondle me, make a grab for me in some intimate place, instead he spoke. I’ll remember what he said forever.

    "You really are a very beautiful and seriously desirable woman and I think your husband is totally off his head. You think you're being unfaithful to him, yet..." He paused for a second or two studying my face. "I'll be perfectly honest with you and perhaps a little more crude than I should be. You are as hot as they come; I’m hard as hell just looking at you and I really want to fuck you right now. I want to lick your clit and push my tongue into your cunt and taste your juice. I want to feel the slick warmth of your cunt caressing up my dick. I want you to beg me, to scream for me to fuck you and I want to fuck you and fill you with so much cum that you’ll gurgle when you scream for me to stop. I want to fuck you so badly I've thought of little else since we bumped into each other so I'll admit that I'd be disappointed if you back out. You know that your husband wants this to happen, he must be crazy but he wants me to fuck you. He wants you to feel my dick inside you so you can’t be cheating on him? I'm sure you think you're here to please him but I think that deep down you want me to fuck you. What do you say?"

    I've never had anyone talk to me in such base terms. I was mortified that such dirty and explicit talk excited me as much as it did. What did I want? I don’t know, truly I did want him to make love to me, this can’t be right, I’m a married woman. Knowing that it was what Paul wanted only made things worse, I was so confused and I knew that my last chance to escape this awful, erotic situation was slipping away fast. What do I want? He was holding my hands and looking deeply into my eyes, his eyes sparkled with lust, he said, "I need you now".

    To this day I don't know if it was that vulgarly seductive speech or the vitality of that "I need you now" that finally tipped the balance.


    He pulled me to press against him, he held me in his arms and ever so gently began to stroke my shoulder. He brought his lips to mine and eased the straps off my shoulders as his feathery touch raised my desire. He slipped my dress down and undid my bra and my breasts were free. A total stranger cupped a breast in one hand the other hand found the small of my back and he pulled me firmly to his firm body. His warmth and the pressure of his muscular frame pulled against me, his thick, hard manhood bulged against my stomach.

    We kissed passionately each exploring the warm sensuous mouth of the other, our tongues flicking, touching and caressing, his hand slid down to my waist then to my buttocks, he pulled me into him and worked his manhood against me. He eased a hand between us and he began to stroke my mound and gently massage me. I encircled him with my arms and held him tightly to me.

    Here I was in a hotel room being kissed in the most deeply passionate way by a total stranger in the certain knowledge that we would soon be making love and to my shame I was eager. His exquisite, erotic aroma devastated my senses. I felt so guilty, so base, so dirty, so shocked, so naughty, so utterly immoral and so very, very excited as this stranger took a nipple between his lips. He teased with lips and tongue until I began to firm. With finger and thumb he did the same to my other nipple before sliding down gently kissing my stomach through the silk of my dress. He knelt before me and slid my dress up over my hips then eased my panties down. I trembled as he blew onto my pubic hair and circled the long slow breath round and round. I felt the urge, the need to spread my legs, to open the way for him so he could get to my most intimate parts. My legs opened as I stepped out of my panties, he eased me apart and as he blew onto my clitoris my trembling intensified and then his tongue was there. I though my legs would give way, what prevented me from falling to the ground was his hand on my buttocks pressing me into his face.

    My dress bunched up around my waste, my breasts free, my nipples hard, my panties discarded. I was wearing a pair of Givenchy ankle boots that were impossible to kick off. My legs were straight and spread and a total stranger, a fully dressed stranger was kneeling before me nuzzling my most intimate place. Strangely I thought that this would make the most wonderful photograph, with back lighting and taken from directly in front of me, his back to the camera.

    I was close, I could feel the tension rising, my breath was becoming shallow and panting and he was pushing his face into me harder, licking more intensively. He was still licking me as he guided me to the edge of the bed. As he lowered me my legs spread more and his tongue opened my lips, I parted and he thrust his tongue into me.

    The quick, ferocious, darting movements stimulated my labia, my vagina, my clitoris, he even darted the tip of his tongue into my anus. He moved back to massage my clitoris with his tongue and I felt a finger enter me, no, not one but all four I think, I opened to accept him and he pushed his fingers into me. He began to massage my vagina while he was sucking on my clitoris, Oh my God, how I came, a deep and intense orgasm like I'd never experienced before.

    Why had Paul put me in this situation? Why has he done this to me? Am I cumming this like this because it’s not Paul but a stranger? How can I face him after this? I'll die of shame. What can I say to him after this? How can I possibly tell him, explain to him how exquisite this is, how this stranger made me orgasm so quickly and so powerfully? Why had Paul never made me cum like this? Oh why had Paul never done this to me before?

    As I lay shuddering inside he crawled up my body and fiddled with his zipper and then I felt pain, a little stretching pain as I opened when he pushed the head of his penis into me. I could feel the contour of the lip as he entered me. I could feel that ridge passing up my vagina. He was stretching me beyond endurance and I could not help letting out a whimper, then a sob. As I tried to push him away from me he straightened his arms pushing his upper body off me and still he was forcing himself into me. As his arms locked he thrust.

    I'm not sure what happened, if I screamed or blacked out, all I knew was a world of agony as I was torn apart, with a sensation of being completely stretched and filled. He froze with much to much of his much to big penis implanted inside me and after a lifetime the pain began to subside from excruciating to merely unbearable. Relief flooded me as he began to withdraw and just as he was on the edge of pulling out completely he thrust again. The first few times hurt as he penetrated deeper and deeper with each lunge then I hit a whole new dimension of pain; I was being stretched beyond endurance when he hit something unforgiving deep inside. The more I tried to push him away the more of his ghastly penis he forced into me and the more the severe, deep and intensive pain in the pit of my stomach blossomed. No... No he's too big. He really is too big, I can’t take this, surely this must be like giving birth (I can tell you now that it just doesn’t compare) and as I screamed for him to take it out something moved inside me. He thrust deeper and as the tension and pain exploded from my body an overwhelming sensation of pleasure, pressure, release and lust enveloped me. His huge and thick black penis filled me completely and I came with the most violently explosive orgasm.

    He must be so big that he'd hit my cervix, forced it aside and passed it and I remembered a girl at university extolling the virtues of her then current boyfriends' huge penis. Now I envied that girl and thought it strange that I should be thinking of some girl I'd not seen for over 15 years as the waves of the most astounding orgasm ever spread through my body.

    And the stranger rested with his penis fully pushed into me, his back arched, his pubic bone thrust against mine and he uttered little groans and grunts as my body trembled.

    Strange... Stranger... why should the word stranger be clanging like a bell in my brain?

    As that most astounding orgasm began to diminish he started to move inside me, minutely at first, rocking back and forth ever so slowly until I felt like begging him, fuck me. What? I don’t think like that, surely that didn't come from my mind. It did and I wanted to scream at him to fuck me, fuck me hard, fuck me like I've never been fucked before please fuck me. He smiled down at me and I realised I wasn't in my mind, I had actually shouted those words out loud, I'd begged him to fuck me.

    He almost withdrew then shock as he rammed back into me and then he was raiding me full length. He almost pulled out then his hips dropped so the head of that huge member rubbed against the front of my vagina then he straightened, powering that magnificent length into me and at the last moment his hips rose so his pubic bone rubbed my clitoris. He slammed into me so quick, so hard and then pulled out so very slowly. "Ooh yess ffffuck meee". His movements were truly driving me crazy and I was very close to cumming again, building up, not only from my clitoris but also from inside my vagina. Kaboom... my arms flew out wide then grasped for his shoulders, my legs lifted and wrapped around his waist. I tried to curl up as I pulled him into me, to make myself as small as possible so I could feel his long, thick, exquisite penis penetrate deeper and stretch me wider.

    I never thought making love, no, this was definitely not making love, this was fucking, being FUCKED, capitals are important here. I never thought that being FUCKED could be so intense. Realisation... I've never really been fucked before. The word that I thought so crude describes this act perfectly. Fucked, FUCKED, I was being FUCKED, I was being filled completely. FUCKED by a stranger! A total stranger, a black man that I'd first seen probably less than thirty minutes ago is FUCKING me like I've never been fucked before. In truth I've never been fucked before full stop. How long since I met him, what time is it I wonder? Stranger, what's so strange about stranger? He'd kissed me in places Paul had never done and at this very moment his penis is deeper inside me than Paul could ever be. This stranger had made me orgasm three or was it four times much more intensely than Paul had ever managed in not many more minutes; I'm still reeling from the last one that's why my mind is wondering like this.

    I bucked on him and squeezed myself tightly around his shaft and shouted "cum, cum now, cum in me please". I pulled him hard into me and he jerked himself deeper forcing pelvic bones to grind, exquisite agony pulsed from deep inside me intensifying my orgasm as he pushed deeply into me. I felt his penis twitch, start to pulse and then throb as his sperm gushed into me.

    Tenth anniversary, I’ve been married to Paul for ten years today, in fact almost exactly ten years to the hour and a total stranger I met less than an hour ago has just ejaculated deep into my vagina. Stranger... He's filled me with his sperm, he's actually had his tongue in my anus for Gods sake, how personal does a guy need to be before... realisation... Does this happen as strangers? Do I need to know his name?

    I gurgled "I'm Chris, who are you?"

    His penis shook and shimmied inside me as we laughed, he gasped between sobs of laughter as my laughing caused my vagina to clench and quiver on his dick.


    Well that was it, he’d ejaculated so now his penis would shrink, he'd roll off me and that magnificent manhood would slip out of me, we'd tidy ourselves up and go our separate ways. I dreaded going separate ways "Could we do that again sometime soon?"

    As I finished the question he jerked out of me, twirled round on the bed, his head fell between my legs and he began to nuzzle me, to lick and suck and blow. I must be soaking, he was licking his own semen, how can a man do that? I was mesmerised by that thought and then I opened my eyes, his enormous penis was only inches from my face. How could I possibly have survived having all of that inside me? I have to admit that I haven’t seen Paul’s so close up but even so comparing to my husband this stranger really was absolutely huge and beautiful to behold.

    I’d never felt Paul with my hands before but tentatively I reached and touched this stranger’s hard penis, I stroked it from base to tip along the underside and it quivered to my touch. I gripped it near the base encircling with my fingers, I could not reach all the way round. I gave a little squeeze, it was warm and firm. I pulled my hand up his shaft and a bead of semen oozed from the tip. I wonder? I licked the bead away with my tongue and I felt so naughty that I almost came again. It was warm and thick but oddly dry tasting, I expected a creamy taste so I was a little disappointed that it was so salty, otherwise more or less tasteless. I pulled some more and more semen trickled and I licked it away. I kissed and licked that beautiful purple tip and I felt so naughty and so right.

    His ministrations down below and my mind telling me how wicked I was were bringing me to orgasm again, I trembled a little and he pulled away. In one smooth movement he was standing beside the bed, I'd been flipped over onto my stomach, he reached underneath me and pulled me up so that I was kneeling on the bed then pushed my head down and pulled my backside back as he thrust. It was hard and vigorous and I was orgasming within seconds. He didn't stop, he just kept ramming hard and deep into me and I came again, then again. This third time didn't stop, it just kept on building and building, peak upon peak and still he fucked me.

    Is this what they call a multiple orgasm? Yes it must be, here it comes again. I wish Paul were here to see this - to watch me taken to heaven and back over and over again. Oh Paul, thank you, you've helped me discover what's been missing, this is what I've been missing. You must have known that you'd never awoken me, never fucked me and never satisfied an unknown need in me. Oh how it must have torn your heart to think that you were not fulfilling me. I wonder how long you've known? How long you've been longing for this to happen? How long have you been planning this? You know me so well, better than I know myself. I wonder how many more women there are in this world that have never been fucked properly? How many more women who don't realise what they are missing? That's a frightening thought. Paul, you really have to see this, to see me being fucked and why is my mind wondering like this every time this stranger makes me cum.

    I was wrenched from my reverie by the strong hands of the stranger pulling me hard against him, my buttocks tight against him, his huge thick penis totally filling me pulsing as more jets of his sperm surged into me. The last traces of my first ever multiple orgasm leaked from my body.

    We lay side by side on the bed, I was completely sated and in a state of euphoria. The stranger was still panting from his exertion. His wonderful penis lay in my hand, not fully hard but still firm and weighty and just a little flexible as I stroked him. I did something then that I'd never considered before. I began by kissing his chest as I unbuttoned his shirt. I worked the shirt off his broad shoulders and eased his muscular arms out of the sleeves. I licked sweat from his chest and kissed his nipples then kissed and licked my way down to his manhood. I eased his shoes off then I pushed his boxer shorts down to his ankles then eased his trousers and shorts over each foot as I kissed and licked his thighs. I knelt between his legs where his huge testicles hung and his thick penis lay curving across his belly. This was all new ground to me but it seemed obvious what I needed to do. I lifted his testicles and licked the underside of his scrotum; a wave of his overwhelming, erotic aroma flooded my nostrils, the taste of man and sex on my tongue and I felt a little flood of pleasure from my vagina. Before he'd pushed his tongue into my anus and it had brought me the most unusual wicked feeling, I did the same to him, first licking the tight puckered ring then probing with my tongue. I’ve never done this before but it just felt that I was doing the right thing. His legs came up and fell onto my shoulders, his hands held my head and pushed me into him. My tongue penetrated deeper, the tight anus opening for my tongue and gripping me tightly. I slid my tongue towards his testicles; I licked and kissed them then gently lay them back. Starting right at the base, in the hollow between testicles and penis I slowly and delicately licked and kissed the entire length of the bulge in the underside of his penis. I tasted the mixture of his semen and my own vaginal juice. I reached the bulbous purple tip and worked my tongue up and down the ridge of the V then lifted his firm but flexible penis and took his magnificence between my lips and into my mouth. I really had no idea what I should do but it's called sucking so I did and I brushed him with my tongue at the same time. Paul had asked me to do this for him and the thought always revolted me and now, freely of my own volition I was sucking a dick.

    He groaned and tensed and his dick slid further into my mouth and pushed into my throat, I began to heave and gag and he pulled back. I rubbed the tip with my tongue, swirling back and forth and then gripped the base of his dick and began moving my head up and down as I sucked him into me. He hardened and swelled forcing my jaw wider, It became uncomfortable but I was determined to finish what I started. My jaw was on fire and he began pushing me onto him so his dick forced into my throat again, I tried to help pulling back before I gagged then moving forward again. Each time it felt like he went a little deeper into my throat and then his penis began to twitch in my mouth and he pulled my head off him. A thick white jet erupted and plastered my lips and nose. His hard penis was springing upwards and the second jet shot up my forehead and into my hair. I was pulling him back towards my lips when the third jet erupted to splatter in my dangling hair; from the side of my eye I could see the globs just hanging there. I overshot and the fourth jet splattered against my chin and neck before I managed to get him between my lips again. I felt the next two jets hit the back of my mouth and I sucked and swallowed, sucked and swallowed. As the last of his semen trickled into my mouth I realised that I’d sucked a man to ejaculation and then drunk at least some of his semen. This day was full of firsts, first time I’d been unfaithful, first time that I’d had a man lick my anus and that I’d ever licked a mans anus, my first multiple orgasm, the first time I’d ever sucked a mans penis, the first time I’d ever drank semen. What was to come?


    I made tea and we chatted, "Why would your husband want you to go with another man?" he asked.

    I told him what I believed to be true, that I thought Paul thinks that he's not satisfying me properly then I said, "after what you've just given me I'm inclined to agree. I'm only sorry that Paul can't see this, I think he'd really love to see me so fulfilled".

    "Not a problem" he stood me up so my back was to him, bent me over and slid into me. The ease in which he entered me compared to the excruciating pain of the first time was blissfully amazing. He gripped me around the waist and propelled me towards the window. He reached out pulled the cord and I was framed in a window to the outside world, being fucked from behind by a stranger in full view of the very public space of a motorway service station and hotel car park. I spotted Paul and waved.

    That moment was so outlandishly, terrifyingly erotic. The excitement of Paul seeing me fucked by another man was one thing. The total exposure that I was revelling in, the knowledge that other people were probably watching me be fucked was something else. The trepidation I felt that possibly one of those people were police and us being arrested and winding up in court, my name in headlines in the news papers had me close to cumming all to soon. But my big dicked lover, funny that, even though I still didn’t know his name I was beginning to think of him as a lover rather than a stranger. My big dicked lover was powering into me and I began to be taken over by the sensation as he fucked me to another orgasm. I could see Paul watching me cum, a man standing next to him was talking to him, Paul replied and I wondered what he'd said, had he told the man that I was his wife? I really do hope so, I wanted to shout to the world that I've been well and truly FUCKED.

    He pushed a hand into my lower stomach, his other had reached and found a breast, he pulled me back to him and lifted me off the floor with his penis as he stepped forward to press me against the window. Deeply impaled and totally exposed he strummed my clitoris and I exploded inside as he exploded inside me. He lowered me to the floor and as he withdrew I felt his semen flood from me and I saw my husband gasp.

    Not enough, I wanted Paul here with me, here in this room, I wanted him to share my experience "Can I ask him to come up?"

    "Sure, but first" and he slid my dress down from around my waste, I stepped out of it and for the first time I stood naked before another man other than my husband or my doctor, the boots only made the situation seem outlandishly erotic.

    I sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the bedside phone. My lover pushed me backwards, knelt between my legs and began rubbing himself up and down against my clitoris then sliding towards my vagina, poking the head inside me then pulling out and sliding further down towards my anus. Back up and the head just slipped into me then out and up to my clitoris. I misdialed 3 times, on the forth attempt I heard my husbands voice, just as I spoke my lover powered into me, I gasped. This was absurd, another man was driving me to orgasm whilst talking to my husband on the phone. Not only absurd but absolutely exhilarating. I managed to blurt down the phone that Paul should come up to the room then threw the phone down as another wondrous multiple wave of pleasure flooded through me.

    He fucked me hard and fast and rubbed my clitoris vigorously with his fingers, just after I screamed with orgasmic delight he pulled out of me and showered me from face to stomach with semen. He slid back into me and gently rode my orgasm as he took my hand and rubbed it in the semen pooled on my stomach.

    There was a knock at the door, it opened and Paul stood in the doorway. I've never seen him look so excited, so amazed at anything he'd seen before. My lover rolled off me and Pauls mouth dropped open, he stared and I knew that I wanted him to love me there and then, with this tall black muscular stranger who had brought me so much pleasure, who had filled me and covered me in semen looking on. I spoke and Paul moved forward, he unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers down, he leaned over me and kissed my lips, as he pulled back to kneel between my legs I noticed the glint of my lovers semen on his lips and showing damp on his shirt. He'd kissed me on the lips even thought I had another mans semen there that must have taken a great deal of courage. His penis sort of entered me and it felt different like a ghostly thing, almost not there. He pulled back and fell out; my vagina must have been so sloppy that he couldn't keep himself inside me. He took my hands and he must have seen the semen dripping from my hand and wedding ring, he came so very quickly. I could tell by his far away exquisite expression, the quivering tension in his body, the clenching of muscles the long drawn out sigh that is was good for him.

    This black stranger had planned this, the semen glistening on my body, the semen coating my wedding ring, him lying next to us with his penis draped across my stomach. This was designed to leave my husband in no doubt that someone else had taken his wife and I really don't know what came over me then. I humiliated him, I humiliated my husband, my love, my partner in life in front of a stranger, I was mortified but it seemed that Paul was so very excited by his shame. The sight of me made him come so quickly, perhaps he felt he'd let me down and perhaps I felt that he had, perhaps I expected too much but I could see exhilaration in his eyes. When I spoke those awful words it excited him that I could say saying something like that with a stranger in the room who had so obviously awoken such intense feelings in me. He was aroused by what I said and I think he knew at that moment that the missing element had been found.

    Paul went back to the car and my lover and I fucked twice more. The last time we fucked that day opened my eyes more than anything else that had happened in the previous couple of hours. He began by stroking the head of his penis up and down me, again just letting the tip enter me before pulling out, but each time he reached my anus he pushed a little harder. No. No. I didn't want this and when the head forced into me I screamed as he pushed himself into my rectum. I struggled to push him out, I pushed with my hands, I clenched my cheeks to squeeze him out and I bucked and kicked. As I clenched against him the look of pure evil on his face frightened me. I was in excruciating pain, a pure unrelenting agony and this man I thought could be a lover was revelling in my anguish. He held himself with the head of his enormous penis implanted in my anus and stretching me beyond imagination. After what seemed like a lifetime of anguish the pain began to ease and I relaxed a little. Soon he was sliding himself in and out, all the way out then back in. Each time as my anus opened for him or closed as he withdrew I felt a wave of pleasure that I would never have expected.

    Every time I've cum today my mind has drifted and wondered and now I understood why. I didn't have to concentrate to bring on an orgasm. With Paul I always have to concentrate, to mentally force the orgasm. With this stranger the orgasm happens and I don't even need to think about it, spontaneous, doing what it should to my body without recourse to my mind, leaving my mind free for other things. How weird is that? Or is that how it should be?

    As I pondered these questions I understood that the reason I was even thinking about it was because I was cumming.

    This magnificent man has made me cum with a power I'd never experienced. What was happening now? Fucking my arse was making me cum in a completely different way.

    My vagina was pulsating, I watched in horror as gush after gush of clear liquid sprayed up from me, from out of me and splashed on his stomach. The waves of pleasure were overwhelming but at what cost. I was in total panic, I was leaking, not leaking but squirting, gushing, flooding bodily fluid.

    I'm going to die here, I'm going to die having my ass fucked by a stranger. OK this is it. A wonderful husband has loved me and given me this gift. My only regret is that I could not get pregnant... I've not given him a future... Forgive me Paul... I love you.

    I think I shouted this last thought and the stranger must have realised what was happening, that I was panicking. He stopped thrusting but kept himself buried in me. He leaned forward and gripped my shoulder firmly and I could hear him saying "It's all right, It's all right, It's natural, it's perfectly normal look it's stopped, has it never happened to you before?" Still in a panic I shook my head. "This is going to sound contrived but trust me I'm a doctor. Female ejaculation is perfectly normal and I can assure you that there is nothing wrong."

    I was grasping at straws when I asked, "r r really a doctor?"

    He nodded and said, "Every word is truth, every word I've spoken to you is absolute truth, yes I'm a doctor and female ejaculation is absolutely normal. Now do you want to carry on or should we finish now".

    Feeling a little more reassured and with the pressure of his thick hard dick stretching my anal sphincter I replied "Carry on" and so he fucked my arse until he came. At the moment he started to spurt he pushed deeper into me and I stretched to accept the extra girth, I felt a deeply uncomfortable pain in my stomach and looked down to see a pulsating bulge just below my navel.

    As his ejaculation subsided he said to me "Paul".

    I replied "What about Paul?"

    "You asked my name, it's Paul, Doctor Paul xxxxxxxx but my friends just call me Paul, I think it's only fair that any woman that allows me to cum in her arse should be a friend. Chris you are one exceptional woman and you know that you are only the third woman I've met who didn't beg me to stop... insatiable, absolutely exceptional".

    We swapped phone numbers and arranged that he would visit us in two weeks time and maybe stay the night. I told him that I'd have to agree it with my husband but I really don't think it’ll be a problem.

    Our affair lasted 4 years he was the father our our first-born (twins, but that's another story) the relationship only ended because he wanted more than I was willing to give... all of me. As the father of the twins we see him regularly (and sometimes intimately) .


    OK, I know a long and arduous story but if you have got this far please feel free to post a few words in comment

  22. Our new found interest was keen to express his desire to build things slowly, an instant meet was not on the cards. The days and weeks past, swapping ideas and fantasies. He knew exactly how things should be and we craved the attention from a true bull.

    The first meet was at our place. It was to be a lot more BDSM driven, L and her new bull both very keen to explore. She was so submissive and aching to be used by her new dominant bull. What transpired was an epic session of tease and torment followed by a power fuck the likes of which I am far from capable of. A few meets followed at hotels and his place as well as our place, we are completely hooked and dying for more and more. So now we have caught up to present day, we have a wonderful dominant bull in our lives and couldn't possibly ask for anyone else. A lot of boxes have been ticked over the last year or so.

    I have had the ultimate pleasure of watching L being used by Simon (xxxxscot) on a few occasions, he is also very aware of the fact that this is a three-way thing and not just a sexual want between the two of them. Things have honestly never been better, we have come so far from the days of random sex masquerading as cuckolding. A never before seen level of trust has been built up, we are all very open about our wants and needs. He has also given us a huge list of new tasks and ideas which can also be shared if there is enough interest in our future progress.



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    Two more images uploaded to my album; I notice that people are viewing the photographs, feel free to leave comments as it may encourage me to post more.

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    Hi all,

    Wendy & I had quite a busy weekend & we would like to tell you all about it. It started on Friday night when we made contact with Brian, we had never met before so between us we asked lots of questions & exchanged picures. Brian as it turned out was living not to far away so we arranged a get together for Saturday evening. It was then that I noticed Wendy was stroking her nipples while looking at a pic of Brians cock, it was huge it made mine look small & she told me that she wanted to have it inside her. This excited me so I tried my luck, I was told no in no uncertain tone but if I used her toys on her now maybe I could clean up on the night with possible sloppy seconds ! I got her toys out & she chose which ones I was to use on her, she was very wet & it didn't take long for her to cum, I then had a nice wank thinking about what was to come. All day Saturday she was on edge but excited, we had arranged to meet Brian at a pub that we both knew, we arrived at the arranged time & it was as if we had known him for years he instantly put us at ease. After a couple of drinks & a bit of flirting from Wendy we went back to his place, he wasted no time telling us what he wanted & very soon Brian & Wendy were naked & dancing to some slow music while I sat on the sofa watching. I must say he did have an enormous cock & Wendy seemed to love having it pressed to her while dancing. After a while he pushed Wendy to her knees & she took it in her mouth all the time she was looking at me, what a turn on. They then started to fuck, it looked massive going in & out of her, they used several different positions & Wendy loved every minute of it. When the time came for Brian to shoot his load he was sitting in an arm chair with Wendy riding him reverse cowgirl style, so motioned for me to lick her clit while Brian was pounding away, it was then that he came, his cock was pulsating like mad, I could feel with my tongue the cum going up the shaft. After he had cum I sucked his cock clean, I then went to lick Wendy clean, she said lay on the floor, I did & then she sat on my face & cum was dripping out of her it was awsome. Brian asked if we wanted to stay the night, Wendy thought it was a great idea & they spent the night in his bed while I had the sofa, I could hear them at it again about an hour later & had a wank. The next morning at about 8 Brian said he had a football match to go to, but we were welcome to wait for him to come home. We had no other plans so we agreed, about midday Brian arrived home & he had brought his mate with him. He had told his mate about the previous night & without me knowing he had sent a text to Wendy asking if it would be ok. This I may add is the first time that I have ever seen Wendy taking 2 cocks at the same time, every so often Brian & Gary changed holes & positions & I was allowed to assist them, it was lovely seeing Wendy take so much cock. I watched them both cum over her tits, Wendy rubbed it all over them then she made me lick her hands clean, I also licked Brian clean but Gary didn't like the idea. We got home early Sunday evening & had a session of our own while telling each other our favourite part of the "little orgy". We havearranged to meet Brian again in a couple of weeks time, & I know that neither of us can wait.

    Ian & Wendy


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